February 27, 2007

50 States in 10 Minutes

50 States in 10 MinutesOccasionally during downtime on a particularly slow photo shoot, I’ve played this game with my assistants. Everyone takes out a piece of paper, and numbers it from 1 to 50. Then you get 10 minutes to write down every state you can remember. Finally, you compare it to the master list and see who got the most answers. 10 minutes seems like more than enough time to remember a list of 50 items, right? And yet somehow I’ve never managed to get more than 48 of them.

Well, you don’t need to get out a piece of paper or a timer. I’ve put together an on-line version of this game. It’s a bit low-tech [see update below for high-tech version], but it works.

Have a go at it and then post your score in the comments.

Update: Thanks to reader Erik Wannebo, we now have a nifty interactive version which keeps track of your progress as you go and tallies your score for you. Check it out!


47! Man, I was so sure I’d get to 50.

Got locked up on Alabama, New Hampshire and Oklahoma. Ugh.

got all 50 with just over 3:31 remaining. We learned a song in 5th grade that I can remember enough of to get me through the states alphabetically to Ohio. It gets sketchy after that. It took me a couple minutes to remember Virginia and West Virginia. Those were my last two.

Got 50. The first 46 took ~2:30. I worked from Maine down the East Coast, then around the Appalachians, up the Mississippi, then west, and finally back into the inland West.

I started to lose track of states. It took another ~4:30 to figure out which ones I was missing: Oregon, Minnesota, Arkansas, and Nebraska.

I dropped Oregon and Minnesota because I was rushing. I had trouble with Arkansas and Nebraska because I’m just not as sure how the middle of the country lines up. I’m from the Northeast.

It would be interesting to look at patterns of how people name states.

Would be nice to have an “I’m Finished!” button.

I got 50 out of 50 with about 3 minutes to go (but I spelled Pennsylvania as ‘pennsulvania,’ unh!)

Interesting how the thought process works on something like this. I live in Alaska, so I worked my way west to east. Helped that I’ve lived on the east coast and have driven across the country several times.

I got stuck on 49… I was sure I was missing a New England state. Turns out it was Missouri. I realized that only after letting my mind wander a bit. Other than that, only Deleware came close to tripping me up.

Got all 50 with 6:30 remaining.
Took a while to get the spelling right.
From the children’s song..

D’oh… Arizona and Maine! Damn you!

Done with almost five minutes to spare. Last one was Arizona—and I used to live there!

50, with about 5:30 left. Got 49 almost as fast as I could type, then spent a lot of time figuring out which one I’d missed (Louisiana).

49 in 5 minutes, never got Delaware

Got them all with 8:00 left. I have never been able to get that damned “50 Nifty United States” song that everyone on my generation had to learn in fifth grade out of my brain so I guess I will go to the grave being able to recite all 50 states.

I finished in 2:30 minutes. But then, I used to count the states and their capitals to go to sleep at night, so I guess you could say I’ve been practicing my whole life for this quiz.

All 4 in 8 mins!

I got all 50, but it was surprisingly hard. Got to 45 in about 5 minutes (hampered mostly by my poor typing speed), and then didn’t get the last one (Alabama!) until there were about 13 seconds on the clock.

i got 46 before my time ran out, d’oh. i missed mississippi, nebraska, massachusetts, and vermont. arg! ;)

Got 49 in the first 5 minutes, and then no more…DAMN YOU UTAH!

Yeah, 50 Nifty United States rocks my world. It’s a great parlor trick, though.

Got all 50 with well over 5 minutes to go, but the ones I got stuck on for a bit where North & South Dakota. Weird. I went down the East coast, across the Gulf, up from Arkansas, over to the “Square States” up the West coast then back across the top of the country. I can only remember up to Delaware from 50 Nifty…

Got all 50 with about 2 minutes left. I had 48 done in about 4 minutes. The last two to come to me were Nebraska and finally Wisconsin.

(Oh, and they were all spelled correctly too!)

Got 20. But then, I’m not a citizen of the US :-)

Took me 3 minutes to get the first 47. Never got the last three: Michigan, Vermont, and Deleware. Kept double-thinking myself. Very distracted this morning despite taking my pills, as evidenced by the almost complete lack of order on the states. I did the A’s alphabetically because that’s all I could remember of a chant I taught myself ages ago. Then I started roughly geographically west-to-east, but I didn’t get past New Mexico before getting distracted. After that it was a random hodge-podge of starting to fill in a region, then getting distracted by other connections (grouping the north-south states, the remaining “new” states, etc.)

I was so convinced that I was missing some great plains states that I refused to allow myself to check to see if I had all 13 of the original colonies.

I also kept distracting myself with potential gags or studies one could perform with a similar “game”. If the game was recording entries, it could be used to see which states were most often misspelled, which were most often forgotten together (I imagine nobody gets West Virginia, but not Virginia), or what order people chose. Also, if you hid a double number at a line break (e.g. a “12.” at the bottom of one line and the top of the next line) you could drive people absolutely bonkers for a few minutes trying to find the last state. I stopped myself short of checking to see if that was the case, but such ideas came more easily than the names of the three remaining states themselves.

All 50! In 3 mintues!! yay! I also learned Fifty Nifty in school. You’d be surprised how many bets i’ve won with “I bet you I can name all 50 states…in alphabetical order” Gets them everytime!

LOVE this! I play this game all the time. I got all 50 in 5 minutes (probably because I’ve played often and have a strategy now).

Got ‘em all with 6:39 left.

I start in Maine, go down the Eastern seaboard, do the mid-Atlantic and midwest, and then kind of do the west in a big circle. I also make sure and put down states that I know I often forget (Missouri! West Virginia!) as soon as they cross my mind.

got all 50 — first 46 in about 3 mins, then utah and Louisiana in the next 3, then with about 3 mins left got Nebraska and Missouri.

thanks this was fun! I was thinking after i started… 50 no problem i’m at 40 something with 7 mins… then at about 4 mins left i was sorta stricken with the potential embarassment of my hubris. luckily i pulled it out.

Blast! I forgot Arizona, Wisconsin, and Louisiana.

50 in 4:33. Southeast to Northwest, had to come back for Kentucky.

Got stuck with 48 and two minutes to go. Then it came to me: Nevada. Mississippi. The last one with just 27 seconds left. Whew. Close one there. My hands are shaking. Need a smoke. But feeling pretty sharp. Yep. Still got it.

I got to 44 as fast as I could type them out and I sat there for a minute. Then, Nevada, New Jersey, Utah and Missouri all came in a flash. I remembered Michigan at about the 5:00 mark. And it took another 60 seconds or so to realize I’d left out Nebraska.

I got a 46 but overall a lot people did pretty well.

So much fun even though I was embarassingly at a loss for maryland, nebraska, ohio, oklahoma, and utah.

But 10 minutes is much longer than necessary. I’d gotten all I could think of when on the spot by 5:00.

I’ve tried this before, and I’m absolutely terrible… I can never seem to name all 50, even if I have hours.

It reminds me of the episode of Friends when Ross won’t eat Thanksgiving dinner until he can name all 50. Haha.

I missed 3. Missouri, Wisconsin, and Oklahoma. Three states I now hate with the searing passion of a hundred suns.

46 in 9 minutes - well 4 minutes for 44 then 5 more for the last two - all but Wyoming, Wisconsin, West Virginia (W problems apparently…) and Nebraska.

I seriously did not know there was a West Virginia. But I’m Canadian so I’ll use that excuse.

50 states in 3:23. If only I could type faster.

I am officially annexing Utah and Kansas… sorry guys.

Got 47 in two minutes, 2 more (Missouri and West Virginia) after another three. And then stumped. Never did figure out Massachusetts. Even asked the girlfriend to help with only four minutes to go, and she couldn’t get it. How is this possible?

I had a coworker that did this to stay awake in meetings.

I thought I had it in 5:21, but I had counted Colorado and Arkansas twice and missed Minnesota and Oklahoma.

I’ll beat this yet.

42…all the states in middle just a blur.

Got 49 - I forgot about Louisiana! (Maybe there’s a place for me in the gov’t.)

I got 49/50, forgetting only Iowa. I always did get muddled in that section of the “fifty nifty” states song from elementary school.

I got all 50 in about 2:30. I, too, have “Fifty Nifty United States” permanently ingrained in my consciousness. “Scout ‘em, shout ‘em, tell all about ‘em, one by one till weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiEEEEEEEEEEEE make it stop!” Ahem. I wonder how many of us could name the 13 original colonies referenced in the song. I can’t.

I would have had all 50 in about two minutes except that I forgot to include Illinois in my alphabetical list (and I was born there); had to go back and see what I’d missed. Blast.

Oh, and sarae, I blame the song for your forgetting Iowa. In “Fifty Nifty,” it’s pronounced “Ioway,” which isn’t even a real word, much less the name of a state.

I got 49 with 7:05 left, and it took me another 6 minutes to remember New Jersey.

I only forgot New York.

47; I missed Delaware, Colorado, and Maryland.

49 of 50. I had the 49 done with 7 minutes to go and I had to wait it out for the missing state: Wisconsin.

I went systematically state by state starting at Washington. I don’t know how you could do it if you don’t do it methodically.

Lousy Wisconsin.

47 in 2:30, Utah a couple minutes later, complete blank on the Carolinas.

49. Missed New Hampshire, even with all the talk of the upcoming primaries.
And I almost forgot New Jersey, which is only about three miles from where I’m sitting.
Assuming people are being honest, I’d love to know which states are the most easily forgotten.

I also learned a song…but it’s the states set to “Turkey in the Straw.” Will die with that song in my head.

I start alphabetically and then regionally and try and fill in from there.

I got 43. I Missed Indiana, Mississippi, New Hampshire, Oklahoma, Oregon, Rhode Island and Wyoming.

I wonder what the most frequently missed state is?

I got 49 in about 3 minutes, and then remembered Illinois with about 30 seconds left. I think it helps that I’ve been to most states and lived in three major areas (the South, New England and the West). I started on the left with Alaska and Hawaii, and then went in sort of a squiggle pattern, which fell apart around Minnesota.

Oh, songs and jokes helped too:
What did Delaware?
Her New Jersey.
Bee Gees - Massachusetts
Springsteen album Nebraska
Billy Joel - Billy the Kid (West Virginia)
Dang that miss-iss-ippi though.

so close. 48. forgot Texas and Nebraska

I missed Minnesota. I went in alphabetical order, and somehow I know how many states begin with each letter (4A, 3C, 1D). I always forget Minnesota because I think there’s only 7 M states, for some reason.

All 50 in 3 minutes, 6 seconds. Damn Wyoming cost me about the last 30 seconds.

Kansas. So those years of therapy worked.

49 and i missed minnesota, too! tried going down the east coast, then into the the southwest, then… i’m lying, there was no rhyme or reason to my method.

All 50 in 1:17. I know no songs or other memory aids.

50 with 4:45 left. Arkansas nearly got me.

Got all 50 with 6:00+ left.
Now do one where you name all the U.S. Presidents.

I managed 30 before my brain ran out of options. I don’t think this is bad considering I’m a Brit. I got another 13 by coming back here and scooping up your leftovers. The rest I gave up on.

I now challenge you to name every county in England :-)

Fuck you Louisiana

I got them all, though it took me most of the allotted time. I got 48 of them with 7 minutes to go, and it took me 3 or 4 minutes to remember Missouri, and a couple more after that to remember Minnesota.

50 states with 8 minutes to go. Give me a hard quiz.

Is it sad that I live in New York and forgot New Jersey? To my credit, I grew up on the West Coast (you guys have too many small ones out here!) and who can keep all of the M’s & I’s straight! Minnesota, Missourri, Illinois, Indiana, etc. None of them are worth much more than driving through.

I blame my teachers for never teaching me this damn song everyone seems to love.

Got them all with 18 seconds to spare. How did I almost forget Louisiana?? Got 47 in the first 3 minutes - Oregon and Iowa came slowly.

Just about every time I try this I forget Utah, so the state finally must’ve done something memorable.

46, 4 thanks to my State quarters collection. :-)

I missed Nebraska, New Hampshire, Wyoming and some other state.

I got all 50 in about 3.5 minutes. Finally, I have a skill! Can I put this on my resume?

I did it in 1 minute and 56 seconds. I used to play this game to entertain myself in class so I have it down to a science.

Fucking Minnesota

All 50 in 2 minutes. Same song in elementary school - 50 Nifty United States. How I still remember them all, in that order, after all this time, I’ll never know.

blanked on Colorado, Montana, New Mexico

oh for the love of god idaho!!!

Uh, I think if you can’t do this then something has gone terribly wrong. I started a minute late and still had 6 minutes left.

I’m too good at this game. All 50 done, in alpahbetical order, spelled correctly, with 7:25 remaining on the clock. That stupid song is about the only thing I remember from the 6th grade.


48. I was stuck at 46 for 4 minutes until I remembered New York and New Jersey. I missed Kansas and Maryland.

My appologies to the great people of Massachusetts. I got 49 correct. :(

50— But it took about 8 minutes— Wisconsin got me!

Damn you Kentucky!!!

50 - I also learned that song in 5th grade.

Got 48 in about 3 mins and then it took me another 2 mins to remember Alaska and Hawaii. I started in CA and went up the coast, around the top, down the eastern seaboard, along the bottom, through the states where I’ve been skiing, and then thought of the schools in the Big 10, Big 12 and SEC.

Missed New Jersey and Connecticut … I think it’s because I’m a Westerner and I live in NYC. Everything around this city is just one big suburban clusterfuck to me.

I missed Wisconsin, which wouldn’t have been so bad had I not grown up in Chicago. Cheeseheads!

all 50 with 5 min and 13 sec to go.

36 out of 50. I felt pretty stupid afterward! Some were states where friends live now. D’oh!

D’oh! Minnesota and Iowa.

I never learned the 50 Nifty United States, but I can sing the preamble to the Constitution…

Now, can you name all the state capitals?

49. Fricken Colorado.

43, argh… But then again I’ve only lived in the US for about 3 years. There needs to be one of these for us Europeans!

All 50 with 1:03 to spare. Got 40 something in about 3 minutes and then the last 50 or so took forever! The last one took a minute and a half at least.

Damn that Idaho!

I could do most (not all) capitals and maybe 25 presidents (just last names).

I got all 50, but it took me 5 minutes to remember missouri.

Got to 40 in about 2 or 3 minutes, while simultaneously fighting with my wife. She demanded I step away from the computer, so I did and we continued fighting for six more minutes. I came back and got 7 more, for a total of 47.

Oh, songs and jokes helped too:
What did Delaware?
Her New Jersey.
Posted by: Deborah | February 28, 2007 12:39 PM

I like this one:

Did Delaware her New Jersey?
Idaho, Alaska.

Argh! I left out Alabama, Oregon and Georgia. That won’t happen again! Great game…thanks!

Very interesting! Would be neat to see patterns of what order people go in; the first states listed; and the most forgotten states…

I got 49/50.

Now, one to remember the states and the capitols, that would be insane.

Rockapella (the guys who sang the “Where In The World is Carmen Sandiego” song) have a song called “Capital” which has 49 of the capitals, plus the refrain. At the end, the “producer” screams, barely audibly, “Oh no! Pi-erre! Pi-erre! We forgot Pi-erre! Aaaaaaaauuuuuuuuugh!!!!!”


But do you know where they all are?

Play this:


Trying again (on the high-tech version), I got it with 6:33 remaining.

Kirsten: I HAS TEH HIGH SCORE (8,884)

I only got 25. My excuse is that I’m Australian. How could I forget Wyoming? First state to give women the vote, anywhere in the world.

