October 5, 2007

Reader takes Histogram Idea even further

Reader Josh Millard wins the Reader of the Week Award. He took my idea of embedding an image in a histogram even further. While I was only able to hide a histogram-picture in a gradient, Josh has figured out how to take all those pixels from the gradient and create a photorealistic grayscale image.

His first proof-of-concept was, rather inexplicably, a grayscale photo of a drainpipe that hides the skyline of Miami in its histogram. Then he created a photo of Miami that hides the skyline of Miami. And finally he used my original example to hide the skyline of New York City in the original source image of the skyline of New York City. So this picture:

…has this histogram:

Josh is a genius. You can see the other examples of Josh’s work, as well as a link to his script that handles all the magic, at Josh’s blog.


Thanks, David. It was a lot of fun making this work.

Just thought you would like to know: Ironic Sans nominated for Bloggers Choice Awards, as a way of saying ‘thanks for consistently delivering an informative, thought-provoking and downright entertaining website.’

That’s awesome.

Someone should try making one that has a different city in the histogram of each channel.

I had to find a histogram for a stats class, so I used this one. Made analyzing the distribution a nice challenge.