February 20, 2007

George Bush and Jack Bauer

The current issue of the New Yorker magazine has an interesting article about Joel Surnow, the man behind the TV show “24” and how his personal politics are closely aligned with those of the Bush administration in ways that may manifest themselves on the show.

With that in mind, I found a similarity between George W. Bush and Jack Bauer that isn’t mentioned in the article. I put together a little video to demonstrate:


Crisis-of-the-moment, hysterical fear oriented show that portrays gun-wielding loners as heroes and also advocates torture supports Bush Administration? You are going to have a lot of trouble proving *that* connection.

Brilliant my friend. You had me all ready for a comprehensive proof of the Bush Administration / 24 conspiracy. Strangely, I wasn’t let down at all.

I guaran-damn-tee you that this is either a choice that Keifer made or one that the show’s director made, rather than coincidence. Real men, deciders, men of action, say nukuler.

Yeah, good ole Jack Baush. From the linguistic side, though, nukyuler has become so common that it’s actually an accepted pronunciation in a lot of dictionaries. I believe its entry can be seen right before the entry on the “liberry”.

That is what makes my graduate media studies so interesting. Nice video.

That’s an excellent article, thanks for linking it!

I thought for a second that the point of the video was that the guy’s enemy was using WMDs acquired from the speaker’s father, but in retrospect that’s absurd (Iraq didn’t have any WMDs). This makes sense, though.

Smooth. I had to watch it twice so I knew what to listen for. They say we think in the language we use and our president can’t even speak cohesively. Sigh.

Geoffrey Nunberg, a linguist who occasionally appears on NPR’s Fresh Air, had an interesting commentary on this a few years ago:

He also used this as the title for his book which collected these essays together:

I was a little disappointed that this particular one didn’t shed more light on the “nucular” debate, but he’s always interesting and entertaining.

Happy First Birthday Ironic Sans.

My new favourite site.

Jack Bauer, I’m certain, can count to 24. G.W.B. I’m not so sure about.

Jimmy Carter used to have a very creative pronunciation as well.

Yeah, and the wierd thing about Carter is that he was actually a nuclear engineer when he was in the Navy. Steve Lawson is right — if you’re a real man of action, you say “nucular”.

I noticed that while watching “24,” too, assumed it was intentional and got a nice little kick out of it. Neat work with the video.

Stranger to the dictionary? Either pronunciation is a acceptable. It’s been that way practically since the emergence of the word.

Not to recognize that there is an alternate and correct pronunciation shows just as much ignorance.

Got all 50 with 22 seconds to spare. The last two took me about 4 minutes to remember: Virginia and Maryland. Go figure, since I live in NC

No surprise then that George Bush (or lookalike) can be seen playing tennis in the background of an episode of day 6 (as Bauer/Logan go to visit Logan’s ex-wife)

The NUCULER phenomenon has been causing me great distress since the third season. I thought that was abolished from civilization ages ago.
It’s the only disdain I have for Jack Bauer.

He probably says pronunciate and irregardless too.

Just as I often point out to my children, most people are stupid. No surprise then that the way stupid people pronounce words has become ‘acceptable’.

The real difference is that I would sleep with Jack Bauer