I remembered the ones I did by reference to popular songs or my favourite bands, ie Motor City=Detroit=Michigan, Sufjan Stevens=Illinois, Bon Jovi=New Jersey (OK, I hate Bon Jovi, but you get the idea).

All 50 in two minutes and 12 seconds. I need to learn to type faster. Thank goodness for the “Fifty Nifty United States” song that I learned in fifth grade.

Oh my goodness - only 42!!! I always think I’m so smart, but apparently not!

Only got 48. Maryland and Wyoming tripped me up. Being a west coast girl I had a hard time with all those teeny states in the east. And Wyoming just slipped through; somehow I didn’t cross it when mentally scanning the map. Oh why oh why Wyoming.

Got all 50 in 2:56 (7:04 remaining). Did it west to east. Took an extra 10 seconds for the last one (Georgia).

I can name them alphabetically in 19 seconds. :)

I only got 47. I forgot Indiana, Maryland and New Hampshire. I wish I would have learned that song in grade school…

Got all but one. Damn you Utah!!

Took me 4 tries (after learning my errors, mind you) but finally got it. Nice timekill.

How can third graders memorize states alphabetically? Just goes to show…

Did it with 8:33 remaining…I memorized them in tune to a song in like 4th grade and I still remember it.

Got all 50 with 6:45 to spare.

I got 48, missed Kansas and Nevada. What’s sad is when trying to think of states, I thought of Kansas City, only to realize that of course that’s in Missouri (which I had already said).

40… And I was certain that Rhode Island wasn’t a state.

Didn’t like it because it showed the states in alphabetical order and not the order I typed them in. I typed the states in from west to east for a reason.


i learned a song in elementary school and can’t get it out of my head. i can name the fifty - but only in singsong, and only in alphabetical order :p

i only got 26, but i’m canadian :3

50/50 with 5:46 left. Now if it was the capitals, then i would have been done haha! Loved the challenge.

48, couldn’t remember Nevada or Kansas…

I had 49 with about 2 minutes left, and wouldn’t give up. I finally remembered Wyoming with 2 seconds left but couldn’t type it in. :( Who lives in Wyoming anyways?? :D

50 states in 4:58, but my wife gave me Louisiana…

46. Indiana, Nevada, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin obviously do not deserve to be states.

2:10 - I rule!

had like 47 with 5 mins left. ended up with 49, screw you Utah

2:02 - who can break the 2 minute barrier?

I would think it would be more fun, since so many people seem to get all 50, to do what are actually 46 states and 4 commonwealths. It would be much harder, and since I’m from a common wealth, and that was grilled into our heads, you can see how I’m partial. Fun though.

Commonwealths: Virginia, Kentucky, Massachusetts, and Pennsylvania

Got all 50 with 4:00 left. I just went west to east. Got the first 49 pretty quick then had to think about 30 seconds to get the last one…Michigan.

i can name all of them
i can spell about 20 so i gave up

Did it alphabetical. Took a whole 3 minutes to get the spelling of them all right. Now the Fifty Nifty United States song is stuck in my head :p

All fifty with 8:28 left!

That song from grade school came in handy…

Forgot Wisconsin and Utah until the 5:30 remaining mark.

50 for 50

new all of them with capitals by 5yo, but it’s been a few since. .

Member of the “Damn Fifty Nifty song stuck in my brain” club.

Anybody else have the McDonalds Menu Song memorized too?

I’m such a nerd. If only I could memorize something useful.

What Fun!! Just like trying to remember all of the 7 dwarves. I got all 50!! YAY!

I got 47….and I’m Canadian. I was thinking what cities have hockey teams and then I was like nah I would’ve got those states already. Oddly enought I missed Colorado, Minnesota, and Arizona 2 of those states have former Candian hockey teams (Nordiques, and Jets) and Minnesota is the closest state to where my mother is from. Go figure.

All 50 in less than three and a half minutes.

I was on Maine alphabetically in under thirty seconds.

Okay… so everyone has done pretty amazing, but I don’t think I did too bad considering I’m a Canadian. Anybody care to try to name our provinces and territories.. lol

You forgot:Arizona, Arkansas, Maryland, Massachusetts, Mississippi,Missouri, Montana, North Carolina, Ohio, Oregon, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee, Vermont, Wisconsin

I got all 50. Woo Hoo! I’m not sure how much time was left but it was several minutes.

50 with 2:01 to go.

Had 48 with over 5 minutes left, just couldnt’ get those last two for awhile.

Nebraska, Massachusetts, and Jersey got me. I live in Missouri, so I just started there, went to it’s bordering states, and then circled out from there. Nebraska borders Missouri…donno how I missed it.

I almost got hooked on Nevada, Indiana, and Hawaii.

I got 47 in 5 minutes, then only could think of one more. I missed Nebraska and Utah.

I got 44 but im canadian eh!

49/50, only forgetting the state closest to the state I currently live in. Living in Colorado, you wouldn’t think I’d forget Utah. Let’s just call it 50/50.

Got 50 in 5:39, but in the end I put Mississippi in twice and forgot Ohio. Argh!!

got them all in 4 minutes. feel me.

Got 47 and I’m not even American.

48 out of 50. Not bad at all. Considering I thought I’d do much worse.

Ultimately, I missed New Mexico and Nebraska.

Not only did I only get 45, but two of the ones I missed are a state that I’ve been to in the last year and the state my wife was born in.

I get lost a lot when I drive also.

Got 41, would have got 44 except for spelling mistakes. I missed a lot of the Midwestern ones since I never really go there. The only one I can’t believe I forgot was New Jersey, considering how it’s the next state over.

Got all of them in 2.5 minutes, thanks to a song that I learned when I was a kid

I got 42 in 3 minutes. Then only got 5 in the other 7 minutes. I missed Connecticut ( couldn’t spell correctly ), Iowa, New Jersey ( both just completly forgot) .

I went to a school in Boston, and i forgot MA… WHAT AN IDIOT~~~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I cheated and viewed the source…
var states=new Array(“Alabama”,”Alaska”,”Arizona”,”Arkansas”,”California”,”Colorado”,”Connecticut”,”Delaware”,”Florida”,”Georgia”,”Hawaii”,”Idaho”,”Illinois”,”Indiana”,”Iowa”,
“Kansas”,”Kentucky”,”Louisiana”,”Maine”,”Maryland”,”Massachusetts”,”Michigan”,”Minnesota”,”Mississippi”,”Missouri”,”Montana”,”Nebraska”,”Nevada”,”New Hampshire”,”New Jersey”,
“New Mexico”,”New York”,”North Carolina”,”North Dakota”,”Ohio”,”Oklahoma”,”Oregon”,”Pennsylvania”,”Rhode Island”,”South Carolina”,”South Dakota”,”Tennessee”,”Texas”,”Utah”,
“Vermont”,”Virginia”,”Washington”,”West Virginia”,”Wisconsin”,”Wyoming”);

49-Damn Kentucky!!!!

50/50 with just over 3 minutes left. Took a while to remember New Jersey, Georgia and Michigan.


Wyoming got me.

50/50, but I burned 4 minutes at the end trying to remember Delaware.

A Canadian version would be cool too.

50 out of 50 in 8:30.

Maryland took me a while, and I’d forgotten Michigan, Iowa, and Missouri until I started thinking of landmarks and cities.

I got 40 but then remembered Alaska and Hawaii as time was expiring so maybe I deserve 42 (I did think of them in time). I can’t believe I forgot Vermont and Maryland (I’m a NYer). The others I missed were Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, New Mexico, Wisconsin and Wyoming.

I got it all after 7 tries.

I am from Canada and I forgot:Connecticut, Illinois, Montana, Tennessee
not bad for a canuck …now lets see a game like this for Canadian provinces and territories…see how you guys/girls do!

I did it in just under 2 minutes (1:58)

Got all 50 with 8:20 remaining. I found I actually did better when I stopped looking at the screen and just typed.

who cares about maryland anyway…49…and 49 with 4 minutes to go…stupid!

I got all 50 with 6 minutes left.
Thank god for the state song.

Damn you Indiana!

Got’em with 6:45 left. Got 49 real quick but got stuck at Nevada.

Arg. I got 48, missed out on Utah and Iowa. Being from the Northeast I guess I just don’t think of those states very often


Not bad for a foreign-born Canadian ;\

I got 46 in the first 5 mins, then it took 3.5 mins to get Minnesota, Idaho, West Virginia and Oklahoma.

I’m Canadian, so pretty good for me! How many Americans can name all 10 provinces and 3 territories?

45 out of 50, im 15 and canadian/romanian, i think i did pretty good?

I got 49 out of 50. I was siting there for 3 minutes and could not get WISCONSON. i kept thinking it was one of those nowheresville states out west i was forgetting.

Well I got about 30 or so… not great I’ll admit. But I’m from Canada and we’re really not taught that much about memorizing states… I just tried to do it from sports teams and what I know about states on the border. A few states really bothered me and had me second guessing myself.. like Arkansas .. why is there an “s” at the end?

Got 46 in about 5 minutes, got two more and then was really stuck. Damn you Kansas (and I got Arkansas!!) and Louisiana.

Kudos to all the Canadians, Brits and Aussies who participated. I can name Canada’s and Australia’s provinces, states, etc. But I’d be at sea trying to name British counties, that’s for sure.

all 50 with 5.5 min to spare.

I got 49 in 3 minutes and got Mississippi after 2 extra minutes….so all 50. I went from West to East in my head. I did a 25-state west coast roadtrip last year so west was a lot easier..easside took a little bit more of a challenge. Tried to alphabetize right after but ran out of time.

I got 51

Got 43in about 45 minutes. Couldn’t spell Connecticut correctly. But I am Canadian.. Missed Maryland, West Virginia, Wisconsin and I forget where else..

I got 49 with plently of time to spare. I never figured out that Delaware was the missing piece. I kept thinking Denmark, but I knew that wasn’t a state. I should have made the connection. Oh well.

What’s the deal with Missouri? Is anyone even from there? It seems like everyone (including me) forgot or almost-forgot it. I was down to like 30 seconds left until I remembered it.

I got 39. I have traveled all over the South and West Coast.. but I forgot a lot of the Northern states.

I missed Missouri and I’m alright with that.

Actually, as the clock was running dow and I realized there was no way I was going to be able to compare the list in my head with the one on the screen and figure out what one I had left out, I found myself thinking “I hope I missed a southern state.”

I got all 50 with about 5:30 left…took me a minute to remember D.C.

You know what? Illinois and Indiana can go to hell and die. 48/50

re: capitols


see track 12

Got ‘em all with 6:46 left. Would’ve been faster but kept spelling Wisconsin as Wisconson.

Fifty Nifty United States from thirteen original colonies… I had no idea that song was so widespread. Came in handy though.

38 of 50

I missed like an entire vertical ROW of states… completely omitted them. haha. Man that made me feel like a freaking genius!!! (heavy on the sarcasum there)

I got all 50 with 7:04 to go. I was cruising, man!

Got one right, missed 49. Should I go back to school?

Got 49… Locked up on New Jersey. That goddamn state…

All you that claim you got 50 with like 7 minutes to go are full of shit. Oooh, Ahhh, you’re so smart, puh-lease. No one is going to give you gold star. It’s ok to admit that you didn’t know all 50, I sure the hell didn’t.

got it in 2:50. like the other guy above said, I learned a song in elementary school (and it’s not the 50 nifty!)

I got 46… the 4 stumpers for me were:

West Virginia

I had a feeling I was missing one of the small new england states, one of the just south of the mason-dixon states (Virginia, and was actually 2) but was clueless on Iowa… thought I was missing another one of those “box” states out west.

I will be the honest one here. I couldn’t spell so I did it over and over again til I got it right. Had the right states but couldn’t get the damn spelling right or remember which states I had already entered (even though they were already listed there)

Finally, success!

The only song I remembered from 4th ro 5th grade was the Mississippi song (that was a long time ago for me)

I got all 50 in about 2:30. That was as fast as I could type them.

Got all 50, in under 4 mintues, can say them in under 1, i just used the extra time for spell check…..(the 50 nifty song is the shit)

Canadian. 100%. Six minutes. Take that, Canadian slackers!

Gah! It took me like a minute to type them all out (I’m a relay operator so I have to type uber fast) but it took me a full minute to figure out how to spell Connecticut. Damn you, awkawrdly spelled state, damn you!

less than 4 minutes all 50, by visualizing a map and not relying on something i had already memorized.

had my girlfriend count on her fingers as i said them.

my two loves in life are engineering (good visualization skills) and travel (geography) so this one was right up my alley. fun!

missed Arkansas, Minnesota, Utah

Got all 50 with 3 minutes remaining

49 in under 4 minutes.. I forgot Nebraska.. Come on, who needs that one anyway.. Lame

It took 2 minutes 50 seconds to get 49 of them, and another minute and a half to get the 50th state. Minnesota was a toughie for some reason … and it’s a bigger state too.

MAN! 48. Stupid Delaware and Louisiana.

50 states, 2:25. It took me twenty seconds after getting 49 to realize I’d skipped Hawaii, as I started from the West Coast.

Good times!

48 in ten minutes - forgot Rhode Island and Louisiana.

I got 46 in about 3 mins. but it took me until I had about 3 and 1/2 mins. to get the last 4, (Idaho, Georgia, Vermont, and Massachusetts) I’m from Oregon, you’d think I would remember Idaho, it’s like connected.

i got 39…

All it took is the 114 seconds to sing Wakko’s song - and with that, you also get the capitals and trivial info about Elvis and clam chowder =)
The nations of the world, the presidents, Magellan…
Hooray for the nineties, when cartoons were educational!

i got everything right with plently of time left

Got all 50 as fast as I could type. Started with Alaska and Hawaii, then went to Washington and worked my way east from there. Got kind of tricky will all the little states though.

I got 46. I missed Wyoming, Iowa, Oklahoma and Vermont. Dang!

got 49 in 3 minutes, took another 1 minute to remember that i forgot minnesota and its 10,000 lakes

gah, i only got 36 :) but i do live on the other side of the world…

Oh wow, 47/50. Missed Maryland, Massachusetts and…most embarrassingly…Wisconsin (I live in Minnesota)

46… forgot iowa, louisiana, maryland, and new jersey

hey i’m Australian and I gave this a shot and I only got 25!!! well I gave it my best shot for an Aussie

All 50 with 4 mins. and 4 seconds left over and it would have been a lot better if I could type for shit

Got 36 out of 50 not bad for living on the other side of the globe. Go Aussie Go

I got all 50 ….but i cheated a bit. I was stuck on two states and i just got an email from a friend and when I saw his name it clicked —- he used to live in Delaware. That was one and the other one was Oklahoma. I got that in the last 20 seconds. By chance I was reading today about WWE commentators Jerry Lawler & JR (JR is from Oklahoma).

42 for me. i’m from italy and i forgot

Missed 12… And I’m from Belgium

I got 39/50 —- I’m awesome

06:42 remaining when I typed in the 50th and all in alphabetical order.

That ‘50 nifty states’ song from grade school paid off.

Got 43 right. I’m from Germany btw ;-)

47… from Italy…

I missed Pennsylvania, Mississippi and Wyoming…

I’m Canadian and got 45. Forgot Delaware, Indiana, Maryland, Louisiana (I had New Orleans), and Minnesota. I had some repeats that I didn’t catch, so I stopped guessing at around 9 minutes.

46 for me. I forgot Idaho, Maryland, Minnesota, New Jersey, Wyoming and Rhode Island.
I knew I missed something in the East Coast and thought I had already written Idaho but for Minnesota and Wyoming I have to say that I have always had problems to remember them. I tried to write them down from East to West and North to South but there were so much names in my head in the same time that I finally wrote them as they came, I was not a good strategy, should have followed my first one!

