July 9, 2007

Terrorist organization logos

Terrorism Logos
How am I supposed to know what terrorist group put out this video?
Terrorist groups, like any organization, need brand identities. With so many groups claiming credit for terrorist acts, and so many videotapes being put out featuring men in ski masks, it’s hard to keep track of which group committed what violent act. So terrorist organizations have logos. It recently occurred to me that someone had to actually design those logos. But how did they decide who gets to do it? Did the job go to whichever terrorist had a copy of Adobe Illustrator?

I did some research and rounded up as many logos as I could find from terrorist groups past and present. While I hate to give terrorists any more attention, I still think it’s interesting to see the various approaches they took in their logos, and wonder what considerations went into designing them. Does the logo successfully convey the organization’s message? Is it confusingly similar to another group’s logo? Does it exhibit excessive drop shadows, gradients, or use of whatever font is the Arabic equivalent of Papyrus?

Quick Disclaimer: I picked these terrorist groups from a list of designated terrorist organizations on Wikipedia. Since Wikipedia is a user-edited website, I can’t verify who decided these groups are terrorist organizations. So if it turns out one of these groups is an actual army or a legitimate non-violent organization, don’t blame me.

I decided to group the logos roughly by their dominant design elements:

1) Stars

It occurs to me that “stars inside circles” is a subgroup of this category.


2) One Gun

Notice that there’s a little bit of overlap between this group and the last group. The last two “Stars” logos featured a gun, but I decided that the star motif was strong enough to keep them in the “Star” group. The first logo in this group has a star, too, but it’s small.


The bottom three logos are presented in the order they were designed, each inspired by the one before it.

3) Two guns crossed

Why settle for one gun, when you can have two?


4) Other weapons crossed

Guns are so barbaric. Here are some logos which feature blades instead.


5) Crossbones

White supremacists seem to prefer skulls over swords. Hey, haven’t I seen that Combat 18 logo somewhere before?


6) Animals with multiple heads

The SLA’s seven-headed cobra, below, was apparently taken from an ancient Sri Lankan symbol.


[Note: There is interesting discussion in the comments below over what constitutes a terrorist group, with the Kosovo Liberation Army particularly being called into question, and comments an both sides of the issue. The BBC has an interesting history of the KLA here, explaining why the US urged Kosovo Albanians to regard the KLA as a terrorist group, and why the Kosovo Albanians stopped short of that designation. I intend no offense by this logo’s inclusion.]

7) Other

What to make of the rest? I’m not sure what the Oromo Liberation Front logo is supposed to suggest. And that “EPB” logo doesn’t inspire terror at all. It looks like an Olympic team logo. I’ve never heard of the Creativity Movement before, and now I still have no idea what they stand for. What’s with the “W”?


Note:This weekend, an Al Qaeda suicide bomber killed 150 people in a market north of Baghdad. Another 250 were wounded. When this news broke, I had already begun working on this blog entry, and thinking of those victims made it hard to finish. So I just want to be clear that, although this entry focuses on a relatively trivial aspect of terror organizations, it is in no way intended to make light of terrorism. The guns, the blades, the maps of Israel, and other elements in these logos do effectively communicate with painful clarity what some of these groups intend. While my overview of terrorist logos is meant half-seriously as an examination of graphic design in a place we might not think to look, I don’t want to minimize the devastation these groups have wrought.


Great idea, and a great post. I don’t mean to get all serious on your design analysis, but I think your disclaimer blows:

“So if it turns out one of these groups is an actual army or a legitimate non-violent organization, don’t blame me.”

There are times, I think, when you want to be certain about facts. One of those times is when you’re identifying terrorists.

After all, throwing around the term ‘terrorist’ is a common tactic for fear-mongerers all over the world.

You’re obviously not trying to foster fear, but I don’t think you can absolve yourself of responsibility this easily. Either own the ‘best guess’ that these are terrorist organizations (and accept blame you if you get it wrong), or do the (difficult, tricky) research to verify the claim.

One of the things that makes me wonder with this kind of imagery is the choice of the weapon used.

Some use stylized images and other use weapons that are unknown enough to be “neutral”.

But AK’s and M16’s are quite recognizable and carry a very strong evocative meaning, they can be almost considered symbols.

Seeing M16’s crossed above al aqsa martyr’s logo makes me wonder if they chose them for any particular reason or if it was something more randon and then, why they did choose to use that specific image.


Coincidentally, just last night I watched this interesting video clip on Slate, which talks about the logo, color and dress preferences of various Palestinian militant groups:

Explainer: Where Do Militants Get Their Ski Masks?

Nice piece, lots of red used and lots of stars used. I would have included more secular terrorist organizations but whatever floats the boat of the masses.

“The Creativity Movement is an United States-based racialist White-supremacist organization that advocates a whites-only religion called Creativity.”

So W for white.

I cackled when I saw the ‘Weather Underground’ in your list of terrorist organizations. Rouge weather nerds releasing grainy weather reports with masked faces, false high wind advisories, counterfit rain guage trafficking. http://www.wunderground.com seemed innocent enough, these guys must be really good at hiding their horrible acts.

But then I saw this page and ruined my fun: http://foia.fbi.gov/foiaindex/weather.htm

You do realize that the subgroup you list as “stars” are all the communist groups, right? A star and the color red are the universal symbols of communism.

You ought to consider adding the MEChA Organization’s logo to your list. While not actively blowing things up, these MEChA individuals advocate the takeover of the Western U.S. by Mexico. They will somehow or other get rid of all the Mexicans of European descent who currently run Mexico, and replace them with Mestizo or Indian People who will forever reign in the mythical Chicano homeland of Aztlan. I’m not making this up.

Hey where is the Al Qaeda logo?

The “W” in the logo labeled “Creativity Movement” stands for “World”. They used to label themselves the “World Church of the Creator”. An extreme fundamentalist Christian group formed by Matthew Hale who is now in prison for solicitation of murder.

Actually, I looked but couldn’t find an Al Qaeda logo. Anyone know? -David

You asked about the purpose behind the logos. Many—if not all—terrorist groups consider themselves legitimate. As such, logos are a normal part of a legitimate government authority, uniting the group under a single symbol or banner.

The term terrorist is rarely self-applied. “Terrorists” frequently become labeled as such by the groups who are the target of their violent activities. From the perspective of the group being attacked, the attackers are “terrorists;” from the perspective of the attackers, they are liberators, defenders of a just cause, etc., while the target of the attacks are occupiers, an illegitimate government, etc.

Assuming success on the part of the attackers, the logo would transition into a symbol for the newly installed government.

You forgot to list the logo of two largest Terrorist groups of the world, America and Israel!

You obviously didn’t look too hard for the al qaeda logo:


Well you would figure that the jew made this document would exclude jewish extremist groups and israel’s allies.

in regard to darren’s comment.

that kind of blind labeling of enemies is what got us into this violent present in the first place.

i find it highly unlikely that you are fully elucidated to the sociopolitical histories of the various cultures that formed these entities, nor am i, nor is the author of this page, and therefore he is wise to disclaim that stance.

while i believe that it is abhorrent for violence to be used for political change, that violence is equally wicked whether it is perpetuated by ‘terrorists’ or states.

the holocaust was a state sponsored crime. 9/11 pales in comparison. don’t forget that.

Interesting article, It would seem the task of designing the “Army of God“‘s logo fell to the member most familiar with clip art.

very funny and nicely done. Where is the French Slow Food revolution’s flag? Perhaps someone could create. Crossed bagettes?

Not all of those organizations are terrorist groups. Like the Kosovo Liberation Army. How do I know, because America personally armed them to fight the Serbian forces that were committing war crimes during the war in Kosovo. Actually, just a couple of days ago Kosovo gained its independence , thanks to the KLA, the US, and the United Nations.

“Jihad of Sweden”!!! WH-A-A-T!!!!

Ya, I’m Mustafah Olefson, ya!! yer, all going to die, after I finish making this batch of home made Vodka, and take my Suana, ya! Praise Alla Ya!

I don`t think UÇK (KLA) belongs here.
They weren`t terrorists.If they were UN wouldn`t let them transform to TMK (Kosovo Protction Troops).

Hey Fuckhead, UÇK (Kosovo Liberation Army) is not a terrorist organization. Its legit and recognized worldwide… What the fuck, go check your fact sheet dumbasss. Fuck.

Where are the IRA, UDF, UVF,ETA, Al Qaeda and Taliban (to name a few) ones??

Interesting though - thanks

A a bit racist or one-sided perhaps?
The majority of the groups you mention are located in the Middle-East. I hear no mention of terrorist groups from other countries (I can think of many many more, such as the IRA or UDA’s logos in N.Ireland)

My name is Kojshia. I am a retard. I should not have posted that earlier comment because I actually forgot to read the disclaimer abobe that states these logos were lifted from a list on wikipedia and that the guy that wrote this article acknowledged that they might not all be correct. It is ok though. I am going to go back to my shithole 3rd world of Kosovo and fuck my mother and sisters in the ass, and then let all of my other terrorist friends lick poop off of my dick while we claim to be nice people.

Where is the logo for the IDF? Funny - left out by accident?

