September 10, 2007

Contest: Win original Adam Rex artwork


A Contest in Search of a Winner

I’m excited to announce that author and illustrator Adam Rex has joined with Ironic Sans to hold a contest where the prize is an original custom drawing by Adam. If you’re not familiar with Adam’s work by now, he is a children’s book author whose books are marketed for kids, but contain humor and details that are definitely of a level aimed at grown-ups. His 2006 book Frankenstein Makes a Sandwich became a New York Times best seller, and is well on its way to becoming a Halloween classic. This fall, Adam has two new books out:

The first book, Pssst!, is an imaginative picture book that tells the story of a girl who goes to a zoo where the animals make some unusual requests. Pssst! is available now.

The second book, called The True Meaning of Smekday, is Adam’s first illustrated novel for kids. It tells the story of Earth’s takeover by an alien race called Boov, and one girl’s journey to Florida — the only place the Boov have left for Americans. The True Meaning of Smekday comes out October 2. More information, in the form of a puppet show, a guide to Boovish uniforms, an excerpt from the book, and more can be found at the book’s website

Now on to the contest!

Adam has a recurring series on his new blog Editpus Rex called Characters in Search of a Story. He’s been sketching some great characters, like “G.I. (tract) JOE, The Cuddliest Tapeworm,” and “MR. BABY, The Boy With No Birthday” (seen at right). The winner of this contest gets to invent a new Character in Search of a Story for Adam to draw, and that person will also receive the original artwork!

How to enter:

Step One: Visit Adam’s blog Editpus Rex. Look at the other Characters in Search of Stories to get an idea of what the series is like, and get inspiration for your entry.

Step Two: Come back here, and suggest your own Character in the comments. You have until Midnight EST on Wednesday night to make your suggestion. You must make your submission with a valid e-mail address to be able to win. Limit one suggestion per e-mail address. Anything profane will not be considered.

Step Three: On Thursday, I’ll round up all the suggestions and put up a poll where you can all vote on your favorite. Voting will continue until midnight Friday night, and a winner will be announced on Monday. In the event of a tie, my vote will decide the winner.

Step Four: Adam will post a drawing of the winning entry on his own site, and he will send the original artwork to the winner.

Adam says, “I kind of like the idea that I wouldn’t be involved in the selection process at all, so that I don’t end up just picking something I like drawing already, or that’s easy to draw. So that if, God forbid, the winning entry is PICKLEHEAD, THE MAN WHOSE HEAD IS ONE THOUSAND AND ONE PICKLES or something, there would be a fun ‘abuse the artist’ aspect to it.”

So if you’ve ever wanted to abuse an artist, here is your opportunity. The contest is open to entries now!

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Dr. Nate O, trailer park meteorologist

Ralph, the extraodinary giraffe who can play the piano-accordian.

David Friedman, Blogger.

Van I.T., The operative with an image problem

AMBIGUGUS, The Remarkably Unmemorable Man

Parson Moanius, the cleric who complains about his constant need to economize

iBall, the eye ball.

Billy Button…some folks know how to push other folks’ buttons but don’t you dare push Billy’s!

An elephant riding a lion.

Ambrosaic- The happy-go-lucky manchild with an ambrosia salad body and an intricately tiled mosaic face.

Hee B. Geebee and his Spooky Suzuki

Tom, the grizzly ex marine alcoholic tattoo artist trapped in a loveless marriage to a bear.

Oldstyle figure with his mangled ligature

Lord Kelvin NakaMats & the superfluid stock tank faeries

Captain Hyde N. Seik: The cross-dressing, self loathing, ninja-pirate, forever searching for his womanhood.

Tropic Anna of the Orange Jews

Papiolo Panamá, the Boy who make jungle’s animals sounds with a comb.

Shrimply Marvelous.

Jimmy Good/Jizorro - trouble kid during a day, but at the night he’s a good samaritan hero, disguised or transformed into a fox - Jizorro!

The Octogoat, recycler extraordinaire.

Pen-elope Perfect, with pens for fingers she’s just gotta get it write

One foot in the Susquehanna, one foot in the Free-Living World of the Overteens, he is:
Amish Beatnik.

Anon, the boy no one seems to recognize.

Squirt the tiniest Giant Squid

Clam Champion.

Cloudia, Night Nurse of the Stratosphere

Sam the Snipe. Hunted by only new hunters, he gets a lot of scars but generally muddles through. Many new hunters go Snipe Hunting but few return with one.

Dotty, the Whipcream Head Clown

“Slushy”: a man with a snowball for a head — he has lots of trouble in the summer months.

Jeanie the jurassic janitor

a Saber-toothed Hummingbird

Pandabunder Niblet Eater

Mutated at a young age by acorn shaped uranium, Succubus the nocturnal squirrel with suction cups for paws, fights evil in his neck of the woods.

Moe, the sleepwalking roomate RHINO.

Marvin, the hippo who thought he was an antelope.

Friar Jimmy, the talking car who has taken a vow of silence

Nobi - penguin girl on wheels

The golliwog with the cauliflower head - a true head for numbers!


Sam Simian, the last of the great monkey millionaires.

Sneaker Gremlins.
Why the knot? Sneaker Gremlin.
Worn out? Blame the Sneaker Gremlin.
Rips? Yup. Sneaker Gremlin.

Cluck Rogers finds that something fowl is afoot!

Man with unnaturally white teeth.

Gravy Boat Charlie: 364 Days A Year With Nothing To Do.

Sir Warty Hands- a high society fellow with warts on his hands that give him psychic powers. Sadly, his predictions are consistently wrong.

THE CONTEST IS NOW CLOSED! There were lots of great entries. Now I’ve got to get them all ready for tomorrow’s “Vote” post. -David