I am French (from Paris) and I had to learn these 50 states, their capital and to place them on a map in 1 week 3 years ago for a test. I got a good mark but as I had to put them into my head very quickly I think they got out of it very quickly too.
I liked that test even if it was a source of stress for me in the morning (11:00am while i’m in holiday). I think I’ll do it again later, just to make sure I can do it…

I got about 30, haha. I’m not from the US, but I lived there for about 1 year. I missed so many states that I actually knew but couldn’t think of while I was doing it.

I missed Delaware, Indiana, and Tennessee. I’ve never heard of the Nifty 50 song before reading of all the references to it here, so I just had to try and remember the map. That was fun. Thanks!

damn illinois or whatever and indiana.

I got 40.
But I’m from Glasgow, Scotland.
What’s your excuse ?? :-)

Well, I got all 50, but it was jarring. I raced through 46 in no time, spent a good 2-3 minutes on the next 2, and got down to the last minutes remembering New Hampshire and Minnesota.

Got 49/50 in ~3 mins.

Bah! Who needs Utah anyway?

Got 50 with 3:57 left on timer

Despite being Scottish and never having even been to America I got all 50 with 38 seconds to spare. Go me! Now it’s your turn, how about the countries in the EU?

Got 50 with 5 minutes to spare. I also learned a song in grade school that I still know to this day where you sing all 50 states in alphabetical order. Thank you Mr. Garrett lol.

I got 50 with 4:30 left on timer. Any American that didn’t get this is retarded.

I got 50 with 5 minutes left to go… didn’t spell them all correctly, like massacheusetts. Who came up with that name?

27 in ten minutes, BUT I’m Canadian. Can you name our 10 provinces and 3 territories. ;-)

Got 46, but I’m Australian… wonder how many Americans can name all 6 states and 2 territories in Australia? :-)

I got 48 in like two minutes flat and then agonized over the last two (Illinois and Minnesota, of all things) for about five minutes.

I got 49 in 9 minutes, all places I forget Dist of Columbia…

Damn Nebraska! Thought I would have no problem but as time ticked away I just couldn’t come up with the state of the Cornhuskers!

45. forgot arkansas, delaware, minnesota, nevada and wisconsin. i probably would have also forgot wyoming and nebraska if i hadn’t read someone’s comment on them elsewhere a couple minutes before taking the test—they are forgettable states.

You forgot:Rhode Island, Wyoming,


i live in canada….could only get 35. missed states like:

iowa,missouri,delaware,maryland,NJ, oklahoma, wyoming, virginia, nevada, arizona,kentucky,illinios,nebraska…..

Got 40 in about 2 minutes then 8 more in about the next five and sat there with nothing for the last three. 48 states missed New Jersey! and Wisconsin! That is awful, I hope it is because I just woke up.

all 50… first 49 took less than 4 minutes… sorry, maryland

all 50 in 70 seconds. my friend and i used to have competitions to see who could rattle them off alphabetically fastest. all credit, of course, goes to the fifty nifty united states song.

Did it with 7 minutes 32 seconds to spare. :) Helps to be a music teacher i suppose

OKay to just say them it took about 17 seconds. TYping was 7 mins 32 seconds to spare

Well I had a friend tell me to try this because he said it was really hard and he only got 47 states. And granted by the end with three to go I was stuck but it only took me about 5:00 to get all of them. Thank you second grade schooling.

46. illinois, minnesota, indiana, vermont. do people really even live there?

5 minutes, 50 states. Thanks Mrs. H (the H-Bomb - 7th grade geography teacher) That was 25 years ago.

Since when is there 50 states? My flag only has 48 stars on it….OMG! it’s 2007!?

I got a 49. Missed Maryland. Doh!


I missed 4

48. Louisiana & Arkansas

damit i got 48 in like 3 min but for some reason i couldnt remember iowa and some other state that i still cant remember

Indiana??? Who The Hell Lives There. Lol

Got all 50 in about 6.5 minutes. However, it is like remembering the 7 dwarves, the last couple took the longest.

Good brain teaser for kids.

all 50 with 5:50 left, that song from elementary school works wonders

Forgot New Jersey. I drive through the damn state on the way home for the holidays. I guess it’s just that forgettable.

got 50…that song they teach us in 5th grade really helped! :)

how come nobody remembers nebraska? We’re right there in the middle. you know the one with the college football team pulling double duty as state religion? yeah, anyways, I got all 50 in 2:07 lapsed (freaking song).

50. Easy. 7 minutes or so left.

Remember the song? 50 Nifty United States? I learned all of the states in alphabetical order. I did it in four minutes. It takes longer if you have to go back through the song to find the one you missed!

Crikey! I forgot Kansas and Maryland. Both worthless, if you ask me.

All 50 with 7:12 remaining. It should be noted that this is a spelling test in addition to a name-the-states test (had to remember how many ‘s’es in Massachusetts!).


You forgot:Arkansas, Kansas

Missed Iowa, Montana, Utah, Vermont, Wyoming. My missing is all over the map.

done with 6:53 to spare… I can’t type nearly as fast as I can name them all though.

I got 42 and that’s not bad considering I’m a foreigner and never had to learn that nifty song. I can do all 12 Dutch provinces in less than a minute. Anyone?

Got ‘em all in 2min 30sec. I learned that 50 states song, too.

Another vote for Delaware as the “state of forgetfulness”

You forgot:Pennsylvania,
Remember to post your score in the comments!

did it both ways - finished with 4 minutes left on the “low-tech” version with 50 slots, but only got 49 (d’oh) when I took the high-tech version that keeps track as you go - damn you, Idaho!!!!

49; I forgot Kansas. Probably because I saw them in concert several years ago and have been trying to repress the memory.

i forgot minnesota.

finished w/ 8:16 left

all fifty, had time to type them again, nearly forgot Nebraska, like many, took several minutes to find the one I missed.

Oh, and had 3:26 left when I decided to type them again. It needs a stop button

Song? what song?

Darn you Vermont!

I got 49. I’m from San Diego so I started south west to north east and kinda snaked my way up and down. The last one I remembered was Missouri and I missed Deleware. That makes Deleware my new least favorite state.

48 … missed Mississippi & Nebraska.

All 50 states in 1 minute and 16 seconds. Thanks to 6th grade for that, lol.

all 50 in 50 seconds, i type fast

All 50 in 7:35. :)

yeah, but can you name the state capitols? I almost blew it on Delaware and Vermont…..

48. Forgot Vermont and Wyoming :/

49! darn nebraska!

Dam mid-west states… always for getting them, got 45 of 50

You forgot:Delaware, Idaho, Iowa, Missouri, New Jersey,


49 - Sorry, Idaho!

all 50 with 4 min left, if I typed faster, my time would’ve been faster… Children’s song too!

All 50 in 2 minutes and 29 seconds.

got 46 states in 10 minutes. Got stuck on Illinois, Louisiana, Minnesota and Idaho.

49. damn you vermont.

Presents: 50 States in 10 Minutes

You have 10 Minutes to remember as many of the 50 United States as you can.
After 10 Minutes, the correct answers
will appear in this space so you can see which ones you’ve missed.

0 states remain :58 Seconds

Named so far:
Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, California,
Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Georgia,
Hawaii, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa,
Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland,
Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri,
Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey,
New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio,
Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina,
South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Vermont,
Virginia, Washington, West Virginia, Wisconsin, Wyoming,

Got 47 only. Missed Iowa, Kentucky and Utah. ( But to my credit I have been in the US for only a year :) )

I’m from Los Angeles and did a Z pattern heading from southern California to the NW, then down across zig-zagging towards Florida before heading up to Maine, etc.

As I was rushing I missed a bunch but finished all two within 4 minutes, then spent the next two minutes remembering Louisiana (49) and Missouri (50). I find it interesting that (at least) two southern Californians remembered Missouri last. I definitely second how cool it would be to see the regional patterns of how people fill in the states.

all 50 with 2:27 left

I forgot Wyoming. It must be all the work I’ve done trying to forget about Dick Cheney.

44, couldn’t remember how to spell, Illinois, Missouri, Tennessee, and Louisiana, and just completely forgot Indiana and Wisconsin.

50 with 6:13 to spare. I learned the Nifty as well, but somehow left out SD and had to go back and rearrange them.

You know, for perfection.

forgot Delware and Utah

Took two minutes to type them out, done with 8 minutes remaining.

Having to sing a song that named all 50 states in alphabetical order in 4th grade helped a bit. :) We had to do all the presidents, too.

I got 49 and feel pretty good.

Forgot only Wyoming.

Great little game.

And i didn’t even cheat.

Got everything but Chicken Capital, USA :
I’m sooooo sad!

2 minutes! woohoo! I must give credit to the state song. Horray for 4th grade music class with Mr. Browman. I’ll have to look up that President song someone was talking about.

Got stuck with one left for three minutes, because I couldn’t for the life of me spell Tennessee correctly. Lost a minute on Pennsylvania as well, as I’m a life-long west-coaster.

42 Damn, how the hell did I forget about mississippi?

Got the first 46 quickly. Then Remembered Indiana. Never get Delaware, Kentucky, and Vermont.

Heh, 26 states in 10 minutes. I quess this is OK for someone who has lived 1/3 of his life in USSR and the rest in Eastern Europe :p.

I missed New Jersey… How could i Foget good ol’ jersy?!?

49/50 is still an A, tho.

Got all but Delaware, good game

I missed New Hampshire and added District of Columbia…had 50 answers but one was wrong-o!

got the first 44 w/out pause. finished up the last six with 3:53 remaining.

I am Canadian. I got 37. Can you name our provinces and territories?

49. i hate you new hampshire

Got all 50 with a little under 8 minutes remaining. Simple.

Missed Maine and Utah — grrr!

I got all 43!

Gah! Only 46. I missed Colorado, New Hampshire, Utah, Wisconsin. I was so sure I’d remember them all, but I stalled at 45 @ the 5 minute mark. I knew I was missing one from New England. And the other three I knew were out in the middle of the country somewhere. Funny how easy it is to remember the coasts. Sort of like doing the outer edges of a puzzle first.

got 49 out of 50…damn you nebraska!


Gah! Only 46. I missed Colorado, New Hampshire, Utah, Wisconsin. I was so sure I’d remember them all, but I stalled at 45 @ the 5 minute mark. I knew I was missing one from New England. And the other three I knew were out in the middle of the country somewhere. Funny how easy it is to remember the coasts. Sort of like doing the outer edges of a puzzle first.

All 50 with 8 minutes to go! It’s all thanks to that song my sister learned in 5th grade… Who would have thought that annoying song she sang around the house all the time would have helped me finish an online quiz today??

Utah and New Hampshire? gimme a break…

i missed iowa and nebraska. but i dont count them as real states because theyre boring.

Oh sure, I KNEW them all, but typing them in time (and recalling how
Massachusetts is properly spelled??)
put me off by one.

I owe it all to learning “50 States that Rhyme” song (evidently done to the tune of “Turkey in the Straw”)
@ summer camp when I was 11.

(warning: midi mp3 plays immediately)

I missed Minnesota, Nebraska and Wisconsin. I had a hard time spelling connecticut and almost missed it too. I thought I could get fifty. I spent the last three minutes thinking and unable to picture the remaining states at all

I can do all 50 states in alphabetical order in under 30 seconds. I, like a previous poster, learned the 50 states from what i am sure is the same song learned in 5th grade called “50 Nifty United States”. I just have the ability to memorize lists and lyrics which is why I am a showstopper when I karaoke “It’s the end of the world as we know it” by REM without ever looking at the screen.

46. I forgot Arkansas, Idaho, Wisconsin, and Wyoming. :-(

Got 49
Not bad for a Canadian
Missed Connecticut. Almost forgot N.J., but then again who doesn’t.

I got all 50, I got 46 in around 5 mins. The next four took about 2 mins, with, around 3 mins left, I had the hardest time with the last one… my home state that I reside in! Missouri! I forgot my own state, trying to think of all the others.

I got 36/50, but then again I am Canadian :P

You should make a “Name all 10 Canadian Provinces in 2 minutes”, and see who can get 6-7+ :P

I forgot 18 out of 50 states.

I’m thinking this is pretty fucking good, seeing as how I’m from Finland.

Damn you, American hegemony!

Half of my time went to trying to remember what the name of the state was at the beginning of Dogma. I didn’t make it.

The first time I got stuck at 49. I forgot Arkansas. I’m from the Northeast, so I worked my down and over and then over the Great Lakes… I got all the states I’ve visited, but since I’ve not really been in the MidWest, it’s all a little fuzzy to me.

The second time, on the tracker, I got them all with 7:15 to go.

I got 49 I forgot Tennessee.

I forgot Poland.

This is 50% a spelling quiz!

49 out of 50! Ugh!

Got 46…darn the Northwest! (I’m in the Southeast.)

49 states, missed Maryland. I always have trouble with new england, so I knew it was one of those east coast states…

I got 50! 40 in first 2 minutes, 8 in the next four minutes, then painstakingly tried to remember a map - pulled out wyoming and arkansas with 1:30 left.

I got 40, which seemed OK for a foreigner. I got a bit stuck on ‘Maine’, which I kept wanting to call ‘Mange’.

damn you delaware

48 in 5 minutes. Indiana and Minnesota escaped me. o_O

All 50 in 9 minutes. I do it by going through all possible two-letter combinations and knowing which ones are the postal codes for each state.

Got 49…forgot Louisiana.

Fuck you Delaware, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Maryland,
Massachusetts, Minnesota

Finally, after about 4 or 5 attempts I got all 50 with 3:20 to spare! Kept getting screwed up in spelling some of them like Connecticut, Massachusetts etc. Anyway, I’m done now!

OMG I got all 50 but with 5 seconds left to go yahoo!!!

49…forgot Connecticut and my parents live there!!!

Fun exercise. I got all but Utah. I’m not a skier, and kinda liberal and not religious, so I haven’t actually been that motivated to visit there. I hear floating in salt lake is easy, so maybe a bad swimmer would give that a try sometime.

ugh, I missed 4, one of which is Az where I live!
My brain just doesn’t work while I’m at work.

IOWA!!!!!!! ARGH!

hung up on Missouri - but got it

I got 48. I missed Arkansas and Connecticut. I was pretty sure that I missed a southern and an east coast state, but I couldn’t remember them for the life of me.

What fun! I got 47 correct (remembered Delaware literally at the last minute) but was mortified to see that 3 of the states I missed were from or near New England, where I was raised!

D’oh I missed Maryland. Still, not bad for a Brit!

Got all fifty with 7:08 remaining.

I’m from Canada. I managed to get 46 (missing Utah, Tennessee, Wyoming, and Kansas), but up until a couple weeks ago I probably would have only managed about half that. I got tired of not knowing American geography so I sat down and learned it.

I got all 50 in under 2 minutes. Yay for the animaniacs song, Wakko’s America!

all 50 in 2:07.

Forgot Rhode Island, Utah.

I managed to type “Rhode” just before the time ran out, though.

P.S. I’m Canadian!

only got 41, but wuld hav gotton 44 if I coolud spell… great site, will pass on to others in my office. Should shut the whole place down for the rest of the afternoon!

49, forgot Missouri

As a Dane, I was pleased to catch 36 in the first try. As this was a good sport, I continued and succeeded to remember all 50 in the 5th try ending at 3:37 after a couple of minutes not remembering Arizona.

Thank you for the intellectual challenge :-)

I got 33, which from a New Zealander doesn’t seem too bad. I’m with the Finn on US hegemony.

41, forgot Arizona, Colorado, Connecticut, Idaho, Iowa, Louisiana, Nebraska, Wisconsin, Wyoming :-(

You forgot:Delaware, Missouri, Utah,
Remember to post your score in the comments!

Better than I thought I would do…

49. blah… I spend the last 2.5 minutes trying to think of the one I forgot… Minnesota. :/

I are suck.

