August 30, 2007

The Beetlejuice House


Beetlejuice HouseThe Tim Burton movie Beetlejuice takes place mostly in one location — a house in Connecticut where Adam and Barbara Maitland lived, and which the Deetz family moved into after the Maitlands died in a horrible car accident. The house is also featured prominently on the poster. But a story that takes place in one location doesn’t present very many options for establishing shots throughout the film. How many ways are there to shoot the same house?

It turns out, there are at least ten ways, including the opening shot of the Maitland House as a miniature. A subplot in the movie about a hideous remodeling of the Maitland home by its new residents lends variety to the shots of the house as construction progresses throughout the film.

Here are the 10 different establishing shots, in chronological order:

Beetlejuice House

Beetlejuice House

Beetlejuice House

Beetlejuice House

Beetlejuice House

Beetlejuice House

Beetlejuice House

Beetlejuice House

Beetlejuice House

Beetlejuice House

The movie takes place in Connecticut, but was filmed in East Corinth, Vermont. The house shown in these shots is not a real house; it’s just a facade built for the movie.


If I ever have enough money, I want to have an architect copy this house for me.

my wife’s aunt lives about 40 min from E Corinth and we’ve been planning on going to see this house for well over a year now…looks like we head up in 5 weeks! can’t wait!!

I grew up in East Corinth, and remember a lot of the filming for this movie. It’s kind of cool to see how they “transform” a town - the house on that hill wasn’t the only facade.

They also built a fake “cover” over the covered bridge (it was even a separate road that didn’t even lead to where they built the shell) that the Maitlands crashed through, and dammed up the river below for the dramatic “splash”. I remember remember seeing the car go over the bridge (“all quiet on the set!”). The store, the library across the street, the mason hall that was the “school” all got fun little touches which were taken down after the shooting. On the morning they shot the intro scene, they asked everyone to stay off the road so the shots from the helicopter would be just right.

Thanks for posting this trip down memory lane!

How could the house be a facade?

you can clearly see the front sides and some of the back. Facade’s are only fronts and thats it, so this couldn’t be a facade.

Yes, he said it’s a “facade” meaning the fronts only. The house is all faces of the house, but hollow. So it’s a facade. (Or rather, a set of facades)

I’m pretty sure the top photo is of the miniature house, not the real one. (I’ve seen the movie about 80 times, so I recognized it.)

Do you have any sources for the interior of the house? I’d love to see pictures from that crazy interior. You just inspired a post for me today - about how people say “you know, the house was totally Beetlejuice” and it conjures up such a specific aesthetic!

Is it just me, or is the miniature different than the “real live” house?

does anyone know if this movie will get a special edition?

This ‘house’ was four ‘tilt up walls’, then bolted together at the corners to create a box. The roof was acheived with a painted canvas scrim. During the establish shots, the dead air space created by the four walls and the ‘roof’ were inflated, giving the illusion of a structural roof. There was not even a single scene shot for the movie from within the ‘house’ you see throught the film, all done on a soundstage.
The model that is used in Adam’s mock-up of the town looks different because in the shot you see above, you are actually looking at a 3/4 view of the West and the North sides. The two houses look different because you are viewing two different sides.

“If I ever have enough money, I want to have an architect copy this house for me.

Posted by: Candice | August 30, 2007 7:34 PM”
Guess what I do for a living. I am one of the guys responsible for three major theme parks ‘special events/holiday buildings’. If you have any personal ideas integrated into the house, I am certified to create a package of working drawings to duplicate any part, or whole of the house in ‘Beetlejuice’ or any other TV/Movie homes. The drawings that I can provide would be the package that is provided to the civil planning officer of the town or city you live in. Once approved, my drawings can go to an architect who can then integrate the systems that would allow the house to pass code, local and state inspections. The only information that I would need to know is how big of a house do you want, square footage, and of you live in a state where I would have to factor in code for a ‘snow supporting roof’. I DO NOT CHARGE TO DRAW UP A SET OF WORKING DRAWINGS.

