December 25, 2007

I see a Sandcrawler

It’s been a while since I’ve seen something from Star Wars hiding in plain site, so maybe my brain was a little too primed to find one. But sure enough, I found this Sandcrawler hiding behind an Anthropologie store this week.

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Personally, I see Domo-kun…

Anthropologie now sells R2-D2s?

Now I see Domo-kun, too. Good call.

I don’t know who Domo-kun is, but for me, this is clearly Optimus Prime!!!

I like your blog but I have to keep reminding myself that its there because you barely write. Get a staff already geez.


I think Union Sq is the death star as well, weird coincidence or mere fanboyism?

How easily this modern high-tech stuff just blends in. As you say, a while ago it would have stood out like a rusting metal tank, abandoned and vandalised, and now here we see it… surviving, gleaming, futuristic.


Lol seriously you’re right this looks pretty much like a Sandcrawler :-) Good find.

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