November 15, 2007

60 Seconds in the Life of a Puddle

Part 30 in an ongoing series of (approximately) 60 second films.


I’m taking a French film class in college this semester to fill a general education requirement for my major. We began with the very earliest films, done by the Lumiere brothers. They filmed real scenes from everyday life purely for their interesting qualities of motion and subject. All their unedited clips are 46 seconds long, which is the longest they could record on a roll of film.

The similarities between these earliest films and your “60 Seconds” series are simply striking.



I love that Christo’s gates can only be recognized in the puddle’s reflection—just a hint of time and place. Lovely.

I want my 60 seconds back.

I want my 60 seconds back….I ain’t in no homo French friggin film classes either…hahafrigginhomoz.

i like it. i enjoyed how the little kid’s equal fascination with the puddle interacted with yours.