SO I AM TERRIBLE AT THIS. I live in alaska and I EVEN MISSED HAWAII!!!! I MISSED 9 - 2 because i spelled them wrong. virginia and west virginia. i actually missed 50 because i didnt capitalize the first letter. aaahhhhhhh!!!!!! i need to go back to school.

I missed Maryland and Pennsylvania, but I filled 49 slots so i obviously repeated one but I don’t know which. Not bad for someone who’s only lived in the U.S. since he was 18.

Got most of them within 2 minutes, then had about 5 left. I gave up with 2 minutes to go, and it turned out I forgot Louisiana. I started from where I was (NY), then hopped over to where I grew up (Midwest), then hit the west coast since they’re all big states.

I missed New Jersey and Missouri. Easy to understand why.

Got 48. Missed Iowa and Missouri.

I got all 50, knew that ‘Fifty Nifty United States’ song would come in handy some day =)

I got 45 in less than five minutes then I was REALLY struggling! I didnt get anymore..I forgot New Jersey (I was thinking during the test- is that a state??-) also Missouri, Nebraska, Indiana and Iowa! BUT they were all spelled correctly! I just couldn’t think of anymore even though I knew those states! Whew! Good luck!

Grrrr! I got 49… I forgot Oklahoma. I remember the states with a song called “Fifty Nifty.” It lists all the states in alphabetical order, and I learned the song about 2 years ago, so I didn’t remember it very well. I’ve done this about 3 times now. The first time, I believe I got 47. Then 48. Now 49. What will I get next time? Hmmm. :)

Rats. 48 (sorry Maryland and New Hampshire.)

A good follow-up would be a “most-forgotten states” list. I saw Maryland a lot.

got all 50 with ten seconds to spare! Wyoming was the hold out!!

after three tries of frustrating anger i finally got all 50, in fact i finished with EXACTLY 5:00 minutes left.
aren’t i a genius?

ha! I got everything but Jersey! …Which is ironic considering that I live across the river from it. Oops.

I got hung up on the spelling of Massachusetts. Eventually skipped Louisiana, Utah and Minnesota as I tried to visualize the US map. Do most people try to picture the map? How many just recall the list of names?

Israel isn’t a State?

Just 36.
Even if I’m Italian, I’m disapponted…

A friend of mine finding your test scored 29, but is no good to glory of your higher knowledge, isn’it?

I will pubblicise your test on my blog, if you don’t mind…

Fantastic game. (All 50 with 3:37 left for me)
How about doing one now with the 42 presidents?

48 - not bad for a South African.
How many South African states (provinces)can you name?

I got 49 of 50. New Mexico got me.

47, I missed New Jersey, Kansas and Indiana. I can’t believe I missed New Jersey, how did I miss New Jersey when I have a beach house there?! And I almost went to school in Indiana? And hello Dorthy we’re not in Kansas anymore? These are easy ones!

This game is great, I remember the Friends episode where Ross is determined to get them all… :-)

I got 34, but I live in Canada, which is my excuse. Let’s see an American 15-year-old naming all 13 Canadian provinces and territories! ;)

I would have do ok but my spelling wiped me out. To bad it didn’t count if spelling was close

49 out of 50. Sorry Delaware.

Yeah, that 5th grade song got me through it in 3:14, with my wife laughing as I sang it the whole way through! :) (Probably would have been faster if I could friggin type better!)

42 out of 50. I’m not losing my memory, just gaining my Alzheimer’s.

I got all 50 with 5 minutes to spare! I was able to visualize the map in my head and just worked from west coast to east.

I only got 23 but I’m not american so I guess it’s ok. I could have done more if I remembered how to spell tennesse, mississippi and massachusetts right!

49 again. 2nd time, Montana. I don’t have any arguments for why this one’s forgettable. I expect one could forget oneself there.

Got 47, but I was interrupted by a whistling tea kettle. Also, got hung up on the spelling of Rhode Island. Left out Connecticut, Georgia and Maryland. For the person above who was wondering about a possible pattern in naming states I think the predominant pattern was Europeans exterminating the native population and appropriating their place names. And for the person above who left out Louisiana, yes indeed the present regime has a position for you.

45, but I’m not American :p

Utah, Oklahoma, Nebraska, Arizona and Colorado got me

45 but I had help from my wife—too bad I can’t do a double blind before and after coffee

Third time’s charm. Total time 6:35. Of that time one minute was taken up by petting the cat. Another minute trying to fill the last blank with Wyoming.

47—I missed Indiana, Missouri, and Maryland… I don’t mind missing Maryland so much, but my folks were from Illinois, and I’ve had relatives in Indiana and Missouri…

I got 44 — which surprised me as I suck at geometry and expected to do worse.

Worst part is I was just sure I was missing some of those little bitty New England states and concentrated efforts there. I was missing Vermont but what killed me was I was also missing Colorado and Wyoming, two western states that I’ve actually been to as well as Kentucky, Missouri and Wisconsin, Kentucky being the only one of the latter three I haven’t visited.

And for the Canadians here — with a couple minutes thought I got 9 provinces and one territory. I know there’s a territory with two names (such-and-such and Prince so-and-so ??) but can’t remember it exactly. I’m sure I mis-spelled Saskatoon’s province and I’m still arguing with myself as to whether there’s a “Northwest Territory” or if that’s just what they called where I currently live before we all split up into states.

Got 46. Not great, but not bad considering I picked all this up from watching American tv shows. Missed out on Oklahoma, Maine, Wisconsin, and Nebraska.

I got 40/50. I missed the following: Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Michigan, Nebraska, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Utah, Virginia, and West Virginia.

48… missed Wisconsin and Indiana. I thought I was missing some southern states or something tiny in the northeast… oh well!

Got all 50 in 8 minutes - 46 in 6 mins with the children’s song (Thanks Mrs. Meyer, wherever you are!). Left Hawaii, Oklahoma, Rhode Island, Virginia and Washington but got them by working from west to east.

I got 49 out of 50. Frickin’ Missouri, who needs that state, anyway?

I got all 50 with 2:46 minutes remaining! But what help was the song i learned in 5th grade which names the states in order and it is really catchy! So thats how i did it! If i could type faster i would have at least 4:00 minuted remaining!

I got all 50 with 2:46 minutes remaining! But what help was the song i learned in 5th grade which names the states in order and it is really catchy! So thats how i did it!

I forgot Maryland and Michigan.

And Poland. I forgot Poland.

48. I missed Delaware and Utah

I only got 37, and although I’m not american, I used to have a wooden jigsaw with 48 of the states (some, like Rhode Island, on the same piece as their nearest neighbours) and I could name them all back then. Of course, that’s nearly 40 years ago…

Ughh….. Damn you New Jersey!!!!!!

i got 49 out of 50…

babytime babytime

i got 49!

I managed to remember 20 states, not bad being from England, U.K !

48/50… forgot Kentucky and New Jersey. I guess trying to remember college sports teams didn’t help.

Got all 50 in 30 seconds. Learned to sing them alphabetically when I was in Girl Scouts about a million years ago!

Flubber! Was flying along, and then started slowing down. Got 47. Blanked out on Colorado, Nebraska, and poor West Virginia (you always remember to check the N/S states, but that West state is not as automatic!).

Maine, Mississippi, Oregon, Wisconsin. I could not spell Mississipi - I knew I forgot a new england state and one state in the northwest but could not remeber which ones. Wisconsin - no excuse - I thought I had covered the midwest.

I actually know the original 13 colonies - I had to learn it for my US citizenship test.

34 out of 50 in 4 mins or so. But then I moved to the US in 2000.

Nobody lives in NEBRASKA!

40 - but i haven’t been in the states in 12 years, and i only remember one point in 8th grade when i truly knew all of them.

MAN! I missed New Jersey!! FCOL~!

I learned the states in a song in 2nd grade. Do they DO that anymore?

Got to 49 with 3:27 left. Forgot New Mexico. Oh well, won’t forget it now. 1 out of 50 ain’t bad.

named all 50 states in alphabetical order with 8:18 time left 100% legit thx

How about one where you put the states in their geographical location. I only remembered from the song. I couldn’t do geographical to save my LIFE!


I forgot MEXICO!

Another Canuck here. 43.

Meh. I got 36. But I’m not American so I guess I have an excuse. Tho I did go “d’uh!!!” for a lot of the missed ones. *sigh*

Missouri. I never learned the state song, so I figure I did pretty well. I’m also from the east coast/ New England area, and college is in the midwest.

Friggin’ DELAWARE!

I fot 45, missed Iowa, Nebraska, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Wyoming,

I kept singing “Fifty Nifty United States” to myself really quickly to finish the interactive.

42 in all the time. Pretty good for a Canadian! I wonder if the same quiz was for the 13 Canadian provinces and territories in say, 4 minutes, how well Americans would do?

Got 49. Out of all the states, I forgot New York.

49 in 7 minutes (most of them in the first two), then I sat and watched the clock tick down while I failed to think of Connecticut. Weirdly, I danced around it a couple of times, asking myself “What’s that state where Yale is?” — but I somehow befuddled myself into thinking I was thinking of Rhode Island.

50/50 with 6:31 to go, but I’m an elementary school teacher. :)

44. Not too bad for a non-American, I thought. I knew I was missing a lot in New England (Maine, New Hampshire, Connecticut), also Tennessee, Wisconsin, Minnesota. Bad considering I’ve driven through three of those :)

I got 42. I’m Australian; I lived in the US for 4 years, ending 7 years ago now.

49, Stupid Kentucky.

i got all but 27 and that was after cheating for spelling. cuz i can’t spell. PA should of counted.

Only got 40, and I’m born and bred American! I never have claimed geography as one of my strong points. I suppose using some kind of pattern would have helped. Oh well.

The ones I missed are: Connecticut, Kansas, Kentucky, Missouri, Montana, North Carolina, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Vermont, Washington.

You people are so full of shit.

50 out of 50 with 3 minutes left. Last two states to list were both states I lived in for at least four years each…boy am I old.

50 with 8:58 remaining. State song, fast typing!

Surprised myself and got them all in just over 3 minutes. I thought for sure I’d come up one or two short. Anyway, I started in the Northeast and just zigzagged north to south.

49, Montana?

I got 32, which I was disappointed at, although some of were the more obscure ones and I didn’t know them.I’m British by the way. Now how about doing a similar quiz for African or European countries for comparison? In fact the countries of each continent.

Got 41.

Missed Delware, Idaho, Indiana, Maryland, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, Nevada, and West Virginia.

Pretty good score for a man living in the opposite side of the Pacific Ocean :D

49 sates. Missed Tennessee. Not bad for someone who grew up in Europe…

Haha..I’m Australian and got 4 wrong. Minnesota, Delaware, Connecticutt and New Hampshire.. lol

The first time I missed an embarrassing 9 states: Delaware, Wyoming, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Oklahoma, Vermont, Indiana, Georgia, and Idaho (Ironically, I’m listing those from memory).

I just kept going around in circles in my head (I never heard that “nifty fifty” song everyone seems to remember from school. I guess I missed that day), it was very frustrating.

I tried again, listing the 9 I missed before right away, so I wouldn’t forget them this time. I missed 4 different states (I missed California, which doesn’t seem possible)!

On my third try I realized I had just been jumping around the map randomly in my head, and recovering the same ground over and over, so I decided to try a different method. This time I just went through the alphabet and tried to think of all the states that started with each letter. That’s how I got all 50 with 30 seconds to spare. Yay, me!

48… forgot Minnesota and Pennsylvania. Also not American like a few people in this list (from New Zealand but born in Canada so I guess that’s close enough to remember a few states). Also don’t know that song people keep talking about - how does it go?

Got 36 in 10 minutes in my second try (two days ago on my first try I scored 26).

Still not bad for someone from Eastern Europe :p.

Got all 50; about 2-3min. left. Wish there was a ‘I’m done’ button.

27, first try. OK I feel, considering I’m from the UK and have never been out of Europe.

May I have permission to hack to this into the EU member states?


45/50 and I’m British. Then again, I lived in the US for a bit, so that helped..

Counties in the UK aren’t as significant as States in the US, so counties in England or the UK would be much harder I think, even if you are English.

Good test!

48 in 4 minutes… never got the last two (Kansas and Utah)

All 50 in 2:52.

49. I forgot Louisiana. Go figure.

49 - Minnesota.

I forgot:Connecticut, Idaho, Maryland, New Jersey, Tennessee, …

I’m not american either..

Got 46, kinda smacked my forehead when I realized which ones I missed.

I am Canadian but got first the first 40 in about five minutes. Ended up with 42 - I am proud of that. There was a time, though, in grade school when I could have done much better.

Missed: Arkansas, Indiana, Maryland, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Utah.

I thought for sure I was missing more new england states as they are so small and it’s hard to remember how their shaped, which is how I would remember the states.

All but Nebraska, New Jersey, Oklahoma, Wyoming. You try to start at one cost, and bump ‘em off from left or right. But there are always those states in the heartland, south of the great lakes that throw me off.

Cool test!

Wow…I can’t believe that I only forgot 2. But it’s kind of ironic because Chicago is my favorite city and I forgot Illinois, and I’ve been to Lancaster about 10 times and I forgot Pennsylvania…hah.

got all 50 with 6 minutes left, thanks to my 1st grade teacher who taught us the United States song!

I only got twenty before fizzling out with about 3 minutes to go. But I’m not American. So if you can tell me all provinces in The Netherlands I’ll call my defeat ;)

My son and I did it, altenating back and forth. We got them all with 2:30 to go. He was naming them randomly and I was going East to West

50 states with 7:56 on the clock. Can’t spell Pennsylvania for the life of me, or I would have finished faster. Find the song “Fifty Nifty United States,” and learn the lyrics.

All 50 in 2 and a half minutes. I Rock!

Forgot utah and illinois, 2 forgettable states anyway

Another Canadian with 44.

Who really needs Delaware, Kansas, Louisiana, and New Jersey anyway? ugh!

49 out of 50. I forgot Wyoming. But who wouldn’t?

First time around I got 43 of them. Couldn’t leave it at that, so I took a break of some hours and came back. 49 this time around. Missed Arkansas.

Oh, I am not American and never lived there either.

First time around missed: Arkansas, New Jersey, Wisconsin, Utah, Nebraska, Maryland and Vermont .. I think.

I forgot: Indiana, Iowa, Maryland, Montana, and Vermont. 45/50

49 — I forgot Oklahoma!

I forgot Arkansas & Indiana
“the freak states”

50 in 8. Not bad for a dirty furrenger. Hey, could you make a similar one for the countries in Europe?

stupid M and W states:

Got 47 in the first three minutes. Came up with Nevada around the end. Forgot Delaware and Nebraska

Embarrassed to admit that I could name all 16 German Laender (like states) quickly, though.

18 missing when time was up. Not too bad for a Swede. How would you Americans do with a list of Swedish provinces? ;-)

Got 48, missed Iowa and Nevada.
Not too shabby for an Englishman! I doubt many Americans could name more than three or four English counties.

I forgot Maryland, Nevada, New Jersey, Oklahoma, Oregon, and
Pennsylvania. But, you know, they’re easy to forget.

50 with 2:31 to spare. Delaware took two minutes to remember.

Got all 50 with 7:11 to spare. I barely remember “Fifty Nifty United States” but I also learned “Fifty States in Rhyme” to the tune of “Turkey in the Straw.” Spelling slowed me down, too!

I’m Canadian, so I attempted to do this in alphabetical order, which is how I learned the 50 states as a kid. Missed Colorado, Idaho, Iowa, Kentucky, Massachusetts,
Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, Oklahoma,
Oregon, West Virginia, and Wisconsin. So 37/50… not bad for information I haven’t really used in six years :)

Damn it…46 out of 50. Missed Indiana, Illinois, and the two Carolinas. Bleargh.