Just a note, the ALF (Animal Liberation Front) mostly releases bunnies and spraypaints graffiti, and they’ve never killed anybody, which I’d say makes them a pretty pussy terrorist organization.

OOOh, please save me from teh evil Animal Liberation Front!

There is nothing surprising about the existence of “Jihad of Sweden.” ALL western countries have experienced increasing levels of Muslim immigration, and a portion of these immigrants are militant wackos. In the spring of 2006, Sweden’s largest Muslim organization demanded in a public letter, signed by its leader Mahmoud Aldebe, that Sweden should introduce separate laws for Muslims. The letter included several pages of aggressive demands: separate family laws for Muslims, regulating marriage and divorce, that public schools should employ imams to teach homogeneous classes of Muslims children in their religion and the language of their original homeland, etc. No surprise. In 1999, Aldebe proposed that sharia (Islamic law) should replace current Swedish law.

Maybe it’s just me, or the people I’ve met, but I’m getting sick of all the ignorant people who are anti-Isreal just because of some hearsay and/or because it’s the “hip, cool, edgy” thing to be.

And hey, quit bitchin about “you forgot theses guys, this is a racsist list, what about IRA” etc. He did say that disclaimer, and like it or not, that disclaimer means he can pretty much say whatever he wants.

Good job, thanks for the blog, was an interesting read.

You can´t put a pussy white power group in the same page as the FARC militias!

And where are the rest of the REAL terrorists groups? IRA? ETA? MRTA? Shining Path? Montoneros? Comando Vermelho? Tupamaros?

Hey dude, Kosovo Liberation Army(KLA) doesn’t belong up there, you racist, do a little research first before posting something like this, not just searching google Images.

Couldnt help but notice the Saul Bass inspiration in the last 3 “One Gun” groups. Remember the poster for Exodus??

Hey dude, Kosovo Liberation Army is a terrorist organization, but successful one. Even then it remains a terrorist organization… do your internet search properly and honestly…

some of it is just stupid ? weapons crossed ? Look at the Saudi Flag. For stars look at China and Pakistan Phillipines to name a few. Terror-Wrist, should be your best option .. Weather Underground Party ? Animal Front ?? LOLOL

If you don’t like his list, make your own. Don’t be an ass.

Here’s another flag - http://www.crwflags.com/fotw/images/z/za%7Danc.gif
The ANC was considered a terrorist group by the Apartheid Government in South Africa before it gained control and now all previous “terrorist” members are considered “freedom” fighters, which they indeed are.

So when some whiny twits complain that the KLA isn’t a terrorist group, well they are recognized as a terrorist group by some, it’s all about the time period and who was in control.

I love this “Not all of those organizations are terrorist groups. Like the Kosovo Liberation Army. How do I know, because America personally armed them to fight the Serbian forces that were committing war crimes during the war in Kosovo.” And America also armed The Mojahedin (who are Al Qaeda and the Taliban), guess wtf happened there numb-nuts, they became the most widely known terrorist organization due to 9/11 Twin Towers attack in NYC & Pentagon.

Might as well put the French Resistance (http://www.new-enlightenment.com/frresistance.jpg) from WWII up on there aswell, I’d love to see a long comphrensive list with their flags.

What is a terrorist group?

- A terrorist organization: a political movement that uses terror as a weapon to achieve its goals

- A terrorist organisation is an organisation that engages in terrorist tactics, they are also (perhaps more neutrally) referred to as militant organisations

I would most definitely consider the US Government a terrorist organization under that definition. We sell weapons, we kill off opposing governments, conduct covert operations in order to benefit our stance in the world, and most of our population is too interested in the iPhone to worry about child labor etc…. And now, under the Patriot Act, I could be arrested, not charged with a crime and be incarcerated for an indefinite amount of time for what I’ve just said. Freedom is a lie, suck it bitch.

LOL at all the people saying the KLA isnt/wasn’t a terrorist organization. Even Clinton’s envoy to Kosovo said the KLA “without a doubt, is a terrorist organization” prior to the NATO bombings. It just shows how one man’s freedom fighter is another man’s terrorist. Fact is, even the wikipedia entry on the KLA has numerous references on the matter from reputable news sources. The people calling for the person who made this page should to do some research should do a bit of research themselves.

Al Qqeda’s logo is missing. Or don’t they have a logo? From what I understand, their name means database or filing cabinet. What I’m driving at is that a lot of people suspect that they did not exist as a group before 9/11—only after that point did bin Laden use the name, after all. It’s a name that originated within the US intelligence circles, as I understand. Quite a load of horse shit.

I am pretty sure the organisation who came up with that logo created more terror than any other:


Where is logo of LTTE (Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam), a terrorist organization in Sri Lanka that began in 1970 as a student protest over the limited university access for Tamil students; currently seeks to establish an independent Tamil state called Eelam; relies on guerilla strategy including terrorist tactics that target key government and military personnel; “the Tamil Tigers perfected suicide bombing as a weapon of war”.

To everyone who said “Where is the US” or “Where is Israel” etc.

An armed organization which is under the control of a country is an organized army. An armed organization that does not answer to a country is what you might call a militant group. A militant group which performs violent acts against *civilians* (rather then against military targets only) is a terrorist group. From my limited knowledge of the subject matter I would say the French resistance was a militant organization, not terrorist.

It is as simple as that. Since the US army and the IDF are under the command of recognized nations, they are not terrorist organizations, even if you don’t agree with their actions (in which case you should take it against the governments that control them). Likewise, a terrorist group like Hamas is a terrorist group even if its goals are “good”.

I can’t believe you didn’t get every logo of the world’s terrorist groups.

Interesting post.

Hezbollah is not officially a terrorist organization.

Great, for my collection of logos!

According to Wikipedia, this is the flag of al-Qaeda: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Image:Flag_of_al-Qaeda.svg

Half of this is fake, and one side racsist list.

You invade someone else home, and call them terrorists when they have their rights to defend their homes, land, and themselves! this list is BS.

Someone astutely pointed out the symbolism of stars and the color red relating to Communism. Similarly, Islam’s official symbolic color is green.

This points to an important, but overlooked fact, which is that regardless of what list you find these organizations on, whether it is Wikipedia or the State Department, very few of these organizations actually consider themselves to be “terrorist organizations.” So their choice of logo and symbolism reflects an attempt to legitimate their organization by linking it to broader societal issues, or what many consider to be worthwhile goals.

There is also a lot of disagreement over the definition of “terrorism” or “terrorist” and the UN has not been able to decide for the last 10 years. There are many examples that most would agree on, but also some outliers. The US and its allies would like to restrict the definition of terrorism to armed groups that attack civilian populations or state institutions, but which are not states or armies themselves. But much of the rest of the world sees that as inadequate. Why should Israel and the US, or any other army for that matter not be labeled terrorist if they also attack and kill civilians?

In any case… the point is to keep the perspective of the organization in mind when analyzing their logo. The designation “terrorist” has absolutely nothing to do with their choice of logo, symbol, or color, because that isn’t how they see themselves. If you put aside the “terrorist” designation altogether, you would find that liberation organizations or other nationalist moviements have similar logos worldwide, with guns and swords symbolizing military might or militancy, that communists use red, and that Muslims use green and other Islamic symbols like pictures of mosques, but never physical representations of people or animals.

There, within the society, religion, or ideology of each group, lies the key to their symbols, regardless of what the US and its allies want to call them to slander their cause.

As someone else said above, the star logos are those of communist organizations.

“The guns, the blades, the maps of Israel, and other elements in these logos do effectively communicate with painful clarity what some of these groups intend”.

Some would say those are maps of Palestine. And would also say that the israeli army logo has a sword in it, communicating with painful clarity what they intend.

You guys need to chill out. There were many orgs left of the list and some that shouldn’t be there. Instead of attacking the poster, say something like:
“I don’t believe the KLA should be up there, and here is why” http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kosovo_Liberation_Army

“I think the (P)IRA should be up there, here is a link to info about them, and a separate link to their current logo”
(can’t find a unified logo for them)

Becoming angry and/or abusive seldom achieves what you are hoping for.

i think like david star logo is like state terrorist too, why you not drop or put that logo?? hoho…this is seriously make me you not objective people..ssshhhh

I lived in the Philippines in the 1970s when all Americans feared getting kidnapped by the New Peoples Army. Thanks for the trip down memory lane.

Good times.

what the fuck did u say about UCK?!?!… thats not a terrorist organisation asshole
check again

I’m going to translate this post to portuguese and put on my blog, ok? I’ll give the credits and link to you.


Kosovo Liberation Army (UCK - KLA)WAS not a terrorist oranisation and it does not exist anymore!!!

ummm…if your looking for Al Qaeda logo…just use thier parent organisation…the CIA

Where is the logo for Cobra, nemesis of the G.I. Joe Team?

you forgot to classify the “stars and stripes” ones!

Well, this is a link where you can find the logos of ETA http://users.skynet.be/terrorism/html/spain_eta.htm

The second one pretend to be a snake rounding an axe (ETA stands for Euzkadi Ta Azkatasuna meaning Basque Country and Freedom). The words “Bietan jarrai” means “to be in the two” (ways, political and criminal)

On the other hand: good job! I’d like to read it.

