February 10, 2007


I don’t usually write about things going on elsewhere on other blogs. I pretty much just write original stuff and let other people link to me. Well, this week has been extremely busy and I haven’t had much time to write anything, so I figured I’d take a moment this morning to acknowledge and thank some of the websites out there that have linked to entries I’ve written on more than one occasion. Thanks goes to the following blogs, which you should check out if you don’t already. In no particular order:

Design ObserverGawkerGothamistAdrantsBoingBoingMetafilterJason KottkeThe Nine at Yahoo!USA Today’s Pop CandyWaxy.orgTVGasmMental FlossCynical-C BlogWashington Post’s CelebritologyWired’s Table of MalcontentsGrowabrainCoudal PartnersConsumerist

Apologies to those who I’ve overlooked.

Hmm. Now that I look at the list, those are all pretty popular websites anyway. They probably won’t benefit that much by my listing them here. Well, since I’m taking this rare moment to link to other blogs, here are three lesser-known blogs I enjoy and recommend:

You Thought We Wouldn’t Notice - A website trying to call out those who are ripping off other people’s designs.

News From Me - Mark Evenier’s blog could be described accurately as being a great site for finding entertaining video from yesteryear. It could also be described as a site that keeps you updated on animation industry greats as they pass away, including illustrators, voice actors, and others. It could also be described as a place to find occasional insightful political commentary. It’s all these things and more.

Dave Greten’s Blog - His reviews of movies he hasn’t seen are highly entertaining, and his description of his hike up Mount Kilimanjaro had me ready to tie on my hiking boots and book a flight to Tanzania.


Whoa! Thank you very much for the link and your compliment made my day :-) Keep up the great work.