October 15, 2007

Best book title ever

Sadly, this book is no longer in print.


David, I like your style. Most of the time you have some very thought-provoking and highly intelligent ideas, but you’re not afraid to point and laugh and something entirely puerile (poohrile?). Top stuff.

For all those who want a copy, ABE Books has several listed for sale: Link

Nothing beats this: Anybody can be cool …

If only they came out with a diet book… the Pooh Diet.

Ha! This post made me laugh, but Mr. Wisdumb’s comment is hilarious, too.

My husband sent me to your blog, and when I hit the main page I spit out my water. Love it!

Here’s my nominee.

I would love to see a sequel called “Everybody Poohs”.

The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Beating the Blues is another unfortunate title. The first step for anyone feeling down about themselves is to not buy books that refer to them as idiots.

Longtime reader of your blog since the upstairs downstairs neighbor letter post. As a teacher I appreciate the educational posts. Thought I would share a post I read over at Boing Boing today. http://www.boingboing.net/2007/10/24/disneys-coprophilic.html looks familiar eh?
Great blog

This is my favorite post in a long time. Who doesn’t like a poo pun?

If I were a tad more childish I’d be calling up libraries asking if they had a copy of “Cooking with Pooh”, just to hear their reactions

I’m a big fan of Depression for Dummies. Get Confident, Stupid!

@yellowjkt: Everybody Poops.

Haha, we actually have this book!

There’s another book in the “Pooh” series you may enjoy as well.
Clay Modeling with Poo

Some time ago, my company worked for Penguin on the website celebrating Pooh’s 75th Anniversary - pooh75.com (still live). We were amazed at some of the categories that they wanted - “Pooh Recipes”, “Have a Pooh Party”…

We actually asked them if they had thought about the possible double entendres, and they were fine with it. I think they did change “Using Pooh in the Classroom” to “Classroom Activities”.

Love the site, cheers!

i missed one state. Surprisingly New York. As I was naming the states many named were not counted.
no big deal but your challenge malfunctioned.

I just found your wonderful blog, and specifically this piece, by doing a search for “best book titles.” Great blog, thanks.

thats really cool i love POOH