And yes, it IS a terrorist organization, more than 900 deaths, last 2 in december 2006

@ Chris:
> Just a note, the ALF (Animal Liberation Front) mostly releases bunnies and spraypaints graffiti, and they’ve never killed anybody, which I’d say makes them a pretty pussy terrorist organization.

Aside from nail bombs in chip shops and digging up dead grannies. It’s not all fluffy bunnies.

Well some people here said that a terrorist organization is an organization that does terror that means kills civilians. UCK didnt kill any civilian. They fought against Serbian army and they were only people defending their homes. They werent even organized. They were people who had guns and waited in their homes for the army to come.
I would add this flag too: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Image:Flag_of_Serbia.svg and also this one: http://www.epier.com/stores/outpostflags/images/fchetnik.jpg

Bye bye now.

Arguably, there isn’t an Al Quaeda logo as Al Quaeda doesn’t exist as an organisation in the same sense as most of the organisations with logos shown here. The governments of the West need it as a shorthand for a set of beliefs which leads people to act in its name. There was article in the Fortean Times a few years ago that suggested that Al Quaeda was like Asimov’s Foundation: the governments would prefer you to think it was like Stephen King’s Langoliers.

Good job. Interesting collection and breakdown of different ways of treating identities for “organizations”.

PEOPLE! Look at the list for what it is. A list of logos!

Lesson learned: terrorists don’t have a sense of style. All of these logos (except those of the CCC and RAF) suck, both from an aestethic point of view, as well as in terms of rememberability and recognizability.

Al Qaeda doesn’t have a logo as far as I know. Makes sense, since it was a CIA project to begin with and most CIA-projects carry (code-)names, not logos. You could say Osama Bin Laden has develloped into some kind of icon though, in a Ronald Mc-Donald way.

As for the creativity movement, the W and crown can either be white catholic supremacy (creationism rather than creativity) or a reference to the Weimar Republic of Germany before and during the first world war, with the crowned W standing for both Weimar and Wilhelm.

You forgot a number of “terrorist” organisations.


Good subject well tackled.

That Communist Combatant Cells logo was clearly an inspiration for the logo of late-eighties one-hit-wonders Sigue Sigue Sputnik.

See nasty modern 3D version here: http://www.sputnikworld.com/
The original (on my 7” copy of ‘Love Missile F111’) was flat red on white.

SSS were apparently named not after a terrorist group, but a Moscow street gang.

The Army of God one looks very clip art to me.

Try this resource—I use it at work: http://www.nctc.gov/docs/ct_calendar_2007.pdf. There is a section at the end with terrorist organizations and their logos.

What about a logo for the United Front of Judea? Or United Judean Front?

Where’s the CIA logo?

thanks for the list of logos. its an interesting discussion on design elements.

i’m disappointed at the level of discourse on here though. Its impossible to construct an objective basis for the terrorist label, hence the conflicts we’re having here.

Its a matter of where you find power to be legitimate so for example when the IDF massacres civilians vs when Hamas
massacres civilians. Im not equivocating but the point is who is the terrorist. Or is it in the act rather than the label. Is a state actor more legitimate to kill and exhort than a clandestine organization? the acts are the same…
anyway my two cents.

and MECHA not a terror organization (what planet are you from dude?)

Terrorist logos are not so much designed as they are adopted. A terrorist group will take on symbols used by others.

Everything in a “terrorist” group’s logo is a piece of information that informs potential friends and enemies what their philosophy is and who their allegiance is to. For instance, the star logos you provide are for Communist and Maoist groups. If you are an offshoot of Hezbollah or desire their support you’re going to signal that by adopting a logo similar to Hezbollah’s.

The ALF is not a “terrorist” group, but you’ll notice that their logo incorporates the Anarchy A, which lets you know they have an anarchist worldview. Etc.

I think you’d appease some of these asshats if you just called the logos political organizations and let whoever felt “left out” connect their own dots. Really, you do a creative, amusing thing here, and there will always be critics…but who knew they’d be so well read on terror groups throughout history? It was an interesting idea. You should explore more of it, if a few comments haven’t put you off. Say hello to ‘Cynic Sans’ for me.

PS: Don’t entirely trust Wikipedia, but they have other lists if you want them. Oddly (or not), the ‘CIA Factbook’ isn’t as candid.

Wow. A lot of these comments are horrendously ignorant. I wrote a large comment on terrorists vs. guerilla fighters vs. freedom fighters on my blog (which I won’t reproduce here).

“You forgot the White HOuse”

Comments like this–what a shock. Never saw them coming.

Military logos in general are not well-designed. Lotta shit going on in each one.

But I am surprised that no mention was made of possibly the simplest, most recognized, yet evilest of terrorist group logos:

The swastika.

Yipe. Touchy subject. I’d remove some of the more offensive comments if I were you, especially if you wish this article to remain about logo design.

u.s.a. terrorist

Well at the very least the article shows how many people just look at the pictures and skip the actual text.

Thank you for this interesting post. And respect to you, that you dont delete comments… some of them are really insulting, but very interesting to read.

The Creativity Movement has an anti-Christian stance and is certainly not a terrorist group.

The Israeli flag is a very clean design, it doesn’t have any guns or knives.

Thanks for the info.
Unfortunately, I don’t know (Most of them) in what country they exist.
It’ll be better if you write the country origin under every logo.

The Kosovan Liberation Army was ‘personally’ armed by the US? Oh, well I guess those guys must be cool then. Like the Muhajudeen or whatever.


OMG you are totally right,I mean just think of all those evil Hindus and Buddhists squatting in the wilderness and plotting the downfall of civilisation.

The Nazi party committed atrocities, but as a government, not a terrorist organisation. Characterising the swastika (which is the name for the religious symbol - the nazi term was ‘Hakenkreuz’ or ‘hook-cross’) as evil in nature is not very smart or culturally sensitive.

In Britain the skinheads couldn’t understand why the Indian shopkeepers didn’t get upset when they sprayed the shops with red swastikas…

-The ex-UCK wasn’t terorist organisation and it has been trnsformed into a regular KPC(Kosova Protection Corp),succesfully cooperating with UNMIK.This a good reason to take off UCK from the content of this article.

This is very poorly done and extremely biased.

Aha apparently i was making wrong assumptions about both Al Qaeda and the Creativity Movement. The crowned W wàs the symbol of pre-nazi Germany though. And still, to this day, I have never seen an official communication by Al Qaeda that carried a logo. As for the Creativity Movement: what do you call a fundamentalist catholic white supremacy group that engages in violent acts to enforce its ideas on society, if not terrorists?

The comment on Weather Underground above contains equally uninformed assumptions.
WU did not just ‘make fake weather reports’. They were a full blown terrorist organisation.

The same goes for Joels comment. Rambling on about buddhists and hindus does not wipe out the meaning attributed to the swastika today. Wether or not the attribution is ‘fair’, it’s there. The swastika is a hate symbol now, and we have the nazi’s to thank for it. Shooting the messenger won’t make that go away.

The trouble with this site is a lack of distinction between terrorist groups, liberation groups, rebel movements, illegal armies etc. and an overall lack of solid information on the organisations behind the logos.

UCK is a terrorist group. They tortured and killed many civilians in Macedonia. And are also the biggest mafia in Europe and wider, dealing with drugs, arms and prostitution. They raised guns to achieve something that can be done trough democratic processes. I think it’s bullshit that whenever Albanians have problems, they take the guns. Thats terrorism. Even now, when they have all of the rights they wanted, they still threaten to take violent actions if their demands are not met. Fuck em’. Learn to use the brains in a good way please. Do not use guns. Its retarded. sheesh

The main difference between governments and terrorists is that terrorists are usually intellectuals while members of government are usually lawyers. And Terrorists don’t print their own currency.

Will you all just shut the fuck up and stop with the endless complaints in the comments? Go post about what constitutes terrorism versus governments versus whose dick is bigger on some other site - perhaps a political one, or maybe start your own blog to discuss those points. MAYBE those with complaints should go to Wikipedia.com and edit the public information there? Everything that needed to be said about this being a lighthearted look at the relatively crappy design of fuckhead terrorist organizations as listed on Wikipedia is in the disclaimer.

The Symbionese Liberation Army was not really a terrorist group. They were criminals posing as idealists. See here: http://www.straightdope.com/mailbag/msymbionese.html

Oh and ‘Pete’: if you don’t like to read the comments, then don’t.

this is just a sneaky way from the government to see who is commenting …
he Bush , up yours you silly old bat!

why dont you add to list PKK (Kurdish Terrorist Group)many years they killed many kurd and turk people in TURKİYE

Please ad (The Jamatt Al Muslimeen) Posing as a legit organization here in Trinidad & Tobago W.I. They are a Terrorist Group who continue to terrorize our beautiful twin Islands even after their 1990 faild Coupe attempt.

>You forgot a number of “terrorist” organisations.

MILF? Really?

Who designed their flag, General Garcia?

The SNAFU will get you for this, Sasha. Maybe they’ll franchise the job to the TGIF, but get you they will. Victory to the JPEG!