Forgot Utah and Oklahoma too!

Damn, I forgot New Jersey. What really pisses me off is that I knew I was missing a “New-something” state, but couldn’t figure it out… 49/50 isn’t too bad, though.

Got them all in 3 mins and 45 secs!

48 of 50
I forgot Minnesota, Nebraska.

I’m from Mississippi. Who in the lives in Nebraska????

all fifty with 4:03 to spare but it took me over a minute to get New Jersey and Iowa.

49 - missed only Tennesee.

Fuck you, Connecticut!

Last time I tried this I was in Saigon, Vietnam, and I thought for 4 hours and never got Kansas. Kansas! That’s where Dorothy’s from, for god’s sake!

I got 28… And I invented:

But I’m Spanish… I’m sure I’ll be better with a european quizz!

You forgot:Delaware, Illinois, Massachusetts, Mississippi, New Jersey.

I mowed down the majority in about 6 minutes. Most of the rest of the time was spent fighting the urge to consult a map and trying to remember all the New England states.

Forgot Kentucky and Wisconsin. But as an elitist New Yorker, frankly it’s impressive that I remember any of the states west of Jersey.

I’m a whiz—do you have one for the world?

I got 49/50… remembered Delaware, forgot about Michigan.

I can’t believe i had over 3 minutes to go and couldn’t come up with Arizona to finish w/ 50… I suck.

49 of 50, damn! Who remembers Delaware or any of those tiny east coast colonies, anyway? Sheesh.

50/50 - 48 w/ 6:30 to go. took me another 2 minutes to come up with virginia and west virginia. however, i did sink to trying puerto rico on a whim.

with 6:00 mins to spare =)

49/50 I can’t believe that I couldn’t remember Mississippi!

37 / 50 but from uk so not to bad :-)

Iowa, Minnesota, and Montana.
What are- three places I have no desire to visit, and the three states I could not remember.

Left out Wyoming. I KNEW there was another
frontier state,” but I couldn’t come up with it in time.

Did it with 7:50 remaining. Still can’t get “Fifty Nifty” out of my head 18 years after learning it!

DELAWARE!…Damn you!

45..almost!! I forgot Idaho, louisianna, mississippi, missouri, wisconsin!!!

50 states with 6:42 left on the clock. Hmm, 3:18, not too shabby for someone who never learned THE song.

48, Dang Minnesota and Nebraska. When did they become states?

All of them but WYOMING!

50/50 states with 7:00 left on the clock… 3:00 flat,not too shabby at all if I say so myself


Rhode Island (duh, i live in MASSACHUSETTS), Iowa and Missouri

Damn it! i typed Missouri twice and left out Michigin. 49 in about 4 minutes because i didn’t think i’d screwed up. Grrr.

I should probably put more potatoes and dairy in my diet, as I missed Idaho and Wisconsin.

42… Not bad for a Belgian.
You should make a European version of this game. Let’s see how you score ;-)

Please please please make another one for US Presidents! …. the flash kind…

I got 45 — not bad for a Canadian, I guess. I can’t believe I missed Georgia, Michigan, Nebraska and Vermont — but I understand why I missed Delaware. I mean, I didn’t even know that was a state…

I got all 50 states with 2:26 remaining. It took me awhile to figure arkansas was the only state left.

46 out of 50… missed Idaho, New Hampshire, Vermont, and I put New Orleans instead of Louisiana (Everything on the news is New Orleans so it was an honest mistake) Not bad for someone who panicked and could only think of 7 until I had 3 minutes left.

SO close!! I got 49, and missed Minnesota. To bad a 32-yr old cannot remember that state song we learned in the 3rd grade. A great way to fill 10 minutes.

Waste of time. Anyone who learned the States song in elementary can recite all 50 states… alphabetically. Why not make a map where you have to match the state name with the position on the map. That would be challenging…

I got 48 states in less than 4 minutes, then blanked out for the next 5.5 minutes until I remembered Maryland. For some reason, Minnesota just never came to mind, even though I just visited it for the first time two years ago…

Finished with 13 remaining. But I’m from Finland, so never studied this in school.

49 in five minutes, then i had to go back through everything geographically to find the one missed. found missouri with a minute and a half remaining!

we never learned the song in grade school.

how about a capital game?

46 in 6 minutes, with four minutes to reflect on just how stupid I am that I can’t think of four more states in four minutes. BTW, I missed Illinois, Michigan, Delaware and … omg, I can’t believe I already forgot the fourth one I forgot before! Wow, I must really hate that state!

I got them all with about 7 and a half minutes to spare! You see, I can name them all in alphabetical order, and have been able to do so for the last 33 years! I learned them in a song (“50 Nifty United States”) when I was in 4th grade, and like the song for the preamble to the US Constitution that I learned around the same time (thank you Schoolhouse Rock!), it stuck permanently! It’s actually a great conversation lull picker-upper. Now if I could just figure out how to make some money off of this skill.
I’m trying to learn the Presidents in order, but there is no song for that. I can do the Kings and Queens of England in order from Henry III though.
Wow, what useless skills I have!

i got all 50 in alphabetical order with 7:18 left to go…i learned the fifty nifty song in elementary school and can somehow still remember it!

Got all 50 in 6 minutes. Not too shabby. (I credit a song that I had to learn in grade school… singing the states in alphabetical order.)

forgot one - Maryland., but nothing personal to anyone in Maryland. My other problem was the correct spelling of Mass. I think I did good for my first time.

I got 43 and then my brain got stuck on Canada. Umm, that’s not telling at all, is it?
I missed Colorado (which I’ve been to!), the Dakotas, Kansas, Iowa and Missouri.

I’ve tried several times several hours apart (to come back “fresh”) and I’m taking between 2:40 and 3:40 to do it. I have two ways: alphabetically (most people will miss an “M” or “N” state not realizing how many there are), or a childhood chant I used when assembling a US map puzzle. I’d start at my home state, PA, and move in a pattern around the country. The rhythm of the chant helps me remember forgotten states (darn you, Nebraska!).

All 50 in 3:22. Did the “States in ABC order” song but got tripped up and had to go through and realize I left out NM. Not too bad for a girl who has left the southeast exactly 4 times, and 2 of those were abroad.

forgot:Kansas, Kentucky

kept swirling around the midwest, felt like a tornado. “there’s no place like home!”

49 out of 50, sorry utah!

Fucking Wyoming. That’s all I got to say.

I was sure that I could do this, but came up short by 2 states. Got 46 in about 4:30 minutes; I live in KY—started with Maine, worked my way down the east coast, the gulf coast, then back up to get the states east of the Mississipi. From there, I worked my way west, but not nearly in such an organized manner. In the next 3 minutes, I remembered Kansas and Utah.
Somehow I missed Mississipi on my “trip” down the coast (and I have a friend who lives in Boston) and forgot about Minnesota.

vermont is a whore, but i got them all with 1:01 left

Nebraska and Indiana, my arch-nemeses!

well, sadly I only named 25.. Even though we learned the 50 states in elementary school.

Got all 49 (I refuse to recognize Nebraska as a state.)

49 who cares about Montana!?

Got 46 pretty fast, cheated with a map to get 2 more (Massachusetts and Nevada), couldn’t figure out the last two - duh! Hawaii and Alaska!

48, totally forgot Oklahoma and Iowa.

im canadian and i missed 14

You forgot:Connecticut, Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky, Louisiana,
Minnesota, Mississippi, Montana, Nebraska, Oklahoma,
Utah, Vermont, West Virginia,

im canadian and i missed 14

You forgot:Connecticut, Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky, Louisiana,
Minnesota, Mississippi, Montana, Nebraska, Oklahoma,
Utah, Vermont, West Virginia,

I forgot Idaho.

You forgot:Delaware, Nebraska, Oklahoma,

Screw you, Delaware!
3 isn’t so bad.
Are you going to release stats on how the general population performs? It’d be totally sweet if users could see how they stack up to everyone else.
Awesome game + thanks!

49… I thought I had them all, but I had Florida twice. :(

Got 50, but the last one took me about 3 and a half minutes all by itself. I think it helped that I used to teach 6th grade Social Studies and I would test the kids on the 50 states. I started with Maine and worked down and around. The one I forgot? Missouri (sorry, Show Me State)—almost in the dead center of the lower 48.

What about a capitals quiz? That’s harder!!

I got 49 - and forgot Maryland, where I travel through every year!

Good old Fifty Nifty. Still wins bets at parties.

6:47 remaining. Spelling lets me down! Damn you Massachusetts!

missed ones: Delaware, Idaho, Iowa, Kansas, Maryland, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, Ohio, Rhode Island, Utah, and West Virginia

Geesh… for an oldster I guess I didn’t do so bad. Who ever remembers that Delaware is a state anyway! (for example: you’re planning a family vacation and you say, “Geesh, we should use our vacation time on traveling to Delaware!”

Got 49 and spent the last 2 minutes screwing with connecticut. guess I know how to spell it now though.

ugh - 49. forgot kansas.

i’m from NC, so i don’t really hear much about those midwest states, i guess.

Got it in 6:10. Alaska and Hawaii were my last two. Damn the non-continental US

I got 49… forgot Wisconsin. I started out with Alaska and Hawaii so I wouldn’t forget them, then worked down the West Coast, then PA (where I live) and up and down the East Coast, and then filled in the rest… well almost the rest ;)

Umm, ok so I feel soo stupid right now. I missed like 13 of them…dammit.

The first time around I missed Alabama… Who the heck wants to go there anyway with all the KKK and rednecks. The second try, I was down to 1 again on the last 3 4 minutes and finally got Kansas.

I only missed Missouri. And I am very angry that I missed it. Who cares about Missouri anyway?

You forgot:Iowa, Massachusetts,
Remember to post your score in the comments!


I got 37, but I’m Canadian so it’s ok :)

49 - Montana

F-you Wisconsin! I remembered most of the “Fifty Nifty United States”, but having been raised in Texas, didn’t really remember anything after that. One MORE reason to hate Brett Favre.

I missed Missouri and Connecticut. Ugh!

I got 49. The last five minutes I spent thinking of which state I missed. It was Wisconsin. Frigging Wisconsin.

49 - Missed Indiana
Not too bad for some one who has been in the US only during the last six years. The last time I played this game with my wife several years ago, we ended up with 51 states even though we missed two:-)

We live in Melbourne Australia, but have played this game a couple of times to pass the time…we got 37, which I guess is okay for ‘out of towners’ :) we misspelt Mississippi (and kind of cheated and looked up how to spell Massachusetts) otherwise we could’ve gotten 38. Still kicking ourselves over Arizona, Idaho, Rhode Island and a couple of other obvious ones….Duh!!!

You forgot: Delaware, Iowa, Maryland, Massachusetts, Missouri

I couldn’t spell Massachusetts, blanked on my mind’s eye map for the rest. If they are east of the Rockies and no one looks at them, do they really exist?

i got 49…the one i was missin is the one i am frickin sittin in…DARN U OHIO!

Dang it, Wisconsin!!!

Who knew Connecticut had that extra ‘c’? I didn’t but my fingers slipped so I got it anyway… :)

Never even heard of the freakin song! Going to try again without the wine!

I got 44, not bad for an Aussie!

48 with three minutes left. Went blank on Kentucky and Wyoming.

Also a Canadian, but I’ve been known to rattle off geography just to pass time at work. Little disappointed I didn’t nail all of them.

I got 40, but I’m canadian living near new york state. Most of the ones i missed were midwestern states. I actually had most of my answers by the first 3 mins, Once i saw the ones i missed i felt pretty stupid tho. Shoulda had them, memory blank

2AM in the morning got 47 states….only missed Colorado, Iowa, and Rhode Island.


Got them all with about 5 min left- someone should make a state capital version of this to add to the challenge…

Thanks to me, we now have South Virginia. Goodbye, DELaware!

THE worst thing is you need to spell them correctly! That burns up your time.

I got all but alaska and hawaii. However it only credited me with 4. What went wrong?

Got about 30. But then again I’m from London. Give me a European quiz any day!

You forgot:Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, Connecticut, Delaware,
Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Louisiana,
Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi,
Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire,
North Carolina, Oklahoma, Oregon, Rhode Island, South Carolina,
Tennessee, Utah, Vermont, West Virginia,

29 states remain

Named so far:
Alaska, California, Colorado, Florida, Georgia,
Hawaii, Iowa, Kentucky, Maine, New Jersey,
New Mexico, New York, North Dakota, Ohio, Pennsylvania,
South Dakota, Texas, Virginia, Washington, Wisconsin,

Hey, it’s not that bad for a european…

all 50 in alphabetical order in 1:59. how ‘bout dem apples?

30 out of 50. Not bad if you’re not from America, like me.

I’m never gonna whine about americans thinking holland is the capital of amsterdam. I got 25 out of 50. Not as easy as I thought. (I’m a dutchman)

Hey, I’m Dutch and got 43, so I’m still gonna whine! ;)

I am a bit embarrased. I did have a bit of trouble with the interfaces quirks, and it did rip me off on Iowa(which I thought it accepted but did not—I know I spelled it GOOD, but not G-O-O-D).

92% or 90% was always good enough to pass, perhaps this explains our geographic laziness, and inattention to detail!

You forgot:Colorado, Connecticut, Iowa, Maryland, Massachusetts,

I got 49 - but I never really considered Michigan a state anyway.

You forgot:Delaware, Idaho, Indiana, Iowa, Louisiana,
Massachusetts, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, North Carolina,
Oklahoma, Oregon, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Utah,
Vermont, Wisconsin, Wyoming, (18)

Not as easy as I thought…

Dang! 48 in the first five minutes. Then 1 more with 1 minute left on the clock. Never did get to fifty. Curse you Minnesota!

Fifty, 3:42 left. (just a poor Dutch boy…)

I got 43/50, missed Missouri, Oklahoma, Tennesee and Iowa. However, I’m not an American :)

31 states (but i’m dutch)

48, not bad for a Brit. Must be the ‘special relationship’, although trying explaining that to US customs guys…

I got 49 - darn you, Nebraska!!!

7:10 left !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Stupid Tennessee. *Pout*

I got 49 in about 6.5 minutes then spent the next 3.5 minutes trying to remember the last state. (Iowa). Sorry to any Iowans out there, no disrespect intended. Waited about 10 minutes did it again and got 50 in seven minutes as Vermont was slow to come to memory.

i got 49 with about two minutes to go…i didnt even know maryland was a state…just kidding that is the one that stumped me. it only took me 5 tries to spell massachusettes right..ugh!

Can’t spell all of them right but 49, took me a while to remember Michighan, but completely forgot Montana.

Cannot believe I forgot Iowa…ugh!

Got 48 before my time ran out. Oklahoma and Wisconsin stumped me. The middle of the country usually gives me a hard time.

Got 48 in the first 5 minutes. I missed Louisiana (which was stupid because I LIVED THERE) and Nevada.

Drat! Couldn’t think of Louisiana and Arkansas…otherwise, it went by quickly.

Got 41 on my first try and 49 on my second try… missed out “Michigan” even though I got it on my first try. And I”m not even a citizen!

I missed 3… Arkansas, Minnesota, Kentucky

I couldn’t help myself, so i put together a state capital version of the game…


Missed Nevada, New Jersey and Tennessee

Oy, 48/50 and my brain was seriously throbbing. Sad to have missed Maryland and Utah but I even forgot the former was a state! D’oh!

48 with 5 minutes to go and couldn’t think of the other 2 in the last 5 minutes. Unbelievable! Louisiana and Maryland. Struggled to spell Massachusetts and Connecticut too. Fun though. I actually thought I’d struggle more with the spelling but besides those two it was easy. I used to do this with friends in college during boring classes. We also used to race out load to see who could do them in 1 minute or less.

