February 11, 2008

Idea: Scientist Valentines

Thursday is Valentine’s Day, a holiday where it’s customary to give a card to your loved one just to say “I Love You.” But even before the Catholic Church decided to honor one of its Saints with a holiday on February 14, this month was celebrated as a month of fertility festivals going all the way back to ancient Greece and Rome. I’ve decided to honor an entirely different group of people with this collection of romantic cards you can e-mail to your loved ones on February 14th, or any other day of the year. It’s Scientist Valentines!

You can click on these to get larger versions:

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Absolutely beautiful. I’m going to use these, and it will be amazing.

The Sagan one is genius.

These are so much fun :) The Einstein one is especially rad.

Best Valentines EVER!

I think I busted a gut laughing at those.
I wish I wasn’t so easily amused.

this has made me the happiest i have ever been about valentine’s day. i cannot wait to gift my friends with carl sagan and his turtleneck.

I like these more than I should.

excellent work!

“Triggering the Grand Irrationality?”

Cowering in an obscure corner of the food pyramid

somewhere between the tofu and the unflavored yogurt

contemplating the juxtaposition of intangibles for all you are worth…..

I don’t think these cards are going to help propagate my DNA any, if you know what I mean.

brilliant! this will definitely impress. thanks!


I’m thinking a picture of Lorentz and something about strange attractors.

philosopher cards next please. “i’m deleuzin my mind over you!”

love these. great blog. even more amazing photography. i wanna be you when i grow up. ;-)

I wonder if stanley can come up with
something topical to celibrate his
deranged mind. Why doesn’t he get his
non-existent god to smite Pharyngula?
Let’s see this crappy god of yours,
you deranged evolutionary slime mold.
Bring down your freaking god and prove
that you are nothing more than natural
accumulation of random cells fashioned
by your imaginary nightmare.

How about one from Charles Richter - “I’m all shook up over you!”

I love the e=mc2 knockoff! I have some gift giving tips on my site: http://sophiasparx.blogspot.com - check it out!

a golden opportunity to talk about what a Fein Mann you’ve got…

They’re all great. Thanks for the chuckle.

I heart all sciences except math.

Haha, these are brilliant :)

And no mention of Darwin’s birthday this week, either. Hrm.

Does the Curie card glow in the dark?

ooooo… :D

I love these insanely much (probably more than I should). Thank you. These are hilarious.

That Sagan card needs to be a t-shirt. I NEED it.

I bet all my 14th on Einstein.

In the same vein (pun intended), here’s a link to a number of valentines from the world of radiology.

I don’t think they’re that funny.

The number of Valentine’s puns you can construct out of Darwin’s theory is simply astonishing. I’m not sharing what I wrote on my Darwin card; use your own dirty imagination.

Thanks, David, for the card. You’re credited on the back.

OMG, I love these. I work with engineers and I think they would get a kick out of these!! My fav. is the Darwin one, fantastic!

Also, yes, I think T-shirts are in order here. :-)

Great idea and post! The Darwin and Sagan ones are especially good.

I tried to make my own one for Erwin Schrödinger (my name is the link). It was fun trying to make the card as gaudy as possible :)

These are priceless!

Awesome! The Darwin drawing is my favorite.

The Sagan one is my favorite. I wish I hadn’t found it too late to use this year.

youre right were still all monkeys looking to mate the Darwin one is class very good

Can someone explain the sagan one?

It is a reference to Carl Sagan the astronomer. So instead of I am saving all my love for you…i am Sagan all my love for you.

All great

In a word: “brilliant!”

(I second whoever said these should be t-shirts.)

These are great. I love them. Too bad Valentine’s Day isn’t for another eight months.

Haha, they’re amazing!

Totally procrastinating here but I love these cards! I’m a science nerd and Marie Curie is my favourite. I think the following would make great scientist valentines:

Marie Curie (discoverer of Curium and Radium, recipient of the Nobel Prize, and who tragically died of radiation poisoning): “I’m all aglow for you…” or “I’m hot for you!”

Jane Goodall: “I go ape for you…” (that pose of her embracing a chimp, perhaps…)

The unique Valentines messages EVER heard, thanks for sharing. I loved the Einstein style.

There needs to be something along the lines of “I think you are a Feynman”

Hi! I´m a student of biochemistry, from Argentina. I congratulate you because of this great idea: my boyfriend is a scientific too, and I´ve sent him a copy of all of this cards today because I can`t wait to show it until “el dia de San Valentín”. Thank you for the cards, you have a nice blog!

I suggest drawing a younger image of Darwin and/or Einstein. Granted their younger photos are less well known, but that’s when they did their famous work, and when they did their romancing.

i love the way you made cards

…I always thought “keming” meant the opposite of “gewing”… o.o ‘

The unique Valentines messages EVER heard, thanks for sharing. I loved the Einstein style.


curie died.

“curie died.” So did Darwin, Sagan, Newton, and Einstein lol.

Awesome. We named our son Darwin, and so guess which one hubby got today? Those are faboo.

This is brilliant! I’ll use it tomorrow to wish all my friends on FB a Happy Valentine’s Day!
Greetings from Italy