A small tip for all those people here asking “Why didn’t you put up the logo of this or that?”: find the logo of the group you’re missing and post a link to the image here, or better yet, include the logo in a mail to the maker of this page and ask that it be added. A helpful hint from your friends at the WYSIWYG headquarters, burried deep in the mountains of TCIP-IP.

This article is interesting and funny, but not a tenth as funny as the idiotic comments on all sides that followed it. Good show. :)

An amusing notion. Thanks!

For those with a need to hurl the ‘racist’ epithet at the author I’d suggest the less charged term ‘ignorance’ and lighten up a bit (after all, how can one reasonably expect a post on logos & branding, posted by a designer, to provide an complete thesis on ‘what is terrorism’ and ‘what is a terrorist group’).

Sure, the majority of logos used in the article belong to Arab or Islamic groups. There’s nothing wrong with that idea — it’s valid. Many of these groups (the PLO, Hizbullah & Hamas in particular) have revolutionised the techniques of armed resistance — including the idea of meticulously ‘branding’ their own organizations.

Hizbullah and Hamas are interesting as they both represent more than merely armed resistance. These are sophisticated organisations with an understanding of ‘branding’ and ‘image’ that has eluded other Arab and Islamist organisations. Both have extensive social service networks, media resources and political parties to reinforce and extend their ideologies and goals — in addition to the usual cadre of armed resistance fighters.

Hizbullah and Hamas represent a response to the corrupt and ineffectual leadership dominating much of the Muslim world. Their power derives from the fact that their message has real resonance on the streets — unlike most of the governments in the region. However repugnant you might find their ideology and tactics Hizbullah and Hamas have mastered the art of positioning their brand.

I think I am missing the point of all this. What design analysis did you do here? You just posted a bunch of logos.

How many of you sleep unrest till Israel exists? Sorry for Israel it maybe temporary but Jews permanent. Pls., ask pharaohs. Or read your favor book. Bible or القـُرْآن.

Very interesting. I note that some of the “terrorist organizations” that are suspect of being false flag operations run by intelligence agencies tend to have similar designs. As in (to idiot subordinate) “Hey Joe work up a legend for our new false flag operation in absurdistan and include a logo in the packet.” Joe, “What should the logo look like?” Boss, “Just look up the packets on the other ones and get an idea.”

Oh, forgot to advise including the familiar “Don’t Tread On Me” flag from the American revolution as the American insurgents were described as terrorist and it was not representative of an organized government.

You should also include the United States of America flag

Why do people keep calling the Creativity Movement(aka The World Church of the Creator)a fundamentalist group when in fact it is an atheist organization that considers Christianity to be a “slave religion” derived from Judaism? The whole “Church” thing in the former name was an attempt to gain tax exemption and access to public facilities.

And would also say that the israeli army logo has a sword in it, communicating with painful clarity what they intend.

Interesting that you would mention clarity while trying to obfuscate by deliberately not mentioning the olive branch that wraps around the sword in the IDF logo.

This is not unlike the Great Seal of the United States, whose eagle clutches olive branches in one talon and arrows in the other.

about FARC-EP:

Its proper -translated- name is “Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia”, instead of “Columbia” (that, in any case, would be some Rumsfelian armed group of sorts)


The reason we call conspirators that commit atrocities “terrorists” and don’t call states that commit atrocities “terrorists” is that the word should have a meaning to be used. States that commit atrocities are “tyrannies” not “terrorists”. It is not a moral judgement it is a description. And if some think that implies a bias in favor of the state that is to bad for the state should have a bias in favor of it, as states are needed but conspiracies not unless we wish to live as hunter-gatherers.
An armed group that is not connected to a state that doesn’t regularly commit atrocity as a policy is a conspiracy not a terrorist group. The French Resistance, The Haganah, and so on were conspiracies. And yes these groups sometimes did terrorist actions, but they were not terrorist groups. The difference is the same as that between an erring daughter and a madam.
As for whether the Sons of Liberty were terrorists, yes they certainly were and we overglamorize them. However the Continential Army were not.
If we continue to think “terrorist” is a mere term of abuse there is no point in using the word as we already have plenty of terms of abuse handy.

i guess with this subject matter you’ll obviously get your fair share of criticism and half-baked anti-us political commentary (“You forgot the White HOuse”), but i thought it was a good article. followed the link from waxy, btw.

you forgot the flag of USA.

metaemigrante,u r right!US flag has 50 star,woowoWWW!~

Interesting, how a tiny overview of logos lets this discussion turns in an entrirely different direction.

I guess if you had put up pictures of 21 predators and sorted them by categories like “can fly”, “has four legs” no one would have insulted anyone here.

Unfortunately there is yet no (former/active) terrorist who can give us some hints about the creation of the logos.

What a pity that there seems to be no common sense about which organization can be defined as terroristic and which not. Otherwise the “You forgot the White House / USA / …” comments wouldn’t be there.

Do you really think it is important to distinguish between the organizations? Whats the benefit? There are enough terrorist organizations and none of them would strive to get the “credits” of someone elses bomb attack.

I think they have something in common as well: It seemed like a good idea on paper in their eyes.

Gee, somebody needs to take a chill pill. This post is about the irony of grassroots, often (but not always) violent, ideological organizations - some of them living in caves in third-world countries - having the organizational abilities and desire to get someone to design a logo. (I especially liked your reference to Illustrator.) I’d liken it to how every pirate captain had his own flag design three hundred years ago. Even more ironic is the fact that anarchists all use the same symbol (A in a circle) when spraypainting walls. Apparently, irony is a lost sensibility amoung the masses.

It’s amusing that so many folks attempt to paint America (or Israel) with the terrorist label. While both countries have contributed their fair share to human misery (and exactly which country hasn’t?) the terror tag just doesn’t fit.

Terrorism is an act of violence committed against civilians (non-military targets) for the sake of intimidating the general population. The current variant on terrorism is to perpetuate acts of violence or destruction against non-military targets to goad the victimised population into a heavy handed response (to justify further acts of terror… or simply to spark a messianic conflagration).

Much of the Islamic world, lacking effective representation, has reached the point where significant portions of the public either support terrorism — or it’s corollary: the idea that the America, Israel, the West, etc. have brought it upon themselves. If we could eradicate all Americans, Israelis and Jews from our cozy little corner of the universe it wouldn’t fundamentally change the calculus. Think about it; name an Islamic country or community that doesn’t have a history of violent confrontation with either neighbouring country, a non-Muslim community or another group of Muslims with slightly different ideas about Islam and the future (this last point is particularly relevant in Iraq, Lebanon and the Palestinian territories).

The real problem is that the Arab and Muslim world has been in such a state of disarray for so long that there is no general consensus about how to accommodate Islam into the larger, non-Muslim world. In the absence of misguided American foreign policy or the mere existence of Israel the Arab and Muslim world would be forced to look elsewhere for issues to avoid addressing the core issue of ‘where does Islam go from here?’.

Slapping a logo on a cause and appropriating a few tools of the West or the global economy isn’t going provide an answer (neither will anything ending in -ism). Islam needs leadership with a brand that is strong enough to look past the relatively minor annoyances of the little satan (that’s us in the non-Muslim world) and address core issues of the Great Satan (issues within the Muslim community: jobs, education, healthcare, the role of women in society, how Islam is going to cope with the fact that the non-Muslim world is not going away, etc.).

I’m curious what that organization’s logo might look like.

Haganah as a resistance group…ok, so killing british because they were opposed to massive jew inmigration to Palestine was a noble cause.
Mexicans in the USA could form their autodefense terrorist group, kill border patrols and claim half of the US territory because it was where their supposed ancestors lived back in the ages.

As for the olive branch, yes there’s one… wrapped around a sword, get it? there’s a sword because they use weapons, same with those islamist groups, it’s quite normal to use weapons in your logo if you’re an armed organization, such as the IDF or Fatah. By the way, Fatah is not a recognised terrorist organization yet its logo appears on this list.

And I’m profoundly anti-islam but I’m also profoundly against our world being fucked up to satisfy the 0’23% of the population.


OMG. I can see how getting carted off in trains would be fun. It’s semantics. The Nazis hijacked the Hindu symbol to bring awareness to their party before winning power. That it was that symbol they chose is not the point. (Could have been anything.)

Like any good terror outfit, they instilled fear among their members that the ‘other’ guy was to blame for their troubles and was a threat to their way of life. Get everyone pissed enough and go out and take care of the ‘other guy.’

All terrorist movements start somewhere, no? Far as I can tell, the Nazi poarty ceases to have a ruling government anywhere, yet their mindset is alive and well among certain groups, public and private.

If any of the militant groups featured above became officially recognized states with real governing bodies, would there actions be any less of those of a terrorist? Syria. Iran. Iraq. All UN member states. Were are/were their leaders not supporting terrorist agendas?

@ punkart

PKK is also called Kurdistan Workers Party, KADEK , Kongra-Gel and KCK.

Here is some info about those morons.


