December 31, 2007

Glamour Mug Shots

I had an idea today to take mug shots and make them into cheesy studio portraits or glamour shots. I call them Glamour Mug Shots. I whipped up a few examples using celebrity mug shots posted at The Smoking Gun. Feel free to make your own and post a link in the comments. Here’s what I came up with (mouse over to see the originals):


Is nice!

This is so rad. I especially love the Jimi one because that two angle look is just so precious.

Wow! Can I give you some photographs to touch up for me? I’m impressed :)

Very cool. Nice work.

Awesome work and a great idea too. This would be fun to crazy talk.

How about one of Michael Vick with his dog as maybe a Christmas Card?

I left a comment but I think you may have marked it as spam. Sorry for the links.

Great mugshot manipulations.

The Tracy Gold one is really good. She should hire you to do all her retouching work!

Busey would be the ultimate challenge.

i rolling back and forth on Mike’s. It makes his eyes do some crazy blinking action. Wee ooo weee ooo!

Nice. I especially love the use of Lucida Handwriting, which is in fact one of the three choices we offer for name overlays at my studio.

very nice indeed :-)

That was a laugh, I didn’t believe it at first, but now it makes me want to get my mugs shots taken for this… :)

These are great… you should do the one up with Nick Nolte!

i made things like that …. when i was really bored ahahaha
but dumb sites like yonkis prefer ur stuff
omg what a waste of net space

vaya puta mierda de trabajo, lo haria con la punta de la polla y con los ojos vendados,vaya mierda, dedicate a otra cosa

Why did you make Lindsay even skinnier? She already looked like some somebody oughtta throw her a (chicken) bone befo she starve to def.

Interesting idea.

Those are great. What program did you use?

can u make me a pic like tracys or jimis or tell me what program u used?


are this made from adobe photoshop effects? this are really good edits

Dude, that’s pretty awesome. You should work your magic on some of the people at But a lot of those people are pretty surreal without any effects …