June 19, 2007

A new billboard in Times Square

Back in January, I decided to take photos of every advertisement in Times Square. So when I was walking through Times Square the other day and I saw these billboards, the likes of which I’ve never seen in that part of town, I figured it would make a good follow-up post:



Quite effective, it’s possible that the billboards are far more noticeable in that state than otherwise. Now it’s just a question of time until a smart (or irritatingly smug) company buys the ad space and intentionally leaves them blank as a publicity stunt. But I guess that would be similarly easy on the eyes, at least. Otherwise, with such a pristine canvas, I’d love to see some video art projected, or better yet, some Banksy-style work.

Woah! The Ray’s Pizza!?

The advertising company is probably asking huge amount and doesnt have any takers (like expensive NY apartments that stay empty.)

Just like Sao Paulo

The Auckland City Council is currently considering a bylaw to ban all billboard advertising in the central city. In response, one of the main billboard companies posted billboards that look a bit like these, with a tiny red caption at the bottom:

“This is the view you’re missing out on.”

I like the plain billboard especially in a place like times square…its too much already!

Kenny said: “Woah! The Ray’s Pizza!?”

One of the 47 thousand ‘Ray Pizzas’ in New York that claim to be “The” Ray’s Pizza.