What this post prove is how loaded the word ‘terrorist’. Next time try ‘armed struggle’ or something similar! ;-)

You missed quite a few —
Al Qaida (black flag, arabic script)
Harkat ul Jihad al Islam
Tehreek (something something) TNSM for short
Harkatul e muhammed
lashk e taibr
Hizb-i-Islami (Hekmatyar’s group)
The above groups are the ones transiting terrorists to the UK, Spain, and Canada, and are among the “serious players”

Someone earlier asked about MILF — Moros Islamic Liberation Front, beheaded some soldiers in Indonesia last weekend.

Whhhooops.. nevermind, you did get LeT.

Anonymous Coward — wrong.

Six countries, including the United States and the United Kingdom, officially list Hezbollah or its external security arm as a terrorist organization.[10] The United States and others have accused elements that would later become Hezbollah of being responsible for the 1983 Beirut barracks bombing that killed over 300 American and French peacekeeping troops,[

The whole outset of ‘hey here’s a site with some logos of terrorist organisations but hey, don’t blame me if they are not really terrorist organisations’ is rather weird. Apart from generating useless banter back and forth and piling up hits which get the cash from the google ads flowing, there’s not much of a point in it. It’s lazy, irresponsible and thougtless and an overall waste of good bytes and bandwith. Hence the comments where people are now tossing ‘government lists of terrorist organisations’ back and forth to make their point. To me that prompts the question: what, if any, was the point of the maker of this site?

Hi all! First, I think that the author just wanted to take the light side of the logos stuff, just like any “normal” commercial company would spend some time and employees’ brains in order to come up with a fashionable logo.

Second, that exactly will be my point of view. I wonder, what happens when one logo from one organization is clearly inspired from the logo of another organization? (think of the Jerusalem Battalions logo against the Hezbollah logo). Do organizations formally complain about others “pishing” or copying their logo? What about little countries/territories where the organizations are small: do they pool in their best logo designers in order to reduce costs, or do they outsource it to some Arts/Design student who would work for peanuts? Are there people within those organizations that are concerned about the corporate image carried on by their logo? “It’s too violent, we should try something like a carmaker company logo, like Ford or Volkswagen”?. Why are there no computers in the logos of the political organizations, in these times of “networking” all over the planet, for Christ sake? (or cell phones - what about the I-phone? Would Apple Co. be happy at that?)

What happens if you are told to make up a new logo and all of your drafts are sh*t? Do you get just fired or really shot/bombed/lynched/hanged/etc.? Suppose you are an spy, what about slightly changing their logo in their computers so that from now on it will look weird, like a bit stupid/childish/feminine/gay/insane/etc. (think of the Ezzedin al-Qassan Brigades with a motto like “Punk’s not Dead” around in Arabic; or the United Liberation Front of Asom with the machetes separated by a dish with food in it, quite like a “Restaurant” road-sign?)

And what about those organizations who constantly change their names? Wouldn’t it be better to have no logo at all, or keep it really very simple, like say, a Winding-type bomb with a flag or the organization’s name on it?

Are terrorist candidates influenced in their choice of organization by the attractiveness and “coolness” of the different logos? “Nah, you see, that logo is sh*tty; I prefer a more serious organization, with a real, professional logo on it”. And what about if your organization’s logo was designed by a guy who now breaks apart and claims intellectual property rights over it? Something like “My political differences with you are at this point insurmountable and thus I prefer to go on my way from now on. I don’t want you to use the logo I created any more, and if you do so anyway, I will suit you in court before the US, the EU and the WTO tribunals, to name just a few” [Perhaps THAT will be considered like a serious terrorist threat]. Who knows, in the near future perhaps we’ll see appear organization logos followed by the (c) and (tm) symbols?). Even terrorist organizations are getting more and more materialists!

Other practical questions come to my mind now: why no organization so far has come up with something really innovative in the field of logos, like conveying terror by means of some mustached gay man in leather uniform and brandishing a whip while pointing evilly at you? Isn’t it scary enough? Or some dog’s head menacing to bite on some guy’s genitals? (ugly, yeah?). Or some kind of leprechaun stuffing a classic bomb inside the enemy’s assh*le. Would a terrorist organization gain in popularity around the world if its logo contained pop icons like Freddy Krueger or Jason, from the Friday 13th series? I think that Jack Nicholson’s head coming throughout the door boards in “The Shining” would also be a self-explicative logo? (of course, these are merely sketches, you would need to complete the logos with either flags, or mottos, or maps, or guns, whatsoever).

Is there any kind of contest to choose the “Best Terrorist Logo” of the year and what are the artistic/design criteria that justify that one logo is “better” than another? Suppose you have a terrorist organization which, in an effort to cope with modern times, decided to go “environmentally friendly” (like handing out attack-claiming communiqués in recycled paper, or using 4x4 and other big CO2-producer in their bomb-car attacks), that would also go “diversity friendly” and thus decided to provide blind people with a Braille version of their communiqués/statements/press releases: How could you adapt the organization’s logo into Braille to make it easily identifiable by blind people all over the world who come from different backgrounds?

You see, there’s a lotta say about this topic on the logos from terrorist organizations from all over the world. I think comments from anyone having participated from within in the logo-creation process of his/her organization would be greatly welcome and would shed more light in an rather obscure issue. Thanx in advance!

Design aside, it is sad to see your Americancentric classification of “terrorist” organizations.

Ah yes…thank you, Roba, for making an inane point already made by countless others before you whose posts you obviously didn’t bother to read. Furthermore, we all appreciate how you ignored both the thread’s original intent and DilberWasHere’s lucid attempt to return it to that purpose. Nice work, slugger.

How is the Animal Liberation Front a “terrorist organization”? They’ve killed exactly 0 people, and injured exactly 0 people. All they do is break animals out of cages.

That’s such a ridiculous inclusion.

“The United States and others have accused elements that would later become Hezbollah of being responsible for the 1983 Beirut barracks bombing that killed over 300 American and French peacekeeping troops”

Oh, Hezbollah was responsible for the 1983? You mean two years BEFORE Hezbollah was actually founded? Awesome, didn’t know the Lebanese Shiites had mastered time travel.

farc ep de COLOMBIA no de COLUMBiA
lo pero este grupo no tiene nada de resistencia son es un grupo de delicuentes organizados y uera de eso capso de las drogas que le han caudsado mucho dolor a mi pueblo maan gente cada rato y quiern que los traten como revolucionarios cunado no lo son aquiu en colombia no se peude ir ni a una fiste por que ellos creen que por que tien un arma te pueden quietar tu chca violarla y vos nopodes decir nad asi no al otro dia desapareces … mierda de grupo no son nada no tien ningu ideal solo lucrase a punta de sangre hp de ..ellos ya lo saben igual

Nice piece of research!..

Nice one!

The Haganah was not a terrorist organization. Rather, the Irgun and the Lehi were Jewish terrorist organizations.

The Haganah was the forerunner of the Israeli army, which attacked and killed Irgun members who were fighting their own private war during Israel’s war of independence. See the Altalena Incident.

The Irgun and Lehi, on the other hand, participated in terrorist attacks on international British targets.

At any rate, here are the Irgun and Lehi’s symbols.

The Irgun’s symbol shows a hand holding a rifle (fitting the one gun motif) overlaid upon a map of what today is Israel and Jordan, whereas their goal was to see a Jewish state on both sides of the Jordan River. The crest’s ramparts show the style of the walls of the Old City of Jerusalem. The text on top reads “Etzel” — an acronym for the Irgun’s full name — and on the bottom reads, “Rak Kach” — “Only Strength.”

I design terrorist logos with Adobe Illustrator, so I am really getting a kick out of some of these replies.

You must add HAGANAH on your list.

one man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter aka divide& conquer. we should unite and exterminate the rich :)

My son Benni sent me the link and my impulse was ‘Terrorist’s logos??? What is that good for?’ Now I have been reading for an hour… and think this initiative was a worthwhile one. It makes young people reflect upon the topic of terrorism in general. I was surprised to find a number of fairly smart and educated comments. I am afraid the few Albanians (Kosovarians) did not too well to represent their home country/ and cause. Whom do they want to impress with all those f…words? As someone who has lived all his life in East Germany: Yes, Communism was a terrorist idea right from its inception. In Scale of the destruction it brought to the world it is unparalleled. It was state terrorism of the the same type as Germany’s 12 years of Nazi rule. To include the US or Israel into this group is ridiculous and (even technically) wrong. The US was instrumental in bringing down Fascism in Europe and in opposing Communism over 4 decades. These were grand feats -which can not belittled by what ever president currently resides in the White House.
My special thanks go to the chap who created this blog - how imperfect it may be. Michael B. Butter, 57, Hoyerswerda, Germany and: sorry - a teacher.

As a study in design, the example logos show a real lack of the basics. Composition, form, readability etc are all very poorly executed. Perhaps those are the attributes you lose when you are so angry that you want to hurt and kill people you don’t even know.

As for the lack of other “Terrorist” logos and the charge of racism. The guy can put what he wants. However, I do find not including the IRA, UVF, ETA, etc., a bit glaring. But can you imagine the angry posts if they were.

