May 23, 2007

Idea: You Say You Want An Evolution (T-Shirt)

Today I had an idea for a t-shirt. Here’s the artwork I came up with:

Evolution Road

I decided to make it available with or without the caption, in designs suitable for dark t-shirts or light t-shirts. I like it both ways:

Evolution Road

It’s Charles Darwin meets Liverpool and it’s available now in dozens of styles and colors for men and women in the Ironic Sans store!


I’m excited that I caught a post before anyone else. Now I get the pleasure of complimenting your creativity before the fawning masses descend. Lovely tee, I like singing this alternative lyric.

I likes, but george has the unfortunate spot of being the monkey.

I LOVE the idea/design. I hate cafepress. :(

And why no mousepad?

Love it!

I’d buy one if you had a woman instead of a man as the “end” result. That would be kick ass and would sell!

Would you consider a design where the final one of the four was a Grey?

Bizarrely enough, “Revolution” had just started on Radio Paradise when I clicked on your blog in my feed reader. I saw the title of this entry just as I heard “You say you want a revolution…”

How cool is that?

The t-shirt is pretty cool, too.

Reminds me very much of a t-shirt i have been wearing for several years now… one that advertises my favorite band!

it looks great on dark t-shirt! Love it! :)

As a companion piece you should check out this great ‘Evolver’ t-shirt based on the Beatles Revolver album cover:

Just ordered one myself.

Woman as the peak of evolution? Hmmm.. If the theory of evolution had been developed by a woman, this picture might actually look slightly different…

You even got the feet right :D

Hey, you didn’t make this up
Marilyn Manson did
“You say you wanted evolution, the ape was a great big hit.” Its from disposable teens, check it.

Yes. I wish I had seen this yesterday.

As has been mentioned,


lrn2originality. Blatant plagiarism.