November 1, 2007

Halloween on the Upper West Side

Every Halloween, West 69th Street closes to traffic, and thousands of kids go trick or treating from building to building. This year, I set up my camera in one building’s lobby and photographed some of the kids in their costumes. I thought I’d share a few of the shots (I particularly liked the little girl named Dalia who was dressed as the “Dalia Lama”):


Nice work, Avedon!

:) Great idea! Could you upload more photos?

These are awesome. Love the texture-y feel of the photos as well. This is my delurking opportunity, so hi! Love your blog, always. Becky

I like the policekid the best (:

I can just imagine that police kid saying “mister, can i just get my candy now?”

If you lose the badge off the police kid, he looks how I think the Maytag repair guy would have looked as a kid:

What sort of lighting set-up did you use?

These are awesome pictures.

I was thinking that I’d love to take pictures of some of the kiddies who came to my door, some of them were adorable, a few actually scary. But I figured their parents would be a little creeped out if I asked to take pics of them (especially if I was gonna post them online).

Damn, those pictures are intense. I thought Superman was an illustration.

Nice pictures! How did you get the kids to look so serious? It was Halloween! Did you give them crappy candy?

These photos are really gorgeous. May I ask what sort of processing you did on them to achieve that very bold, illustrative effect?

Dalia Lama cracks me up. PERFECT. I want to find her parents and high five them — I’m sure they are really worthy people to know.

Lookin pretty good. You might want to think about running your sharpening on a separate layer so you can mask out all those halo’d edges. I usually just use a big feathered brush and quicky trace the silo, that way you can mask out any other areas which might also be odd.

Okay, is it just me or is that superman kid wearing just a little too much make-up?

We have done the same here for years but compared ours are junk

who wouldn’t want an outfit with both jumbo sized sequins and movable dragon wings? very impressive!

I too would love to know how you acocmplished the image technique. I’ve been trying to get the same effect for a couple of years now. Ap hoto friend of mine ha smastered it, but wont share the secret.

simply fantastic shots!

Well done! How’d you get the parents to sign a release for the kids’ photos to you and the Intarweb?

Great Photos!

This work reminds me a lot of the photos taken by Jill Greenberg.


Great pictures. Bit too much unsharp mark

Those are AWESOME!!! Post more!
The Dalia Lama looks so peaceful! ;-)

These photos are adorable. I also took a look at your portfolio. I love the monkey on the stove.


I wouldn’t take the unsharp comments to heart. I actually like the look you accomplished with this technique and afterall it’s a stylized look. Some people can’t handle the sharp look - they must be using Nikon’s… (joking) Afterall Canon’s produce a sharper image.

Keep up the great work and produce images that make you happy. Remember - this stuff is subjective.


Very nice. The shots are almost perverse, with a jill greenberg feel to them.

I love the pictures, I too thought that the superman kid was an illustration, I love that effect

these photographs are really beautiful, almost surreal… great job

I want to be a photographer like you when I grow up! Bravo. Kids are so hard to shoot.

Great shots here. Really love the way your eye works. You captured these shots in a wonderful way.

buttugly kids, all

Who is dali lama?
which one?