Herr Butter put up a very good reaction. No point in apologising for being a teacher though, if anything, we should have more teachers - more teachers than terrorists anyway. I agree with him that the US and Israeli government do not belong here, albeit not for the same reasons. A government is not a terrorist group - mainly because it doesn’t have to be. A government has power. Terrorist groups thrive power. Big difference. Apart from that I’m afraid I disagree with Herr Butter on his kind words for the creator of this site. Maybe I miss the educational opportunities it provides. Best of luck in teaching though, Herr Butter. Education is a pillar of civilisation.


Not your fault, but “Red Army Faction” should actually be “Red Army Fraktion”.

I know, I know, I’m a pedant.



Not your fault, but “Red Army Faction” should actually be “Red Army Fraktion”.

I know, I know, I’m a pedant.


How can you not realise what stars inside circles/with red background mean? What rock have you been living under?


If you do a follow up including other organisations, I’d be curious to compare the design elements used by the various Republican and Loyalist groups that have operated in Northern Ireland.

I’d also like to see a post (if you’re considering a follow up) on logos for various intelligence and security agencies around the world, to see how their messages differ, and whether having government resources behind you results in better design.

Liked the post. Ignore the complainers.

isn´t this great?

(see url link)

cautious like a snake, sharpened like an axe.

Your commenters are a bunch of self righteous wankers.

This blog post is trash because its not a painstaking scholarly study, it’s not comprehensive and canonical (look at all the ones you forgot, helpfully aided by commenters!) and, worst of all, it isn’t a perfect reflection of my geopolitical beliefs.








ps: fuck those terrorists movements like kosovares or nazi-fascists, inventions of the evil mind of euro-americans to impose their doctrines in their own homes or backyards!


fuck almost all north-americans! take the name “AMERICA” for yourselves….i am only and just LATIN!

Rafahell…stop shouting, please. I you’re going to be inflammatory and stupid, at least do so quietly and not IN ALL CAPS.


Wow. Two lessons learned here: (1) these organizations (whether labeled as terrorists or not) have a pretty crappy design sense, like a lot of ‘legitimate’ organizations; and (2) there’s an awful lot of anti-Israel and anti-American sentiment out there, and its expression in this particular forum is incredibly misguided and counter-productive.

Extremism isn’t going to solve anything, and it’s ludicrous that it’s engulfing what is an interesting look at one aspect of these groups. As if it’s a political list with any agenda behind it at all.

If you don’t like his list, make your own. Don’t be an ass.

Posted by: Chris | July 9, 2007 3:30 PM

AMEN to that!

FWIW, David, I think you did excellent work here, and would include all those you listed as well.

To others: I don’t know why you think this was meant to be an all-inclusive list of every terrorist group known to man and animal, much less a list to include everyone that every paranoid nutter believes to be “terrorist,” (i.e. the laughable claim that Israel/the IDF and the US are “terrorist”—snap out of it, loonies).

“the laughable claim that Israel/the IDF and the US are “terrorist”—snap out of it, loonies”
And your name is Beth, such a coincidence.

By the way the loonies you talk about are Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch and the United Nations.

I think , you forget a terrorist organization .That name is U.S.A ;)

U.S.A is give countenance to terrorism.

you did a good research and made logical connections. not all of it true, of course there are logos unwith-in terorism, but i like the idea of your composition.

guns logo very good :p

Que merda!

brazucada na area! vamo calar a boca do fidelito e chegar em segundo no pan!

The root cause of political problems in Ethiopia is national oppression by the Ethiopian empire state and refusal by the state to respect the rights of oppressed peoples to self-determination. The current Ethiopian regime has recognized in its constitution the right of self-determination with serious limitations imposed on the exercise of the right. The aspiration of the people to regain the fundamental freedom, which was snatched from them by brutal conquest, is supported by the principle enshrined in the UNO Charter and related international instruments. The Oromo and other oppressed peoples are endowed with the right to decide the form of sovereignty they want, whether on their own or in a union with others on the basis of freely expressed consent of all concerned parties. To bring genuine peace and stability imperial domination must be brought to an end. To realize this objective readiness by all concerned parties is necessary to solve the political problem peacefully. Policy of shelving political problems must cease. OLF is ready to go an extra mile in search of peaceful resolution of the political crisis in Ethiopia. The OLF is ready to contribute towards any meaningful peace effort, as it did in the past, to reach at a comprehensive settlement to bring peace to all peoples of the empire.

On Armed Struggle
The protracted armed resistance under the leadership of the Front is an act of self-defense exercised by the Oromo people against successive Ethiopian governments, including the current one, who forcibly deny their right to self-determination. The OLF armed resistance targets the government’s coercive machinery, not innocent civilians. The OLF has an unswerving anti terrorism stand and opposes terrorism as means of struggle to achieve the right of the Oromo people. The Organization considers terrorism as act of desperation. Therefore, anti terrorism remains a core policy of the organization.

On Religion and Religious Extremism
The Oromo people are followers of three major religions: Islam, Christianity and traditional Oromo religion. The OLF respects religious equality and pursues secular policy. It opposes religious domination and religious extremism of any kind. The composition of its members and supporters among the Oromo people, irrespective of religious divides, is a clear testimony to the organization’s correct democratic policy on religion.

On Right of Minorities in Oromia
In Oromia there are minorities who have distinct identity and culture of their own. Minorities in Oromia are economically, culturally, and politically closely linked with the Oromo people. The OLF recognizes and respects the right of national minorities in accordance with internationally accepted principles to develop their culture, administer their own affairs, enjoy equal rights in every field of activity. The Organization has undertaken to vigorously work for the full realization of these rights and will take necessary measures to strengthen the bond of fraternity between the Oromo people and minorities in Oromia.

Solidarity and Co-operation with Oppressed Peoples
The empire state of Ethiopia was created by a strategy of divide and conquer and maintained by divide and rule. The OLF believes that solidarity and cooperation among the oppressed peoples led by their respective forces is essential for realization of thier common objectives of liberation. The organization has been working towards unity of struggle among the oppressed peoples to counter the enemy schemes and reduce the cost of achieving their political objectives of liberation. The alignment of the Tigrean regime with forces resisting genuine change in Ethiopia is posing a real threat to the oppressed and subjugated peoples in the Empire State. There are indications that militaristic and chauvinistic elements who are aspiring to restore the old order are demanding for the reversal of what minimum change our peoples have achieved through their struggle. The Ethio-Eritrean conflict is going to directly affect the oppressed nations and nationalities economically and in terms of human casualty, and continuation of suppression and violation of human rights by creating pretexts connected with the war situation. This dangerous course commenced by the TPLF and its allies, has made unity of struggle among genuine forces of liberation more pressing. The OLF is prepared to revitalize and strengthen previous agreements concluded with some organizations of oppressed peoples and work towards a formation of a platform to co-ordinate and channel their human and material resources to meet the challenge of the days


Hola mardena!




EMAIL: rafahellbound@hotmail.com



This is really a great example of why the Wikipedia should not be considered an objective or reliable reference. (For those of you who actually read the IRONICSANS,com post before reading the comments.)

This is really a great example of why the Wikipedia should not be considered an objective or reliable reference. (For those of you who actually read the IRONICSANS,com post before reading the comments.)

This is really a great example of why the Wikipedia should not be considered an objective or reliable reference. (For those of you who actually read the IRONICSANS,com post before reading the comments.)

Wasn’t the whole purpose of this post to discuss design elements and similarity in symbolism? And, while the choice of subject matter is emotionally charged, the purpose of the discourse should not be directed by people’s personal feelings about the content. Granted, these emotional connections can’t be completely overlooked from the standpoint of how they direct the design, but where is the design in the comments?

Can we please direct this back to the original intent? I’m curious to see where the conversation about the importance of symbolism in logo design and the graphical development of these symbolic representations goes.

I do agree that the author was a little too spare in his initial thesis, but from a design process perspective and not from an inclusion perspective. It’s alright to not include EVERY terrorist or political activism group in the world as long as you specify that you are taking a sampling of various groups for the purpose of comparing DESIGN elements. Don’t say you “rounded up as many as you could find.”

The author’s original idea is fascinating from a DESIGN perspective and has had a few (see DilbertWasHere’s response above) interesting attempts at a design discourse.

I’d like to see what the mottos are that accompany the logos, if any. Do these words have any bearing on the graphic representation of the logos? Were some of these logos developed for their simplicity of reproduction, say like their ability to be reproduced without a computer? Is it the ultimate goal of an organization or its founding tenants that guides the logo and its symbolism?

Do stylistic elements like the style of typography influence the symbolic meaning at all?

Please, bring back the design discussion!

The worst terrorist organizations hijack the symbols and more importantly the institutions of national governments.

F-16’s and cruise missiles are alot bertter at wreaking havoc and killing people than suicide bombers after all.

Any group fighting Israeli occupation cannot reasonably be deemed to be “terrorist”. They are liberation militias.

If you don’t think so, go back and read all the UN resolutions calling for Israel to withdraw from the territory it is illegally occupying.

The author of this blog is dumb.

Take a deep breath.