Interesting how many people forgot Maryland. The very first time I tried I didn’t remember MD until the very end, and it’s been my resident state for the past 3 years! Seems there’s something especially forgettable about it.

I’m in college, so high school geography was still pretty fresh in my mind. I had 49 done with almost seven minutes left. Oklahoma took me three minutes as I ran through the lists alphabetically and regionally in my head. Finally I started thinking about songs that have state names in them… “OOOOOOOOOOOklahoma where the wind blows gently on the plain.” Damn, I felt stupid.

I got all 50 in 4 minutes.

But I’m Canadian, so that explains the slow time.

[I’m a geography major in 4th year university right now though]

Like many, it was 48/50. Crap. I was doing so well, but I went straight from New York to Massachusetts skipping right through Connecticut. And I forgot all about Dorothy and the Wizard of Oz. Kansas and Connecticut — I never would have thought those two would be the ones I’d forget.

I only missed 7 States. Not bad for a Dutch tourist!

got 49 in 4 minutes, then nothing more…FUCK YOU JERSEY!!!

I got 33, not bad for a Brit!!!

forgot 5 states… the americans don’t even know the countries in Europe. When i was in America a girl asked if we had telivision in the Netherlands. How stupid can you be?

Got all 24! but then again I’m from Europe. I would like to know how many European countries you could name in 10 minutes…(Holland that’s the capital of Denmark! a nice American lady (not Bush related) told me)

I got 45 out of fifty. I missed Iowa, Kansas, Montana, Nebraska, Wisconsin.

49 in 2 minutes, 50 seconds. then remembered florida.

Had 49 in 5 minutes, took another minute and a half to remember Indiana…And I’m watching the NFL combine in Indianapolis on TV right now. *shrug*

Had 49/50 in six minutes. I spent the next 4 minutes never remembering Mass. Bummer. If my wife were here, she could’ve sang the “nifty” song for me. :(

Got em all with 8:19 remaining. That’s gotta be a record. Thank you 5th grade 50 states song!


27 correct. And this is also somebody from Holland (or The Netherlands) where we don’t speak German and a big city which is called Amsterdam (which is not a country and not our Capital). And Europe beats America but how can you find out if you have never left the USA. I’ve been in USA for 1.5 years so I know (a bit) off y’all. Thank you. I mean 45-50 states is great but now European countries and I give you 10 days time.

I missed 15, not bad for an European living in the Netherlands.

Damn you Colorado!

3 states remain
which is nice since I’m Belgian and I’ve never been to the USA. ^^
Still can’t believe I forgot Hawaii and Indiana (the third I forgot already again: thought it was something like Rodes Island; ah well 47/50 quite impressive for me).

Darn it…

When did Alaska and Hawaii become states?!

Got the rest in under five minutes, then sat waiting for the timer to run out and tell me how stupid I am.

Got 45 states in my first try. Not bad for a Dutchman…

Got all 50 in just over 5 minutes. Thank God I wasted my college years learning the states & capitals song from Animaniacs. :-)

You forgot:Arizona, Idaho, Illinois, Massachusetts, Minnesota,
Montana, Oklahoma, Vermont, Wyoming,
Remember to post your score in the comments!
9 states remain

Named so far:
Alabama, Alaska, Arkansas, California, Colorado,
Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii,
Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana,
Maine, Maryland, Michigan, Mississippi, Missouri,
Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico,
New York, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Oregon,
Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee,
Texas, Utah, Virginia, Washington, West Virginia,
Wisconsin, Apparently i did the worst out of everyone.

i couldn’t name 11, so are you going to post a frequency distribution of the most forgettable states?! Please! isn’t that what this is all about?!

dammit!! I used to be so smart too… I got 48. I started off in alphabetical order, then I just got really random. I thought for sure -like someone else who commented- that I was missing some New England states, I’ve lived all my life in the Mid-West and Cali. But I forgot Nebraska and Utah, it’s those big middle of the country ones.. ah well, good waste of 10 minutes!

You forgot:Delaware, Iowa, Vermont
I knew the ones I hadn’t named were on the east coast with the exception of one in the mid-west with an “I,” but I just couldn’t remember these 3. Funny how I knew where the states were that I forgot but not their names…

Indiana and Minnesota! Drat

I had them all but two with 7 minutes left…it took me 5 more minutes to think of wyoming and new jersey. I’ve never been to either place, but how can you forget a big square??

I started in alphabetical order, but got stuck after the A’s. My sister had a teacher that taught them the song, but I didn’t. So, I went from New England down to florida, up the mississipi, across the northern border and back down. Almost forgot about Alaska and Hawaii for this reason, but Ahhhh… at last I finished.

50 with 7:19 to spare…am waiting to hear how my sister did - who challenged - no, taunted me to give it a try…

I went from NW to East - tho once I cross the mississippi river I went from south to north

thanks - this was great fun!

Got only 49. Sat there for the last 3 minutes trying to figure out what I had missed but I never remembered Maryland. Dern it.

I had never heard of this “Nifty Fifty” song, since I only got 48 states, I fighured I’d look it up.

Man, for those who dont know, this song is _horrible_ —inconceivably bad.

Like one person mentioned, they pronounce Iowa “Ioway”….but whats worse is this is for no apparent reason. Unlike when yakko sings the world where artistic license is taken to make the rhyme, this “song” just does whatever it feels like for no apparent benefit or aesthetic quality.

I am baffled. Please, someone, save the children and write a decent song/poem.

So close! I miss 5, mostly east coasters. And man, the spelling of Minnesota got me hung up there for a good half a minute…

So close! I miss 5, mostly east coasters. And man, the spelling of Minnesota got me hung up there for a good half a minute…

I forgot Kansas and Maryland. The really pathetic thing: I lived in Kansas for two years. That’s how much I hated it.

Got all but Montana - not bad for never having had to memorize them in school. Our ‘honors’ social studies class was exempted from that task - guess they figured we could always look at a map?

Got 46. Missed the following states: Iowa, Mississippi, Nebraska, Vermont. I was going through the alphabet trying to remember the states.

Louisiana, New Mexico… .

I went east to west until Illinois-ish. Then went north to south, then started on the west coast and tried to work eastward. Almost forgot Alaska & Hawaii… . Couldn’t remember the “four corners” states (New Mexico…), forgot the southeastern coast (Louisiana)—should’ve been pretty easy to remember (New Orleans)… .

I got all 50 in about 8 minutes. But I spent the last three minutes trying to remember Indiana before it popped into my head. The trick is to go through them contiguously. But you have to know US geography to do it that way.

Finished with 8:05 left. I used to do this sort of thing for fun, so breaking two minutes was a challenge

taken it multiple times … each time i forget new jersey.


I forgot Indiana - That’s what you get for starting on the coasts and working in.

Shit, I forgot Kansas, Montana, Utah, Wisconsin.

If you can visualize the U.S. map, work your way up and down. I start at Alaska down to Arizona, then Idaho/Montana down to New Mexico, Dakotas down through Texas, Great Lakes states down through the whole south, then up the east coast.

If you get stumped, just try to remember college football / basketball teams and conferences to help jog your recollection of certain states

If you can visualize the U.S. map, work your way up and down. I start at Alaska down to Arizona, then Idaho/Montana down to New Mexico, Dakotas down through Texas, Great Lakes states down through the whole south, then up the east coast.

If you get stumped, just try to remember college football / basketball teams and conferences to help jog your recollection of certain states

I forgot Michigan, Nebraska and Indiana. Sorry Michigan, Nebraska and Indiana. My excuse is I’ve only lived in the USA for a few months.

i got all 50 with 6:58 remaining. definitely used the song from elementary school though lol

i was able to get all 50, but studies done on this show that usually minnesota is the most frequently forgotten state

As a Canadian I was pretty happy with my score… couldn’t spell Masschusetts. Wonder how y’all would do with canadian provinces…

Alabama, Delaware, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Nebraska,
New Hampshire, Oklahoma, Wyoming,

I got 32 right, thats probably alright for a dude from Scotland! What do you think?

haha 49 in 1:45 and i was like damn so close… then i saw i had alaska and hawaii on same tab. tee hee, 2:25 when i got gipped from a near world record. :)

damn you Illinois, damn you to hell!

Got 39 out of fifty.. Forgot Texas, can you believe it? But then again, I’m European living in the Netherlands, which is a sovereign country and NOT the capital of Germany ;-)

Would like to see a Euroversion of this game.. Can you guys name all 47 European states within 10 minutes?

Got 42. Forgot Colorado, Georgia, Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky, Maryland, Michigan, Minnesota, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Tennessee and West Virginia, but then again, like the last poster, I’m Dutch. Can’t believe I missed some of the ones I did, though.

You may see an increase in Dutch traffic here, since a column on a fairly popular Dutch news site is linking here (http://www.nu.nl/news/998100/950/Statentest_(game).html).

Argh! I mean I got 32!

Got 47. Forgot Wisconsin, Penssylvania and Maryland. I’ve visited all three!
Best regards, from Rotterdam, The Netherlands.


OK I only got 25, but hey I’m from the Netherlands, that’s in sweden near Amsterdam

Got 28 but I’m from UK

Here’s what I forgot :
“You forgot:Arizona, Arkansas, Colorado, Georgia, Hawaii,
Idaho, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky,
Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Nebraska,
Ohio, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Wisconsin, “

Not bad for a Belgian, isn’t it ?

not bad as I am from India..I think..!!

damn you, indiana

You should definitely keep track of statistics on this, find out how many Americans and Canadians (or neither) are getting, then make an equivalent one for the Canadian provinces and compare the stats on the two quizzes.

You forgot Poland!

only missed three!

I got 37! I missed all the ones that aren’t real states anyway - Arizona, Indiana, Iowa, Louisiana, Minnesota, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Utah, and Wyoming. (Nah, I’m kidding about the not-real states thing, don’t worry!)

Blast you Nebraska! Who needs the flyover states anyways!

(kidding, of course)

First 46 took 7 minutes….then I didn’t know how to spell Conne-C-ticut and forgot about Montana, Oklahoma, and Nebraska. Montana, ok that’s understandable, but how do ya not remember the Sooners and Cornhuskers??!! Sheesh, I guess I’d never make it on that show “Are you smarter than a 5th grader?”

I missed 16 the first time I tried. Guess it shouldn’t be done at work. Too many distrations. I had to stop trying at about 5:00. When I go back to it, I had less than 2:00 remaining. I tried it again and only missed Idaho, Maryland, Rhode Island.

Got all 50 w/ 1:03 to spare!!! Ha to a while to spell some of them though haha..

I got 46 out of 50. Missed Illinois, Iowa, Kentucky, and Minnesota.

I forgot Kentucky. I knew I was missing a red state… :)

3 min. 20 seconds. I can “say” them all in well under a minute. Typing is brutal!! Connect-icut? Seriously, that’s how you spell it? It took a while to fumble through that spelling.

Four minutes, fifty seconds got all fifty….personal best

I had 14 left. I thought that was pretty good for me. haha

31… but am from across the ocean. Had a hard time spelling Massachusetts (tt).

Got 48, missed Indiana and Nebraska, dang.

46. I plead Canadianness for missing the others. But how could I get Nebraska, and not Michigan??


I got those within 6 minutes and then stalled for 4 minutes on Utah! Bloody Mormons made me forget.


I got those within 6 minutes and then stalled for 4 minutes on Utah! Bloody Mormons made me forget.

oh ya, Fifty Nifty United States… got ‘em all, though, I admit I had to sing the song over a couple of times because in my typing rush I missed a few…. Washington took me like 3 minutes to come up with all by itself… leaving me about two minutes to try and decipher if I’d spelled stuff right

I only missed Nebraska!!! And I knew it was a state in that area…

Connecticut took me forever. I knew it was the state, but I didn’t know how to spell it correctly!

I got 50 because I remember a song we learned in fourth grade that consisted of every state in alphabetical order. I completed it in less than five minutes.


I finished with 6:00 to go. That is as fast as I could type.

missed Delaware and Nebraska ..not bad for a Canuck and I sorta thought I was missing one on the East Coast and one in the middle…

Got 48 in about 3 minutes and couldn’t think of the last two at all (Oklahoma and Wyoming)!

Got all 50 in 3:32, then came back the next day to try it again just for fun, and just could NOT remember Missouri.

Dang, I know them by alphabetical order! Beat that! Did it with 8:30 remaining

I got all fifty, but would have been alot faster if I could spell them correctly.

Wisconsin. Grrrr.

I am from New Zealand so feel quite proud of getting 27 states in the time allowed … I got a bit puzzled when some would not take then figured there was a North and South of that name.

Saved to my favorites and will get friends to do now ;-D

49/50. No Maryland. Crud.

20/50 - must watch more US telly! Not too bad for someone in the UK though…

48/50 in 5 mins, accidentally closed window (argh!) Restared, got 49 in 4-1/2 mins, couldn’t think of number 50. Damn you, Mississippi!

Damn! Iowa, Minnesota and Wisconsin….

Ah well, I think those are obscure enough to be excused…

38- not bad for a Brit!!!

haha, so at least im not the only one who only forgot kansas. i even put ARkansas down! sheesh.

All 50 in 3:10 maybe a little less I was looking for a button to stop the clock before looked at the timer.MY HEAD IS FULL OF USELESS KNOWLEDGE

Got 50/50 with 1:30 to spare. Did have to look up the spelling of Massachuetts (never could spell that one). I find it helps to visualize a map of the US (of course I could be wierd too!).

Full Analysis

Tries that didn’t end up being states: New Brunswick, Milwaukee, Detroit, District of Columbia

Where I thought I missed the most states: New England

Where I thought I got everything: West third of the country (everything west of the midwest).

States Missed: Colorado, Connecticut, Kentucky, Missouri, Montana, Ohio, Utah

Where I actually missed the most: WEST THIRD OF THE COUNTRY (4), New England was only 1, and 2 in the South.

So… don’t know what that tells you, but great idea for an app.

Songs are the best for memorization! Thanks to Mr. Gatzke for teaching us the states song in third grade. Now it’s the capitals that get pretty hard.
50 states in 5:10, but I had to take a phone call in the middle due to silly work.

Got all 50 with 6:15 remaining — didn’t need no stinkin’ “50 Nifty United States”
song either

Forgot Arkansas. Ugh.

I got all but 7 of them. High School was many years ago lol.

49. I had one state twice :/

3 minutes, all 50, alphabetical order, no cheating, I had witnesses

3 minutes total (I had 7 minutes 3 seconds left) all 50, in alphabetical order, no cheating, I had witnesses.

sorry, thought I cancelled the first one. I typed the wrong name the first time. my friend used my computer, and did it, and then gave it back, and I accidentally typed my name when we decided to leave a comment.

48. Completely forgot New Jersey & Mississippi. Go figure.

I got 49 in the first 7 minutes and was so stuck, then I got New Jersey with 7 seconds left haha


Officially, I got 48, but I couldn’t spell Massachussets right, so that ate a lot of time. Sorry, Cornhuskers! I forgot Nebraska, or I got delayed by Mass. before I could remember.

Been a while since I thought about naming the states, but I got 48 with 4:40 to spare, remembered Missouri a couple minutes later, but just blanked out on Minnesota. Drat you, Minnesota! I went back later to see how I could do, and on this second try, I named all 50 in a little over 3 minutes.

Oh, and I think I would do pretty well in naming the Canadian provinces and territories, and at naming European countries, just barely well in Australian geography, and horribly at England’s geography.

I got 31 and I’m from GERMANY!!! ;-)

48 in 5 minutes then just couldn’t get the last two - Delaware and Wisconsin. I was going West to East, then gave up my strategy and started circling around.

