July 27, 2007

Bad Fake New Yorker Cartoons

Gawker has asked its readers to submit their worst fake New Yorker cartoon. So I came up with this one. Unfortunately, I can’t decide if it’s too obscure a reference or too obvious an idea. Is it possible to be both?


Hmm. Maybe I should have drawn a scalpel in there somewhere…


What’s it a reference to?
I guess that one was lost on me.

Well that is Gossamer from Looney Tunes, first seen in Hair-Raising Hare (1946), but I don’t quite get why he is being dissected.

I swear there’s some saying about “cutting gossamer” or something, but I can’t come up with it. Sorry, David, and/or congrats for hitting the obscurity :)


Duh, my bad. But I didn’t remember the quote until I found it by searching for “dissect gossamer,” so I still go with too obscure.

Okay, wow… that was obscure.

Wait, I thought it was the Lorax.

You should submit this… the folks at Gawker are plenty smart enough to ‘get’ it.

That’s pretty obscure. I’ve seen that episode of Seinfeld probably a dozen times, and I’d never have remembered his line. I remember Elaine’s reactions, but not the guys line.

And I also had no idea what the Looney Toons character was named. So, yeah it had to be explained to me.

Once I got it, though, it did seem like an extremely obvious idea, so you have a point!

Submit it, because even if I didn’t get it, isn’t that the point of New Yorker cartoons?

That’s not obscure at all! EVERYone remembers the orange monster from the Bugs Bunny cartoons, right?!?!?

OH! So that’s what that creepy scientist was doing before bugs showed up!

Actually, that one should have to be familiar with two distinct television shows to the degree they remember the name of an old character in one, and the precise script from a single episode of another, to understand a comic mocking the comics of a magazine whose readership doesn’t watch much television…well, I was going to say it was awful but now I’m kinda convinced it’s genius. ;)

Surgical voodoo on a Furby?

There’s a whole layer of reference you’re missing—the guy who wrote that episode now also cartoons for The New Yorker.

Seriously. He’s BEK.

It’s obscure, but priceless… a faux New Yorker cartoon that utilizes characters from another cartoon that itself is a play on words from a fictional TV show (a show about nothing) discussing a New Yorker cartoon that was “stolen” from another cartoon.

I also appreciate it as all this makes it self-referential as well.

Just. Wow.

I was so happy to recognize this!

i thinks it’s a nice one, good work dude