June 14, 2007

Idea: Lolcatvertisements

The way I see it, companies have about a week or so left in the life of the lolcat meme to come up with some clever ads that use the lolcat format. I think for the most bang for their advertising dollar, the campaign should probably appear in college newspapers or someplace else where the fewest people possible will be scratching their heads in confusion.

Take a pizza and burger joint, for example. They could start with a picture of a pizza delivery guy, with the caption “I’M IN YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD, DELIVERING YOUR PIZZA” or it could have a picture of a burger and fries with the caption “YES YOU CAN HAS CHEEZBURGER.” Okay, they could probably come up with something more clever than that. But it would give me a chuckle to see a company incorporate an on-line meme into their ads without referencing where it came from. It would be sort of an inside joke among the internet savvy.


Hm. I usually think you’re ideas are pretty terrific, but this? Brings to mind the scene from Office Space…

…”That’s a terrible idea.”
“Yes, horrible.”

But, I am happy to say that this is the first idea I haven’t liked…

Unfortunately, when I’m as busy as I have been lately, I don’t have time to develop my better ideas into blog posts. I think an upcoming post will explain what’s been keeping me so busy lately… -David

At the college library where I work, we did an “im in ur x, y-ing your z” ad back in late 2006 before the LOLcats got huge:


It was in the student paper, and I don’t know if anyone read it, let alone got it. But it amused a few of us at the library.

Dave, I think this is a great idea. Forget viability, that should never be a concern of good ideas, for such have intrinsic value.

Keep ‘em coming!

- j

I like it.

Here’s a visualization. http://www.keithtyler.com/imaturdoor.png

Then again, mass marketing never really caught on to e.g. “all your pizza are delivered by us”.

I had no clue what lolcat was, but now I know who to blame for all the bad blog comments using that style. lolcat is the new “all your bases”.

lolcats is not funny. it’s getting beaten into the ground at a lightning pace.

I’m not sure if it was a photoshop job or what, but I saw a picture of a Burger King a while back with a marquee-style sign out front that said “YES YOU CAN HAS CHEEZBURGER”.

I just spotted one of these today in the Seattle Post-Intelligencer Business section. How odd…

This would be great for a company that wanted to narrow down its customer base to just the totally hip.

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