September 3, 2007

Idea: Celebrity middle finger coat hooks

Middle Finger Coat HooksI think a kitchy home accessories designer should license historic photos of celebrities giving the middle finger and turn them into 3-dimensional coat hooks. At right is an artist’s rendition of how such a coat hook might look using a famous photo of Johnny Cash.

A coat hook like this would be the perfect thing to put in your rebellious high school son’s bedroom. He’ll enjoy it so much you can be sure he won’t come home from school and just drop his jacket on the floor any more!

Other celebrities who have been caught on film giving the middle finger, making them great candidates for the coat hook conversion, include Abbie Hoffman, Willie Nelson, and, um, George W. Bush.



Excellent idea. For the more mild minded (the Ned Flanders type) how about celebrity thumbs up coat hooks?

In contrast to Peter’s idea, you could always have a porno line version… Something like $20 for the male version (one hook), $30 for the female version (two hooks) and $40 for the hermaphrodite version (three hooks).

I want the Johnny Cash one. I like Peter’s addendum, too. A middle finger/thumbs up gift set would be great, especially if they could both feature the same celebrity.

I love this! If only I wasn’t such a lazy ass!

man that is awesome!

I really want the hand-shaped coat hooks from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory that grab your coat.

I want one. Or more.

This is just too brilliant to only remain an idea.

There’s quite a set of finger fotos at , including a few that would allow double-hanging even without the need for a porno line.