May 1, 2008

Googlyi: An iGoogle Theme

[Update: Googlyi is now an officially listed theme on iGoogle.]

This week, Google debuted a new series of iGoogle themes created by “world-class artists and innovators.” Somehow they managed to miss me when they sent out invitations asking people to create a theme, but I decided to create my own theme anyway.

I present: Googlyi, an animated iGoogle theme.

That’s right. Not only does it change throughout the day, but those googly eyes watch you while you work and generally creep you out.

I’m going to submit it to Google for inclusion in their gallery, but in the meantime you can preview it here [update: use the official listing instead]. Let me know if anything doesn’t work for you throughout the day so I can fix it before I submit.

Note: I think you need to be signed in to Google to see the preview.


The preview did absolutely nothing for me…im in the latest version of IE.

Scratch that, clicking the image linked through properly, but the “preview it here” link did nothing (normal Google theme).

Be even better if they all followed your mouse, like a bunch of xeyes windows.

Ha! It is creepy. The eyes keep shifting. But it’s also making me dizzy.


I liked that the eyes didn’t follow my pointer. The background color of mine was sort of a cheese yellow. I really like the blue background color you show in your screenshot.

I would have this be my iGoogle scene.

This indeed awesome, in an incredibly creepy sort of way. I love it.

Mike, the colors change dynamically throughout the day, ranging from deep blue at night to the yellow you’re seeing in the afternoon. In all, there are 10 color schemes. -David

i love it. strangely the creep factor is very low for me… unless you can actually see me working away at the computer, in which case you are an evil genius.

That is BRILLIANT!!! It is vaguely creepy, but hilarious nonetheless!

Even when the eyes aren’t shifting, they appear to be moving down the page, especially when I don’t look directly at them.

This thing will haunt my dreams.


This theme is great. Don’t forget to update us when Google accepts it (which they surely will).

Good job!

Could I request two slight changes: (1) a midnight black background with light-colored text, with (2) glowing yellow eyes with vertical slit pupils?

Absolutely fabulous. The idea of eyes moving is creepy-genius and works very well. Congratulations.

Wow this is really cool.
It might a bit slow if all the eyes followed the pointer, bu I think it’d be an interesting effect.

Good work on this

Spectacular. I have it on my iGoogle now, and hope Google will accept it as a regular skin :o)

I like it, and I would also have it as my theme. It didn’t creep me out, but it did freak out the woman with the office across from mine, which makes it even better!

Cute! Question though - did google email you when your theme was accepted?

I LOVED these googley eyes when I was little, I stuck them on anything and everything. Now I can have them on my computer too! Thank you!

Love this - found it much too late though

I’ve created theme, but it does not appear in general list of themes