Ugh, I forgot Indiana, Iowa, and Kansas. Then again, I live in Boston so I’m surprised I remembered any of the stuff in the middle.

I don’t even want to attempt this because I know I’ll do horribly. On the other hand, I can sing the Preamble to the Constitution. Thank you, School House Rock.

i got only 36, but i`m from the old country. when i saw the answer i was irritated by myself, but i guess this is because in germany i`m not confronted with your country and states all the time.
grettings from south germany

I did it with 8:26 left; it would have been faster but for all those pesky “M” states. I played a lot of “Name the ___” games with my dad on road trips. Nifty game!

All 50 in 4.5 minutes!

I do it geographically, not alphabetically, so when the list alphabetizes your correct answers, it makes it harder for me to find that last one or two that you left off. I wish it left the list in the order you typed it, so if I had Massachusetts, Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, I could realize I left off Rhode Island.

Nice job on this.

All 50 in 2:48. How you ask? The Fifty States song I learned in elementary school!
“Fifty, nifty, united states from thirteen original colonies. Shout it, shout it, tell all about it. One by one, till we’ve given a name to….every state…that’s..in the USA. Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, California, …..”
This song comes in very handy more often than you might think. Anyone else know it?

I can’t believe I forgot Massachusettes and Wyoming. I’m so angry at myself…. ;)

Woohoo!! 50 states in 1:12! I wish I had learned the ‘Fifty nifty’ song like so many others, but sadly, mine is just set to some odd tune my mom taught me.

I got 49, I missed Missouri!

I am bummed. I could only get 47. I have even been to two of the states I missed and my best friends family is from the final state i missed. pressure!! but fun. thanks.

Got 48 in about 4 minutes and never was able to come up with the remaining two. We don’t really need Connecticut and Nebraska anyway, do we?

Thought of 49 states in under 5 minutes but couldn’t for the life of me remember New Jersey.

Nailed all 50 in 1:55. I’ve memorized all 50 states in alphabetical order.

Got to 48 with over 5 minutes to spare…knew I was missing some Northeastern states, as I have never lived East of Texas. I could not for the life of me remember Deleware and…Connecticut?? WTF? I can remember more obscure states, but CT threw me for a loop.

I acutally got all 50, but I couldn’t remember how to spell Misouri or Wyoming. But for the last 3 minutes, I was trying to spelling them any which way until I got to the last 30 seconds and said screw it.

havent taken it yet, but i can recite them for you in under a minute…screw writing them down.

Got 27. Not bad for an underage European, eh?

49, but I used all 50 spaces. I spent the last 3 minutes poring over the list trying to see what I doubled up on but just couldn’t see it. Turned out it was Indiana. That’s why this isn’t a very good test of anything but a person’s patience. Remembering the names of all 50 states isn’t that difficult, what’s going to trip people up is also remembering what states they’ve already used. Especially in the last leg of the 10 minutes.

49/50 ah this game always gets me…i come so close only to miss Missouri…i start from the new england and work my way west…but Missouri is just kinda hidden out there in the midwest…oh well

47 out of 50

I’m proud of my 47, especially as I’m an English kid. I got most of my answers from thinking about american football teams. Nebraska, Wyoming and Minnesota evaded me.

I could never name all the counties of England…

Maryland isn’t a real state anyway, is it? John Waters will never forgive me.

Ugh - got 48.

Stumped by Kansas (we’re not there anymore, Toto!) and Wisconsin (HELLO, WISCONSIN!!)


I got 47 states in the alotted 10 minutes. Gosh that was fun! Best of luck to anyone who does this. ;)

I thought I was good for getting 47, but it seems that is the going number. I missed Massachusetts, New Jersey, West Virginia

For dsh:

Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, Newfoundland, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Ontario, Prince Edward Island, Quebec, Saskatchewan.

Then again, I’m one of those rare breeds: the American hockey fan. :)

Thanks for sharing this. Very cool game. I got all 50 with over 7 minutes to spare.

Extra challenging suggestion for nerds like me: all 50 state capitals! I bet I’d get stumped on a few at least.

I got 49, but missed Minnesota! I’m sure some people actually do, but most probably don’t. ;-)

49/59. Wyoming got me and I am from Colorado!!

Took 3 minutes for the first 49, then had to scrounge around for another 4 minutes before I finally remembered Arkansas. What’s weird is I worked there for several months a few years ago.


You forgot:Minnesota, Oklahoma, Utah, Wisconsin.

Shouldn’t have missed utah. the other three, eh.

Typed in the names of all 50 states in about 6 minutes, correctly spelled including capitals on the first letters, and received a score of 8. Something buggy there. The first 8 states I typed showed immediately below the input box as soon as they were keyed … then that stopped happening.

I only got 14, but I’m from the UK. It showed me that my knowledge of US geography comes from tv shows: CSI Miami (Florida), Friends (New York), Charmed (SF, California), etc.

04:21 to go. all 50 states.

not bad for an european i would say ;)

i got 47 out of 50. i missed arizona Arizona, Connecticut, Minnesota, New Hampshire, & Vermont. can’t believe i missed AZ. shoot!

Got 49, knew I was missing something near Florida - It turned out to be Georgia. Stupid Georgia. :p

This Canadian got all of them with 05:09 to go. Fifth time’s a charm.

I went from west to east, starting with Hawaii/Alaska, along the Pacific coast, then went up and down going left to right.

Missed 9, but as a Canadian, I’m pretty pleased with myself. :) I used to better at this…my sister and I would do this all the time on long car rides!

45. Skimmed through the other comments…looks like New Hampshire and Wyoming are recurrent problems (two of the ones I missed as well).

I missed Montana. Guess I should visit it sometime.

Effin’ Nebraska!

To make up for not remembering Nebraska, I tried to cram Puerto Rico in there. I remembered Guam, American Samoa, and the Marianas, but no Nebraska! Sorry, Cornhuskers.

Dammit all to hell! Had 49 with several minutes to go, but couldn’t come up w/ Wisconsin. Stupid Cheesehead state …

I guess I owe New Hampshire, Wisconsin, West Virginia, and Arizona an apology. Or not.

for me as german, i think 43 is a good amount for keeping in mind, that i´m not able to count up all german countys (which are at least sixteen)

I got 22 :*( But hey, as someone from England, I suppose that’s not too bad!

5:00 is more than enough time for this game. I typed all that I could in about 2:00, then struggled to remember the rest.

7:23 remaining!

uhh..i def. missed 6 states. i’ve lived in the us all of my life and i cant even remember all of the states?? wasnt this shit POUNDED into our heads whenever we were little?? lol.

got all 50 in 2 minutes 3 seconds. 4th grade social studies, baby.

I missed Connecticut, Kansas, Vermont & Oklahoma. Meh, none of the important ones lol

I cant buy your joke !!! I had all of them and you said i didnt have any. Not such a funny joke !!! What’s the deal.????

Wisconsin can kiss my flabby tush. Feh.

Ha, I got 46, and I’m a 13 year old Canadian! … wow, I’m such a nerd…

Got 49 in 6 mins. Missed Connecticut. Wouldn’t have come up with it anytime soon either. Wonder how many phoney 50’s are up there. One of them claims to get them all then can’t even spell “Delaware”. Works for me…

48, darn you Colorado and West Virginia! I’m also not from the States (in fact, probably one of the furtherest places you can get from it) but I did live there for about half a year. Me and my brother had a map of the states without names and we’d go through and name as many as we could, he always got more than me though (In my defence I was 7 and he was 11). I knew that’d pay off some day though ;) I’ll have to try this out on my friends… Most of them have never even been to the US.

let’s give MICHIGAN to canada all it’s ever done is mess you up on this damn test. 49 wht the hell

Got the first 49 within 6 minutes… then completely forgot about Connecticut! Those little East Coast states are hard to remember!

Got 49 within 5 minutes…I had started at Maine, down a column, up a column etc but I came down Missouri and from Texas up thru Okla & Nebraska. Texas is too big! So I never got Kansas.

Got 49…was actually typing in the last (massachusetts) as my time ran out. Took me forever to remembr Iowa and Massachusetts. Funny. I enjoyed the challenge.

i HATE YOU INDIANA AND YOU TO MONTANA hahaha oh well awesome game does n e one live in montan a

49… like many others I got most of them in the first 2 minutes, then the 48 and 49 came in the next minute, and i sat and thought about number 50 for the rest of the time. During the last 20 seconds I was typing massachusets, but couldn’t fricken spell it. In my mind I got all 50.

Watching an obscene amount of NCAA basketball has finally paid off for this crazy canuk…49 right, damn you Wyoming (Cowboys)! Also helps that I’ve been to half of these states. I’ll bet $20 there isn’t a US citizen who can name all 10 Canadian provinces and 3 territories in 10 minutes (including your ambassador to Canada!) Cheers

49, I totally forgot Kansas

i am extremely proud of myself..,after practicing i named all fifty in 2 minutes, 18 seconds! beat that!!! Being a very competitive person im gonna try and beat that score! good luck everyone else trick is to do the states by letter…its a lot easier i think

i am extremely proud of myself..,after practicing i named all fifty in 2 minutes, 18 seconds! beat that!!! Being a very competitive person im gonna try and beat that score! good luck everyone else

i only got 25, but I’am mexican

Wow - fun! Got 48 states my first try (missed Louisiana and Michigan). Second time, I got all fifty with 4:27 to spare….Funny all the people that miss Wisconsin - that’s where I am!

Um I only forgot Utah but i got the rest in like 3 of the 10 minutes then i just sat thre for the rest of the 7 and thought it never really cam to me

I got 47. Unfortunately, like school, spelling does count or I would have gotten all 50.

ok—it’s been a while since I had to do this—LOL I got all but 6.

…got 28 :S Sorry! Not American!!!

haha.. i got 47… couldnt spell Conn. or Louisiana… and i just plain forgot about Oklahoma! Oh well.. pretty good considering.. i’ve never heard of the nifty fifty song!

“I managed 30 before my brain ran out of options. I don’t think this is bad considering I’m a Brit. I got another 13 by coming back here and scooping up your leftovers. The rest I gave up on.

I now challenge you to name every county in England :-)”

How about we name every kingdom or territory (or whatever they are called) in the UK? I doubt I would know all the counties of ANY U.S. state let alone every county in England…

oh and I missed Arizona…

i got 25 but it would have been more if i knew better how to spell them. i am from germany.

this was very funny an exciting. thank you.

41 out of 50. I’m a native Californian and a West coast dweller; I forget that a lot of those itty bitty states in the East even exist…

Got them all with 3:21 to go.
Did it geographically…
If only I could type “I coulda been a contenda”

Got 33 which I thought was pretty good for a Brit who remembers when there were only 48 states. How about the monarchs of England from 1066?

I forgot all about Indiana and Wyoming for some reason. At least I can say I’ve never been to either; it softens the blow of not knowing all the states.

I got 46 my first time, but that was without the benefit of Nifty 50, which I’ve never heard, or even heard of before this. Missed Iowa, Minnesota, Nevada, and Oklahoma. So now I will have to do it again.

39, holy crap, did I retain anything from grade school?

This is a great game!

Shared with my colleagues at work, now
everyone wastes company time trying

How about going to the next level and
naming all 50 state capitals?

I forgot West Virginia! Stupid Civil War.

Connecticut, Indiana, and Minnesota. I’m so sorry to all of you.

I was so sure I’d do better than 47!!!

Got 23 but The aussie challenge is a tough one. Where the hell is Australia anyway?

Got them all in 3 mins 37 seconds.

48. Michigan and Ohio left out.

Eh. Missouri. Shame on me.

Can anyone beat all 50 in 1 minute 22 seconds? Yes my job is boring and leaves me with way too much time on my hands

I only got 38 :( I need to go back to school I guess.

Forty five - not bad for a Briton :-)

I only missed three Illinois, Tennesee and of all places Washington but then I am from Jamaica so hey

Ugh! I got 48 out of 50. Missed Missouri and Maryland. I began with my home, South Dakota, and did the surrounding states, then worked my way randomly around the country, naming places I’ve been. This is a great challenge.

Dang, This was hard, I had to to have my younger sister help me. I didn’t have any nifty song to help, and never learned the states in fifth grade either. But I’m happy, I had two minutes to spare, Its sad though, my sister who is five years younger than I had to teach me the states…lol…

got all with 5:56 remaining. have to admit i’ve done this before just for my own amusemnt. i visualize the map of the us in my head and work west to east, south to north.

I got 48 in about 5 minutes, finally struggled to 49, and then forgot…New Jersey. Which is kind of embarrassing, since I live in New York.

I got 45 :-(

But I’m Canadian, and the ones I missed I had never been to: Indiana, Minnesota, Missouri, New Hampshire, Vermont

I was looking at some of the other ones missed.

Wonder which state is the most “forgettable”?

I saw a lot of people forgot Minnesota!

Ugh, only 46! Forgot Pennsylvania (where my Dad is from), Colorado, Connecticut, and New Jersey. But who doesn’t want to forget New Jersey? :)

Got all 50 with 5:27 left! This is a game I too have played many times. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have known them. Now, let’s work on the Presidents of the United States, State Capitals or Countries of the World.

I’ve never heard of “50 Nifty…” Just curious, how old are the people who know it?

I’m surprised at how many people forgot Louisiana.

Anyway, I like to make lists, so I’m pretty familiar with the states. I got all 50 in 2:38; I do them more or less alphabetically. I have a good memory for numbers, so I know how many states start with each letter, e.g., there are 8 M’s and 8 N’s. (Wow, Shell is the same way!) For the M’s, I do them alpha by postal abbreviation rather than full name. Go figure.

Bring on the capitals…but I don’t think I’d get all 50 of those. And they would take longer than the states because I can do them only in relation to their respective states. I once challenged myself to name a second city in each state (the first being the capital) and I failed miserably. I can do the books of the Bible. I used to know the US presidents, but not anymore. I can tell you the name and number for most of the 67 counties in Alabama. (The county numbers appear on our car tags.) Sad to say, once we leave the US, I’m in trouble. I’ve worked a little on other countries, but not very successfully. Did I learn this stuff in school and forget it? Nope, I don’t think they taught us geography. Then again, it seems there was one college history course with lots of blank maps, so maybe I have forgotten it all. Probably learned it just long enough to pass the tests.

I love stuff like this. Can you tell? :-)

Originally managed 29. 24 hours later, can do all 50 in 2 minutes 39 seconds… Not bad for an Englishman! (woman, whatever). Although apparently people at work now think that I have on ocd :-s

Passed it onto a friend who said he was shocked to find that contrary to popular belief the U.K. is apparently not a state of America - oooh!

Need to beat that time now…

got 49, but knew all 50 just could not spell connecticut

I’d get all but 4, then all but a different 2, then miss different ones until I finally got them all! Have now done it several times. I start by getting Alaska and Hawaii out the way, then down the west coast, along the Mexico border, then down from Montana, then east from Montana into the Great Plains. Then along the gulf states into the southern states, and up the seaboard to Maryland. Then down the seaboard from Maine. Why do I do it so confusing? Wish I knew.

Got them all with about a minute to spare. I do them regionally, starting in the Northwest (I’m from the Northeast). Spelled them all correctly, too. Thanks to my geography and English teachers in grade school in Jersey City a thousand years ago. Can we try the capitals? How about the provinces of Canada and/or the countries of South America. A real killer would be the countries of Africa…there are about 50 of those. I would guess that only a small percentage of people could even name half.

I tried this several times. The first time I missed four, the last few times I only missed one or two. The ones I missed most often were Wisconsin, New Jersey, and Maryland (followed by Michigan and Minnesota). It’s really helped clarify my mental map of the states. I do it regionally and I wish the interactive scorer would leave my states in the order I entered them so I can go back and track by region and see what I missed.

