September 13, 2007

Adam Rex Contest: Vote for the winner

Wow, there was a great response to the contest! Lots of entries are really funny. Some of you took the notion of abusing the artist pretty seriously!

Now you get to pick the winner. Vote for whichever one of the following is your favorite, the one you would most like to see Adam Rex draw. (The voting will close at Midnight EST Friday night).

Oh, and remember to check out Adam’s new books Pssst! and The True Meaning of Smekday

[Note: If you read this blog through an RSS reader and you don’t see the vote above, come to the site to make your opinion count.]


I tried voting and it said that I wasn’t registered. now it wont show the poll, only a note that says “nobody has voted yet”.
anything I can do?

same problem here

Whoops! Technical difficulties. Should be working now. Let me know if there are still problems. (Movable Type doesn’t make it easy to set up polls, so I apologize for the snafu). -David

It worked for me! Ohh… the results are multi-colored, how fabulous!

Is there any way to get my vote in now- I was the first post that didn’t work. It say it has already counted my vote, but it isn’t there.

Hi, C. E-mail me (use the “Contact” link to the right) and I’ll tell you how you can still get your vote in. -David

Is there anyway to display the results in order of most votes, meaning put the one with the most first, and so on down the line? It would be cool not to have to scroll up and down the page to see which characters are duking it out for the top spot.

I voted for Shrimply Marvelous, but I don’t see it in the results. ?

Hi, Kittypye. I just checked the log, and your IP address is noted as having voted for Shrimply Marvelous. I don’t know what the percentages were before you voted vs now, but your vote is definitely counted among them. -David