This blog wasn’t a PhD dissertation or a piece of peer reviewed literature. The author took someone elses list and found the logos of some seriously controversial groups. Some, obviously not all. He’s talking about design art, not a political science. Obviously you all have your opinions, and everyone is entitled to their own. To supress anyone’s opinion is to follow in the footsteps of many of the “terrorist” organizations you are ranting against.

So shut up.

some you might have missed out on the first time around, including some charming fists, guns, knives and the like:


The design of the Ejército Popular Boricua’s logo isn’t designed to emit terror at all. It’s a group that is pro-Puertorrican independece, why would they want to inspire terror? They’re violent only because the FBI classified as terrorists, not because they wanted to in the first place.

what really is terrorism?

explode people using c4 or exploding citys using atomic bomb?

silly - some of the guys in here take this article way too serious. read the flippin disclaimer. this is about design, not about terror itself.

go to work or something, just do something with value.

thanks for this article, great idea! some groups really need a new CI job ;)

“Army of the Guards of the Islamic Revolution” is a sub-group of the Iranian Military (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Islamic_Revolutionary_Guards_Corps)

Who ever listed that as a terrorist org. is clearly getting their news from www.whitehouse.gov

hilarious post.

DilbertWasHere: great post.

Nice post!
But where are the EPS files? :-P

It won’t be long before the Democrat Party alters its’ logo to look like one of these. Maybe a triumvirate of Pelosi, Reid and Kucinich’s heads will be included alongside a donkey with crossed AK’s.

A fine post. Regarding the logo of the Philippine CPP NPA NDF, the three elements of the logo represent each of these organized components of the communist movement, as follows: the AK47 (gun) represents the armed wing, the New Peoples Army (NPA), which is really an armed nationwide extortion and assassination ring which collects revolutionary taxes and attacks police stations in out of the way places. The spear is the communist party as “the vanguard party of the working class”; the red triangular shield with three yellow stars is the National Democratic Front organizations which wages an above ground parliamentary struggle, but is also the recruitment arm in the cities and labor unions, as well as fundraising and propaganda.

Perhaps the other logos have a similar meaning.

Leaving aside what these groups may or may not stand for, most of their logos are way too busy and just plain ugly. Evidently graphic design isn’t their top priority.

The only logo with any visual oomph is the one for the Red Army Faction. Hamas’ comes close, but there’s too much small writing, and those drop shadows were a bad idea.

And isn’t the Armenian Secret Army for the Liberation of Armenia an offshoot of the American Dodgeball Association of America?

Wow what allot of debate. I have not read hardly any of it and I don’t expect you to get down this far, but I’d like to say it is a shame you missed off all the Northern Irish groups, although I realise allot of them have disbanded they certainly were a dab hand at using evocotive imagary, especially the loyalists with all their red and white hands etc.

Wohh.. great amount of debating is happening…. I dont have time to read all that but i would like to remind that the logo of Mother of all these terrorists organisations is missing here. The one, i would like to point out is Liberation Tigers of Tamil Ealam, of SriLanka. I know this much that their logo was designed by an Indian Tamil graphic designer(painter) from Madhurai, Tamilnadu, India. It has a Tiger roaring big…

I am surprised to see, not even above mentioned is from India, as India is the most suffered nation on Earth by terrorism.

Pavan, India.

This is a racist Jew who purposely didn’t include any Israeli terrorist groups. It’s just propaganda. People get their homes demolished and then they have to pay the government the demolition fee!
If you saw your family members beaten and killed or raped right in front of you and you were powerless to help them you would probably become a terrorist too!

Racist propaganda! Believe it or not there are Israeli terrorist groups too!

Racist propaganda! Believe it or not there are Israeli terrorist groups too!

isnt the FMLN in El Salvador a terror group?

I think we can not discuss the design and purpose of any graphic symbol without understanding the intent behind its creation. Classifying these symbols under Identity and logo design is not correct in the first place, just like Flags of different countries are not logos. These organizations do not want to attract market share or increase their brand acceptance within a particular segment of consumers. All they want is to communicate at a very basic level.
As per all the people stating these symbols as shitty and bad, i would say ‘please come out of your rigid Western notions of Graphic Design’. The guys who came up with those symbols didn’t want them to look good, slick, modern or jazzy. Their symbology is highly contextual and relevant to the place and people they are trying to relate.

All in all a good post to initiate discussion and bringing minds together. I would love to see a follow-up post having more such symbols and discussion on context and relevance of Graphic Design.

Hemant Kumar

(p.s. Swastika is a sacred symbol which brings good luck and prosperity. Doesn’t matter what it came to be known as in the western world, here in India billions of people still consider it for it stands for)


I love ideologues. Come one, come all!

two more classics from chile: MIR (movimiento de izquierda revolucionaria) and FPMR (frente patriotico manuel rodriguez)

Terrorism does not make a difference among people. All groups and tribes should be united in the fighting terrorism and uprooted this bad omen phenomenon by cooperation of the government.

most of these are not terrorist group.
If you want terror group you must put logo of United states, White House, and IDF.

touchy subject lmao

you guys post the world church of the creator as a terrorist group and admit you dont even know what the w in their name stands for, pathetic, it stands for World as in World church, then you list a legal political party the nsm as terrorists when you cannot attribute one single act of terror to that group. libel laws are being broken here by ignorant misinformed people.

Kurdistan workers party

The Pkk is an abrivaton of partiya karkeren Kurdistan (Kurdistan workers party); the PKK is founded on October 27 of 1978 by Abdulla Ocalan also know as Apo”. The pkk ideology was founded on revolutionary Marxist-Leninism. The pkk goal has been to create an independent socialist Kurdish state in the area that comprises parts of south eastern turkey, north Iraq north eastern Syria and north western Iran; where Kurdish population is in majority.
The Pkk is a nationalist ethnic organization use both forces and politics to achieve Kurdish national and politics goals. And defense the identity of 40 million Kurds around the world particularly in south eastern turkey.
The Pkk changed it is strategy in 1984 from politics organization to paramilitary organization. Pkk attacked & bombing the government installation and military targets, also pkk have shooted those who has links with the Turks government, they were assassinated many military general and Kurds tribal leaders who were named as puppets of the state were performed as well.
Most of the world country known pkk as a terrorists’ organization such as turkey, the EU, the UK, and the USA etc…..
The Pkk leader Abdulla Ocalan captured in 1999 in cooperation between central intelligence of America CIA & and Turkish intelligence MIT. He was trailed in turkey and sentenced to death penalty, but he took his case against turkey to European court of human rights, which influenced turkey decision to commute the sentence to life imprisonment.
After Ocalan captured, he urged PKK to work peacefully to attain its objectives, pkk declared five-year unilateral ceasefire on august 2000 , and took a number of steps to try to change its image and widen its appeal, changing its name several times before deciding it again wanted to be known as the PKK. Also pkk have called on Ankara to involve it in the country’s political process, allow more cultural rights for the countries estimated 20 to 25 million Kurds and release imprisoned PKK members. But unfortunately Turkish government not answered Kurdish justice right and refused any negotiation with pkk that’s known as Kurdish identity in turkey. PKK have took a lot of peacefully steps to protect both Kurds and Turks blood, and protect itself from legal applications of being listed as a terrorists organization but there was no answer from other sides, in order that in 2004 cease-fire completely broke down and pkk restart fighting Against Turkish targets all over the world. The conflicts increased. The pkk attacks on the Turkish military, police, and government targets near Iraq-turkey boarder.

Turkish government accused both American and Kurdistan government (KRG) for not taking enough steps against pkk fighters (guerillas) in the northern of Iraq.
On the 17th October 2007, the Turkish parliament approved a military incursion into Kurdistan to pursue pkk fighters. The vote for incursing won with an overwhelming 5007 to 19 votes. Neither those 19 nor vote were the vote of 19 DTP parliaments’ members which Turkish government accuses them for supporting pkk. American, UK, EU, Arabian countries also Iraq and Kurdistan refused this decision, and asks turkey to find a peaceful solution. Kurdistan government asks turkey to be patient and four side negotiation (turkey, KRG, pkk, USA), but Turkish government refused negotiation with Kurds sides. The Turkish threat have reduced after Turks Prime Minister Raceb Tayp Ardogan visited America and met American president. Who’s promised to support Turkish government and exchange intelligence information, but in the last days of December Turkish helicopter and air force bombed the Kurds villages near Kandil Mountain and Dihuk, which caused of killing and wounding many civilian. Kurdistan government strongly condemned this enmity attacks and claims self-defend if they cross boarders.

Pkk budget estimated at $86 million USD. The pkk receives proportions of its funding in the form of privet donation, from both organization and individuals from around the world, some of these supporters are Kurdish businessmen in south eastern of turkey, sympathizers in Syria, Iran and Europe. Also from parties and concerts are organized by branch group. Kurdistan workers party also has been financing its separatist movement by ‘taxing’’ narcotic traffickers and engaged in the trade themselves. The pkk is heavily involved in the European drug trade, especially in Germany and France. France law enforcement estimates that the pkk smuggles 80% of the heroin in Paris. The pkk received support from other country such as Syria, Greece, Greece Cyprus, Belgium and Netherlands supported the pkk by allowing its training camps to function in their respective territories, Iran supplies the pkk in the form of weapons but Iran listed the pkk as a terrorist organization after Iran supply resources to the pkk began to be used on its soil. American government supports the Iranian branch of pkk (pjak).
The pkk has a strong links with paramilitary group among other ethnics which has harbored historic grievances against turkey such as the ethnic Armenian Asala, ETA, Palestine libration organization, and to a lesser degree the provisional Irish republican’s army.

