March 12, 2007

Mauling Helena

The Table CentaurA new mall called The Domain opened this weekend in Austin. The bizarre photo at right has been chosen to represent the mall in advertisements, brochures, and directories. Seriously, this might be one of the strangest photos I’ve seen used for something commercial. Or at all.

Boxing FennWhat has happened to the poor woman in this photo? What story does it tell? Has she had her legs cut off by an obsessed madman who’s keeping her captive on that table, like Sherilyn Fenn in the movie Boxing Helena?

Or maybe she’s one of those exotic mythical table-centaurs, with the body of a woman and the legs of a table. Wasn’t there one of those in The Lion, the Witch, the Wardrobe, the Desk, and Other Furniture?

Very bizarre. But she does make a lovely centaur-piece.



Great spot. I love this picture, and will shortly be downloading it to use as wallpaper.

she has her legs on the table. her right hand is touching her right foot

She’s being punished for wearing a dress with a color that clashes with her headpiece.

Whatever it is, it appears to be contagious:

i forget i state

Great poster.

That living table thing is freaktastic.

Strange, I was reading this blog because I think typography was interesting, but it just so happens that I live directly across the street from The Domain. It’s fitting that it should have a strange symbol, because the whole mall itself is strange. It’s a REALLY upscale mall and it’s in Austin (which town is known for people going to nice restaurants in shorts), they have NO local businesses (something Austin is known for), it’s a good 10 miles from where any rich people live, the architecture is a bit odd, and it’s mostly outdoor in an area where 100F temps are normal. So I’d say the photo of the woman fits right in.