May 20, 2008

A tree grows in Brooklyn Bridge Park

While wandering around DUMBO last week during the New York Photo Festival, I took this picture of a tree near the Manhattan Bridge in the north end of Brooklyn Bridge Park. Since I posted an earlier picture of a tree and a bridge, I figured I’d post this one, too. Maybe I should start a series. Click to enlarge.

Manhattan Bridge


I like it.

Awesome photo… Particularly like how it can be seen in an optimistic or pessimistic way. And greys always do the city well.

What is DUMBO?

DUMBO = Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass. It’s a neighborhood in Brooklyn. Sorry, I forgot to clarify. -David

Very nice… do you have a wallpaper-sized version of it? :)

You should totally come down to London and take some pictures… we have some fantastic urban scenes that I love shooting.

So cool. NY Rocks.

DUMBO used to be a section of Brooklyn that was once eerily-yet-beautifully undeveloped and forgotten. It drifted in a mysterious cloud that artists and wanderers reveled in; almost as a full-scale version of Brooklyn’s old-school phenomenon of gangs hanging out “under overpasses”.

That was all before it became the new uber-developed-condo-prime-stroller-safe hip scene to be a part of - for good and bad.

This is beautiful. You should sell prints.

hi.. i really like it. great job. wonderful.

I really love this photo…i hope you don’t mind, it really inspired me to paint a similar scene.

Are you selling this image? I’m teaching A Tree Grows in Brooklyn this coming fall and would love to put this image up in my room.