May 11, 2007

Basketball Court

I just noticed this. On the north side of City Hall Park, right next to the Tweed Courthouse, gated off from the public, there’s a basketball hoop.

Basketball at City Hall

When was this installed? Does anyone use it? Is Mayor Bloomberg enjoying an occasional game of H-O-R-S-E when he’s got some downtime?


Weird, but thats a nice find.

The Tweed Courthouse now houses the Board of Ed and a school called, I think, “The City Hall Academy.” I assume the hoop is for the kids, although who knows?.

Nice. Along the same lines, the U.S. Supreme Court has a gym with a basketball hoop (or two) that the Justices (supposedly) use. I visited it on the tour, it is on an upper-floor, above the courtroom. The tour guide referred to it as the “REAL” “highest court in the land.” There’s probably some info about it in the public domain, but I haven’t looked. If not, there should be.