The pkk now trying to find a suitable solution to reject any fighting and blooding, but Turkish government does not understand brotherhood language. So it makes huge problems. Turkish government say pkk is a terrorist organization in the same time they kill innocence civilian people and arrest those who speak in their mother’s language!!!!!!!!!!
Its apparent several time Turkish military explode bomb and have killed Kurds people and accused pkk such as the shamzinan explosion that caused of killing, but fortunately shamzinan people arrested those terrorists who belong to Turkish army.

Please guys take care from this… some of these logos are really terrorist groups but some of them are not…
the PLO had never been a terrorist group… is this is a Zionist site…
well zionists are biggest terrorist in the world….
have you checked the tobacco packets in germany…. well it contains only 19 cigarettes and not 20 as it should be….1 cegarette is going to israel….to pay the debt of the holicost of the jews….10s of years ago…
what about the 1.5 million iraqi died in iraq after the invation of the US and allies to iraq… what about the palestinian kids and women dying everyday in gaza…
this site sucks & is fucked up…
FYI the PLO is in the UN….
this is bullshit…

just another note, the ALF(Animal Liberation Front) is not a terrorist organization, it’s more like a selfless rescue group saving thousands of lives each year, yeah they have never killed anybody either(thats what sets them apart from terrorist, they save live not take them)

ALF ALL THE WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

this is amazing in the sense that sooo… many people “see” so much in relatively little, initial content. what an excelent catalyst and further, study in human preception. as shown here in the micro, people create their own reality.( you see what you want to see). what was the writers initial intention? what here is truth and fantasy? i guess its relative. very cool none the less.

That was good for some of those I never heard about, it was so interesting.
You make e huge mistake you grouped UCK( kosova liberation army) with some of the dangerest teroroist organization, You must read for UCK and the true history about Kosova because UCK wasn’t so.

What ever good job.

I was saying this because now I can say “I’m from REPUBLIC OF KOSOVA”, it doesn’t matter what you think may be you think i’m stupid but this is realty and you should accept

Hi Buddy, as a fellow jew i dont think you are doing any of us a good service but grabbing a whole bunch of “terrorist” groups and putting their logos up, stick to what you are good at, ie taking photos..

I have never been afraid of images before, I will have to change my pants

I dont see the Republican party listed, yet the Illinois state head John wayne Gacy buried over 40 young boys on his property after sexually assaulting them, and terror is a matter pf perspective if you were a timberwolf, or an endangered species, the Republican party would certainly be seen as a terrorist Organization. you list the World church of the creator as terrorists yet say to know nothing about them, according the the decisions of a Federal Judge they are a religion. The Jdl is not listed even though the federal government of Israel calls them terorists. You list the NSM as a terror organization and while that may make their political enemies delighted, the accusation has no basis in fact whatso ever. Someone who disagrees with you is not a terrorist.

Hello again to you all!

Well, in my precedent post -1 year ago, I’m not a spammer ;)- I was asking some arty/design questions which remain still unanswered.

I do believe that, for SOME people, their choice of terrorist organization (in places where such organizations abound) may be influenced by the graphic design of the different logos. Hence my former questions.

Yes, supposing one’s ready to commit his/her life to a Cause and having a choice among, say, 3 or 4 different but sister organizations around the corner; one’s choice may be influenced by the logo. And despite what someone else has stated in a different, previous post, sister but different organizations operating in the same territories DO actually compete somehow for a ‘market share’ of future recruits and donors (how come? well, mainly with their terrorist attacks and propaganda, I suppose). Therefore, a cool and appealing logo may win your organization a bigger share of the terrorist support market.

A partial ‘proof’ of what I have just stated is that a very-well known (the whole world over) and much feared terrorist logo from a centuries-old terrorist organization (the Pirate flag of the Skull and Crossed Bones over a black background) is now simply another market icon, just like any other well-known company logo.

When I was younger, I happenned to have started an unfinished career as an architect. Those of you who are familiar with it will surely remember the countless hours spent drawing whatever came to mind. I happenned to have designed (for my own private pleasure) terrorist logos, which I couldn’t help turning into stupid or ridiculous logos (that’s why I had hinted at some terrorist organization having his motto changed to ‘Punk’s Not Dead’ by some funny spy).

The same thing commes to my mind when considering those nice badges special units of the most prestigious legal armies of the world wear: you can see in their uniforms a round badge with a wildcat in it, or a menacing eagle, or an evilly smiling skull, etc. I mean, somebody must at a time be made into drawing those badges and making sure he’s not copying an existing one. Same with terrorist organization logos, right?

Well, that’s all by now; I will leave you with other questions:

Suppose you want to change a terrorist organization’s logo and you are not a member of it. Suppose you find a way to submit your sketches, along with explanations of why you consider your suggestion is better than the current logo. Do people within those organizations have a look at it? Do they evaluate them? Do they let know their leaders ‘hey, some asshole from outside came up with this incredible logo, and it’s worth having a look at it’? Can they track you back to your place if they’re angry at your suggestions? Suppose you are a long-time enemy of that organization; still you’ve came up with a better-looking logo: would your enemies merely reject it because ‘it comes from an enemy’ or would they pay it some attention, no matter you actually fight them? Can two or more terrorist organizations trade or swap their logos? If one organization goes extinct (either it has lost or won the war, so not longer needed) but it had a terrific logo: can you copy or be inspired by it and how long should you wait before doing so? Could they retaliate against you for copying their logo without their consent, even if they went extinct now?

Islam religion is more peacefull. When islam era all of the people can life with other (like islam to non islam). We care about the humanism

Is LASHKAR-e-TAIBA terrorist or 3LAC Indian army terrorist which are abusing Kashmiris Kills innocent people

Are Pelastini’s groups Terrorist or Israel[who took muslims land by Guns, Missiles] are terrorists

muslim fights everywhere for their own land

Is LASHKAR-e-TAIBA terrorist or 3LAC Indian army terrorist which are abusing Kashmiris Kills innocent people

Are Pelastini’s groups Terrorist or Israel[who took muslims land by Guns, Missiles] are terrorists

muslim fights everywhere for their own land

“Exército Guerrilheiro do Povo Galego Ceive” (EGPGC)

Another terrorist Spanish organization, of Galicia, which aim was the independence of Galicia


You forgot the Israeli logo, you know.. the babykillers and everything? oh and theres that one amwhatever the alliance logo between the US and israel, thats an even better one.

I wonder just how many people here actually “read” the blog, including the disclaimer?

There is only one symbol of terrorism in the world today and that is the stars and bars of this fucking country, Amerikkka!

KLA worst terrorists Europe ever had , sponsored by Zionist and USA

I want to add red china and north korea.
Some red, some stars… perfect fit, isn’t it?
And they are barely legal!

you forgot the CIA logo! it should be he first

Author: Konstantin Zharinov
Symbolism of Armed Non-governmental Organizations and Movements


Why not add the JDL’s logo (and any other terrorist logos which include fists)?

Oh, and the JDL wasn’t declared a terrorist organization by the “federal government of Israel”, but by the FBI. It is a North American organization, whose Israeli equivalent is Kahane Chai.

Anyway, there is no such thing as the “federal government of Israel” anyway - Israel is a unitary state…

Check out this website - are they just innocent puddy tats or are they pirate terrorists??? You decide.

Thanks for the post … I have no idea about these logos. Some of them looks good

are you guys stupid? Colombia is not spelled columbia its spelt COLOMBIA!!!!

hello.. i’ve never find the logo that i am looking for… do you have logo of MNLF, Bangsamoro republic (Philipines)? if this site have.. please send me a copy… thanks!!!!

what u call them terrorist, they have the right to fight imperialism and Zionism in the world, coz they have the right….. AVATAR …and u can find in you tube video ( Gaza Avatar ) …..

well, whatever all these comments say, i found the list and critique pretty damn funny.

Do you have the logo of the Alex Boncayao Brigade?

Don’t call the New Peoples Army a Terrorist organization! It even respects human rights through its treatment of prisoners of war as well as not engaging in urban insurrection or whatsoever.

To an insurrectionist organization, why not the Alex Boncayao Brigade? The logo is simple: triangle then with the words ABB (with the lettering similar to the BAGONG HUKBONG BAYAN) in the center.

Have you ever seen somebody lick the chutney spoon in an Indian Restaurant and put it back? This would never have happened under the Tories.

From what I can determine, the Creativity Movement no longer exists. They all went to prison for beating up whites who would not join their gang or some such crap. The new group that still uses the same W symbol is the Church of Creativity. AKA The Creativity Alliance.

in this time people need to feed there families. they join the MNLF. christian and muslim unit as one for the peaceful of our country and have a good leaving with essence of wars each others of communicability for friendship for love and faith of allah..