January 6, 2008

60 Seconds in the Life of a Humidifier

Part 31 in an ongoing series of (approximately) 60 second films.

I’m too humble a blogger to dedicate an entire post to the fact that the 2008 Bloggies are open for nominations until Friday, and that Ironic Sans would be an excellent choice in either the “best-kept secret weblog” or “best American weblog” categories. Luckily, I think quality content like this video really says all that for me.


For the curious, it’s part of the Adorable Humidifier series by a company called Crane.

This should strike fear in the hearts of our country’s enemies.

You got my vote.

I think your orchid is madly in love with the pig. Just look at the way it wistfully leans toward the silky plasticine swine flesh.

Best humidifier video ever!

I cast my Bloggies ballot a few days ago, and I know I nominated you for something. Best design? Best Latin American blog? Best food blog, maybe? Seriously, I’m pretty sure it was “most humorous.” That would be accurate.

Best Kept Secret? Boy is that a left-handed compliment award. I found you, didn’t I?

Voted for you in the following catetgories best community - best kept secret - best topical - best writing - best humorous… I am new so I hope these are OK. Increase the Peace http://www.spymac.com/details/?2330754

A humidifier? Just one more thing I need. Voted best community - best kept secret - best topical - best writing - best humorous… Increase the Peace http://www.spymac.com/details/?2330754

That is an AWESOME humidefier.
But now I admit that I’ve wasted a minute looking at a humidifier.

Nothing less than brilliant!

We were moved to tears by this powerful film. The enigmatic symbolism is very poignant.

We would like permission to embed the film for midnight viewings on Le Scat Noir (lescatnoir.blogspot.com)

Please let me know when the sequel is screened.