May 17, 2008

60 Seconds in the Life of Commuters

Part 32 in an ongoing series of (approximately) 60 second films.


Lol! I love the tilted perspective!

(Also: Yay! First post!!! :P)

It took me until nearly halfway through to realize it was actually tilted. HAHA. You can tell I’m not from the big city. ;)

this is one of my favorite ones in the “60 seconds” series. very nice.

For a second I thought it was an OK Go video. :)

I see what you did there.

LMAO at ronbailey’s comment.

Also, liked the video.

That is hilarious! Great example of creative thinking. :-)

Hahahah… This is amazing!

Oh… it’s tilted!
I thought the first guy was just really determined to get somewhere.