I have visited sets from 2 Tim Burton movies. One was “Edward Scissorhands” in Florida and the other one was “Beetlejuice” in East Corinth, Vermont. The thing I always remember about this film is the opening aerial shots. If you look closely you’ll notice a Wise potato chip truck parked at the “hardware” store which in real life is a General Store. Of course if I never had visited one summer after the movie was shot I wouldn’t have made the connection!

does anyone know if this movie will get a special edition or second part?

i like this movie very much

this movie scared my little brother for weeks!!!!!!!!!!!!!

hey! you are so scary but yet funny! i ate hot dogs and drank hot coco while watching this movie. i peed my pants! LOL! LATER

hi! the sand worms made me so scared that i jumped into my dates lap. im only 9 years old and this movie is so scary that i peed my pants and fell down the stairs when i was going to bed. i didnt sleep in my own room for weeks. well i have to go so bye.

In the beginning of the movie, Barbara gives Adam a gift. He says that it is Manchurian Tongwell. Does anyone know what that is?

Pdog: Tung oil is a wood finish. That’s what Adam is referring to when he says, “There’s enough here to do the whole table and the bureau.” -David

look at picture one. does any one know how to get the left side and the back side of the house (while looking at pic one)? i can get the rest of the house except those to sides. i have some of an i dea because of pic 3 but i want it exactly like it is in the movie so some of an idea is not good enough? if any one knows please help me out here

This is awesome that people are still talking about this movie. I Grew up in East Corinth, I lived in the last house during the fly over with the boat and the woodpile outside. Yes the house was an empty shell. in fact there was a basketball court inside. Man I could go on and on..

I’m building this House in the Colorado Rockies..circa 2000notsurewhen
but gonna do it someday, tin roof, slightly weathered, maybe scale it up a bit. Keaton Wolfe, email me some drawings! my ‘site is

This house is, and has been, my first and foremost inspiration as an artist! The exterior resembles that of a Victorian 2nd Empire home, while the interior was country/colonial (before the cool 80’s modern stuff). The fact that you can blend such totally different styles together and somehow make it work is one of the greatest interests to me as an artist. I used to draft different versions of the exterior onto graph paper because of the fascination I had with this movie as a child of the 80’s. It is interesting to know that the house was merely a shell and never really existed. However, I do feel that one day an exact replica of this home would be an amazing tribute to the film and architectural style.

You said you draw house plans as well? I’d love to see your version of this house! I, too, would love to have an exact copy of this house one day.


Hey Keaton, I want drawings of this house!!! Please!

this is da best movie eva!!!

Hey, If anyone has any drawings or floorplans of the house, please email me a copy! I’ve loved this movie and the house for as long as I can remember. I doubt I’d ever be able to afford to build it, but if I could I know I would! Thanks!

Sorry, I meant to include this before: my email is Thanks again!

Hey. i have loved this movie ever since i was a little kid. Does anyone know if the beetlejuice house is still there?probly not. does anyone know what happened to the face town or anything else about the movie?

Hey. i have loved this movie ever since i was a little kid. does anyone know if the house ist still there? probly not. does anyone know what happened to the town model, of anything else about the movie?

i didnt mean 2 write that twicem i thought it didnt go through the first time. lol

KEATON WOLFE…. I know its been well over a year since you last posted on here… but I REALLY want a set of your drawings for this house. I need something other than my own drawings to work with and get an architectural set of plans so I can start estimating costs to build this amazing house. Please email me as soon you can, if you can, thanks.

- Brad

i grew up in east corinth vermont the house is not real the bridge is not covered. i lived up the road that bridge goes my family still lives there i love this movie. the town looks exactly the same except the hardware store was a general store but now is nothing. i know who lives in every house they show in the movie. its funny to me that so many people wrote on this page its a boring town but really pretty.

i grew up in east corinth vermont i lived there for 20 years the bridge they fall off of is the bridge you have to take to get to my family’s house the road is called chicken farm road. the house is not real but the rest of the town is the hardware store was a general store but they went out of business. its cool that people are so interested in east corinth where i used to ride my bike i could tell you who lives in every house they show in the movie. its not a fun place to live but its really pretty everyone should visit probably in the fall though thats the best time when all the trees are changing.

I love this house. I told my hubby I want him to build me this house,lol.

I have always loved the movie Beetlejuice and this house. This really is a unique house. It’s too bad that it was only a facade and then torn down. That would be awesome to see an exact replica of the house built somewhere preferably in East Corinth. It would make a big attraction cause of the movie. Hey i read some of the comments here and some one draws floorplans? That would be really cool if you could send me a sketch. The house is just fascinating. I used to create the house with the inside in the Sims 2 Game. In fact there is a downloadable version if anyone plays that game.

hey guys’
i’m working on recreating this house in a program called 3d home architect, and i’m telling you this is difficult. if any one can give me some info i would gladly post my floor plan as soon as it it done. i need as many interior pics as possible, my email is

i have loved this movie ever since i was a little kid. does anyone know if the house ist still there? probly not. does anyone know what happened to the town model, of anything else about the movie?

Hi! I am watching beetlejuice right now, I dont remember how many times I did it :) Do you have the plans of the real thing? I think this will be my next model for my collection. I already built miniature house from movie Up and Coraline is almost ready. You can check on my blog. I am architect so I will be able to recreate it from pictures, but I would prefere to make it very accurate and base on some good quality materials. Thanks for help!!

I’ve lived in Corinth all my life and work at the local general store. We’ll occasionally get people coming through town looking for “Beetlejuice Hill” or wanting to rent the movie from the general store. It’s kind of neat to know that our little town is on the map, even if it’s not in a hugely significant manner.

I have been going to East Corinth my whole life, just last summer my parents bought the land near this site. In order to get to our place you have to go over the “Beetlejuice” bridge. We love it up there, the people, the sights and everything about that area is amazing.

This is one of those classic movies that has a magical charismatic feeling to it. I don’t see movies being produced like this any more, they seem to have stopped sometime in the early 90’s. With new technology, I don’t foresee a future with these types of iconic films. Fortunately, we have a stockpile of them enough to satisfy most people.

I’m an architecture student now, and I was ridiculously obsessed with this movie and this house from the first time I saw it.

I actually sat down with a rented copy of this movie, pausing, rewinding and re-watching, until I had the entire floorplan worked out.

I would have loved to have built a scale model of this house, so I have always been incredibly irritated by the fact that the interior sets do not match up to the exterior shell.

Oh, there are a few parts that coincide—The entry and downstairs stair hall, living room, attic, and Adam’s study are all approximately right, but the rest of the house is just crazy.

Most annoyingly for me, Lydia’s bedroom should be directly over the kitchen, which is depicted on the exterior as a one-story wing on the back, and there is no possible access provided to the second story of the tower…

I found this a few days ago, someone is building a model of said house, take a look.

i didnt mean 2 write that twicem i thought it didnt go through the first time. lol

The house itself is actually based off of a painting or drawing. However for the life of me I cannot remember the name of the artist or the drawing/painting. I just remember learning about it in my art class.

It was interesting because the house is very iconic, without the house there is not Beetlejuice. It’s like Rocky Horror, where the iconic red lips were based off a painting by Man Ray called ‘Lips in the sky’ I believe.

If anyone remembers the name of the artist, or of the painting/drawing, let us know.

I recently watched this movie with an 8 year-old boy. When I told him that I was his age when this movie came out, he couldn’t believe it. It really stands the test of time.

Not only do kids still enjoy it today, but those of us who loved it as a kid can still enjoy it as adults. The same cannot be said for my other childhood favourite: Weekend at Bernie’s.

Now I come to find that the exterior shots were filmed only 300 km from my house.

i live in east corinth. the bridge is still intact and was moved to the northeast ski slopes nears waits river valley school. the store alec went in is now abandoned(pretty sad,actually),the church is still there as is the library.and as for the house its not there so im assuming it was a prop.

this is my DREAM HOUSE… i fell in love with this house when i FIRST saw the movie when i was a little girl. i think that it would be so cool to have this house built just like the picture, but live-able of course… … i have gone to many different home builders and priced the build of the house … sadly they all come WAY TO EXPENSIVE …. i vow thought that one day … my little family and i will live in the beetle juice house.

my wife’s aunt lives about 40 min from E Corinth and we’ve been planning on going to see this house for well over a year now…looks like we head up in 5 weeks! can’t wait!!