Can we do the capitals next?

Angela in Alabama… I’m 23 and I still remember it, and I have a feeling I will remember it forever.

Got 40, which I’m choosing to see as not bad for someone living in the UK. Mostly missed some of the middle ones, but am kicking myself for forgetting New Jersey, which I’ve been to tons of times.

Got 38. Not bad for a brit. Never even heard of Vermont. Sounds like a drink :)

You forgot:Arizona, Connecticut, Idaho, Maryland, Minnesota,
Mississippi, Missouri, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Vermont,
West Virginia, Wisconsin.

I missed New Jersey and Connecticut. Thought I had all the “New…” states. Who would have thought? Can;t believe i missed Connecticut but I was sure it was one of the New England states.

48. Forgot Iowa and Missouri.

Got 47 real fast and then could not remember Iowa, Wisconsin and Wyoming. Felt real stupid at the end. hahahaha

would love to see it as a map with numbers. so you would have to know where the state is. i learned a song called the “50-nifty united states” so i know the names of the states in alpha order.

umm, I’m not a citizen

i got 48 though, i’d totally forgotten about Delaware and Maine

good stuff… just under 4 minutes and i was done. what a geek i am.

i got 50 i am brit and only 14!!

I missed 11, but I’m only 10.

I missed 11, but I’m only 10.

41. I missed Indiana, Iowa, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Nebraska,
New Hampshire, Oklahoma, Tennessee, and Wisconsin. Those flyover states are hard!

Please can you send me the 56 states of the USA. Where is Houston in the US? I could not get Houston throughout theperiod spent on this site.



50 States in 9 minutes and i’m even not american!! I’m turkish :)

52 states in 3 minutes

i got 38 ugg i have ahuge test coming up

god dang it’
uggg remember states

47 and used all the time. Started from the West coast. Ended alphabetically. Still missed Connecticut, Wisconsin, and Indiana. No Offense!

That was incredibly easy. Got them all with 7:45 to go. In my defense though, I’ve driven most of the country many times. How about something more challenging?? I’m almost certain I couldn’t name all the countries of Africa in 10 minutes.

I got 29 on first try. I’m German though and have only seen California and NYC on holiday trips.

I thought for sure I’d miss some!… but I didn’t!! I’m so glad I remembered all 50 states!!!

haha.. 49.. missed indiana out of all… hey i’m canadian what do u expect

I learned a song about 10 years ago that allowed me to answer 48/50 in the first 5 minutes. I could not think of Wyoming and Wisconsin for the life of me.

I missed 5 or 6 the first time I did it, but couldn’t accept that, so went back & kept missing about the same number, but different ones! Then I tried the older version & that somehow helped me visualize or something but still missed a couple - but then when I went back to the one that makes you spell them right, tried again & still missed a couple, but then I decided to try just ONE MORE TIME - & I got them all! I am a slow learner I guess? I was kind of surprised how many tries it did take me to get them all since I have certainly helped 5 kids learn their states & capitols - easy come, easy go?

You forgot:Connecticut,

STUPID CONNECTICUT. Connect-I-CUT! NOBODY LIKES YOU…just going around destroying people’s perfect scores.

Just as an aside - HEY STATE MASTER - THERE ARE ONLY FIFTY STATES. Oh, and there’s no extra credit. FIFTY TWO STATES, and in three minutes, at that. Bravo. I’m assuming your geography class was a three minute crash-course too.

I did it.

47 but im from England

47—Deleware, Vermont, Colorodo. Tricky, tricky.

to the maker of this page/program

it would be awesome if you wrote in something that tracked all the missed states and then displayed them ranked. most forgotten to least forgotten.

coming from Idaho, I always wonder if it is one of the least known/remembered states

I missed Minnesota of all places, because in my head, I covered that area with Wisconsin had 49/50 with 4 minutes to go

lots of fun. managed to get all 50 states in, to me, an embarrassingly slow 6:32 time…got stuck on about 5 states that totally wouldn’t come to me. fun game.

I only got 34 – but I’m Canadian and the hockey game was blaring in the background the whole time so it was tough to concentrate ; )

47, but I’m from Spain. I have rememebered West Virginia, but seeing films helps a lot, especially remembering that old ones about your civil war, like “gone with the wind” and things like that.

It would be interesting to have different versions of this game, not only for the European countries, as some people have said, also for the African countries, which I find the more difficult ones to remember.

damn! Only 47. Never learned “Fifty Nifty” so guess that’s my problem. Indiana, Minnesota, and Nebraska escaped me, but I’m from the Northeast so that’s probably why.

OMG.. I was so stuck..i only got 39.. Ill be better next time

49 … stupid Maryland

only 39!!! I’m easily distracted and my husband is talking loudly on the phone.

49- Iowa, I’ll never forget you again.

42, but I’m Canadian

46- Alabama, Montana, Nebraska, Oklahoma

I got 46 in about five minutes, but only added one more after that. It was harder than I thought it was going to be!

I got 7!

I got 49 in about 3 min. then another minute to review and find I missed Oklahoma. It helps that I have a job that covers the U.S. but I never heard of that song and I grew up in Calif. in the 50’s.

I got 25! Not bad for a member of the 51st state (see Robert Carlyle/ Samuel L Jackson film). Alright it sucks, but there we have it. I made a version of this featuring English counties, may I use it somewhere?
What accreditation would be required?
It turns out I’m even worse at the English one than the American!

i never learned that 50 nifty states…

i blame my lazy elementary teachers for me forgetting utah and pennsylvania.

40, not bad for a limey. :)

got all 50 with 7:45 left.

Got 43 and thought I was pretty good, NOT. Unless everyone else is lying….:)

ok now make that all 50 with 7:50 left

As i’m from england , and well i know alot about the states but getting them all with 5:24 to go i thought was ok, got stuck on Arkansas and the Virginia’s.

Now I got it with 8:05 left.

Been a 5th grade teacher for 20+ years… need I say more? Right around 2 minutes. Ü

Took me a while, had about 2:30 left on the clock.

I started in New England, did the Atlantic seaboard, around the Golfo de Mexico then hopped over to the Pacific side. Those larger states were pretty easy to remember, then I started working north to south in columns: North Dakota and on down, Minnesota, then down.

I always get tripped up in the middle of the country.

I am sure if I just moved in one direction, I could have been faster!

I used to remember them, due to the song I learned in school 30 years ago, but only got 48 on the first time.
Left out Iowa and Texas (can’t beleive that on)
but I only remember the song up to ohio!

I got all 50 and I’m Australian.
47 in the first 4 minutes. Then Delaware Maryland and Indiana. Harder ones for a foreigner inclue maine, vermont, arizona, colorado, Nebraska, oregon.

Easy, i am 14 and i got all fifty with 6 minutes to go.

i got 48, but im not from the US, missed out minnesota and indiana. started at Maine worked my way down the east cost then across the bottom to california then across the top and filled in the middle from West Virginia. I’m quite proud of myself really!

i got all 50 states in under 5 mins. im great!

I thought ten minutes would be an eternity…NOT! Pretty fast until the last two stumped me! Maryland and Utah! It seems by my informal calculations that Maryland gets forgotten a lot!

Maryland and Utah! I was born in 1956. What is this Nifty Fifty song and when did it appear? Come to think of it, I’m a pretty nifty fifty myself!

All 50 in less than 8 minutes. Nearly forgot my own state! HAH!

49…forgot about Iowa.

I got them all in 98 seconds. I want to get in under 90 seconds.

Maryland, Michigan and Oklahoma — is there really such a place as oklahoma? LOL!

All 50 in alphabetical order in under 2 minutes. Nothing like elementary school geography…that and the song set to “Turkey in the Straw”

man, i got to 45. friggin Nevada, Arkansas, Montana, Nebraska and Vermont.

I’m 15 and from the UK and I got all of them. Got stuck on how to spell massachusetts though, but then i remembered.

Got 40 in about 3 minutes and 6 more trickled in. Missed 4, which were Louisiana, ah, i forgot them already, which is probably why I couldn’t remember them in the first place. Darn.

I’m from Brazil and I love the USA but I only got 27… hehehe… :o)

I got 37. Not good, not too bad either for a Norwegian who has never set foot on American soil.

ha. all 50 with 8:40 to spare. suckas.


yay!!!!!!! ALL 50 STES CORRECTO….IN 9:40 TO SPARE!!!!!!!


Oh wow, that was more fun, & ALOT harder then I thought!!!
But, believe it or not…I got all fifty!!!
Go me!!!
I did however, get stuck on the very last one, I had 49 & for the life of me, I couldn’t figure out what the final state was…
Then with like a minute & a half remaining…it came to me…
Friggin “Oklahoma”
*UgH* I probably forgot about it, because, for one i’m a born NYC gal, & life New Yorker, plus, I didn’t much enjoy that musical *grins*

Um…how did I get Virginia, but not WEST Virginia??

Got all 50 with 6:37 to go. EASY.

I used a map and I still missed West Virginia.

I seem to have gotten the worst score of any American, 35/50 …

I got all 50 with 40 seconds to spare on my first time in here!

maybe it’s because it’s Friday the 13th…sounds reasonable enough. I could only remember 43 of them.

i got all 50 in less then 5:45!

43 missed 7
even some close by states in trying t remember the far ones

Got 30, but i live in Sweden so that was an honest try ;)

i got 49 only because i couldn’t type fast enough.but i am in 5th grade

25 right, 25 wrong! I’m ashamed, especially when trying to write Massachuttes and Missisippi totally wrong. These ones I forgot:

Arkansas, Colorado, Connecticut, Florida, Hawaii,
Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas,
Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Mississippi,
Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Jersey, North Carolina,
North Dakota, Rhode Island, South Carolina, South Dakota, Utah,
Vermont, Wyoming,

i got all fifty states with five minutes still left to go on the timer. this program fails to stop after it has been completed. also, it should automatically compare results for you. I almost had my list perfectly alphabetized too but I was going for speed.

I got only 28, but I’m not American, either… I knew them all once, though, and could even place them on the map. But hey, try to name all the European countries: http://www.europe.bizrok.com/

I got 31. Not bad, since I’m from Finland :)

this was awesome ! I had to look up the spelling of connecticut but I got it by a minute something !

49, damn pennsylvania.. but not too bad, since i’m from finland too.. :) have you tried the european quiz? http://www.europe.bizrok.com/ same thing, 49 countries and FIVE minutes. I got 46 and forgot those very-european countries like armenia and azerbaidjan..

Got 47… not too bad for a Brit. Forgot Oklahoma and Connecticut… and West Virginia. Who gets Virginia but misses West Virginia?!

Got 47/49 on the European one http://www.europe.bizrok.com/ and I reckon I would’ve got Albania and Cyprus had I had 10 mins rather than 5. Maybe.

i got 45 but couldn’t spell the other 5

Missed Connecticut, Louisiana and Michigan. Ugh!

got all 50 in 3 mins 28…not bad for a british teenager!!

My first try, I got all 50 with just 37 seconds left.

My personal best, however, is all 50 in only 3 minutes and 27 seconds!

I got all of them with 7:18 left to go. That “Fifty Nifty United States” song is the only reason I know all of the states.

I did it with 1:19 left on the clock. I had a little help when I got stuck with 9 left to go. My 14 yr old son came in to help me with the rest.

30/50…I expected better, but I live in Canada where its only 10 provinces and 3 territories, so I’m not overly mad. ;)

48 out of 50. Forgot Oklahoma and Rhode Island. I’m pretty proud of myself.

49/50…forgot connecticut…not bad for a Canadian…bet you dan’t do our provinces and territories…

Forgot Nebraska and Iowa. Darn.

47 (Arkansas, Maryland, Nevada)

48/50 - again not too shabby for a Brit. Completely forgot Nebraska and had Omaha down instead of Iowa - always get my Is and Os mixed up (keep thinking there are 4 Os and 3 Is when it’s the other way round).

Delaware almost got me.

Got all 50 with 5:01 to go. I don’t have a memorized list, but I have a memorized map. I almost skipped Utah until I realized there was a hole in my map.

35/50, from Canada so I don’t know them all that well. Forgot some “obvious” ones like Nevada and Idaho (which I drive through sometimes).

All 50, in 2 minutes 50 seconds. Not terrible, right?

Missed: Connecticut, Indiana, Rhode Island

I got about 40 of them in the first few minutes, then took the remaining 7 minutes to get 6 more. Got Nebraska in just before the time was out.

Thought I’d do better than this. Damn.

The first 48 were easy in 3 minutes, but after that it took me a long time to realize I skipped Massachusetts (I live there, how funny is that), then even longer to give up and cheat to find out I completely forgot that the state of Nebraska existed.

The first 49 took me about six minutes and I completely forgot about Nebraska which pissed me off…Apparently nothing interesting happens there!

49/50, somehow forgot utah.

Got 49 in 7 minutes… couldn’t remember that darned Rhode Island. Grr…

Damn! Forgot Tennessee, Oregon, and Minnesota.

oh ya i got them all i almost forgot Mississippi and that is where i live that is sad

“FIFTY NIFTY UNITED STATES” song helps a lot

got 50/50 on ironic sans state game in 3 misn and 34 secs :D

and im from england and 14 lol haha

Got to 47, and I’m from Germany ;)

finished everything good above for 7 minutes… till i realized i was still missing hawaii and alaska. All and all 6:30 is my best

i did it with only 56 seconds to spare!! wow and you think youd know your own country! its very difficult.. it took me a while to realize that i didnt have alaska and hawaii.

Got all 50!! Except I cheated. I used a list. But when I went back to check my answers I spelled Florida, F-l-o-r-d-i-s. I went to change it. I got a these letters F-l-o-r-i-d!!! I ran out of TIME!!!! So, whoever looks at this. DON’T CHEAT!!!

yoooooooooooooo i neeeed to learn alll this capitals and states fastttt i got a test i did do bad my first time

I got all 50 with 6 minutes 43 left. I think that’s pretty good for a Brit who’s never been to the US. I really am proud of myself.

Heckk yess. I got em all!!!

Gosh, West Virgina took me about 8 minutes to remember. Jeez

Got all 50 with 3:30 remaining…had 45 of them in 4 minutes, and those last remaining five took forever. Phew. Glad I’m done with that!

got 49, got hung up on that damn nebraska

49. Delaware hung me up, couldn’t spell Connecticut….

I got 49. Friggin’ Kansas.

You forgot:Idaho, Missouri, Nebraska, Nevada.

And I’ll probably forget them again too- I’m a nrotheasterner.

the first time i forgot michigan
the second time, utah
the third, both of the norths (dakota & carolina) but i got both of the souths! weird?!

I can name all fifty states in 2:30 and I’m from New Zealand.Geez.

AND I know the state capitals.You probably don’t even know where New Zealand is.Right now I’m learning the 48 presidents in chronological order.And I know pi to 60 decimal places. 3.141592653589793238462643383279502884197169399375105820974944 ha ha ha ha.I’m so smart.

No, wait that’s 42 presidents.aww,I feel dumb now.

I did all 50 in 3 minutes exactly today but last time I tried (bout 2 weeks ago) I did it in 2 minutes 4 seconds.

All 50 with 8 minutes to spare. And in alphabetical order. ;) Thanks to “Fifty Nifty United States”.


I got all 50 in under 3 minutes. And I’m Canadian. How can you not get 50 states in ten minutes? Seriously.

ALMOST forgot West Virginia, but got in under the wire with 2 minutes to spare.

all 50 with 7:10 to spare! :P

I got all 50 right in 2 minutes! How is it possible to get all wrong in 10 minutes!OMG!!!Whoever made this must not know the state song!!!!!

I got all 50 states. I can’t believe that 50 states that rhymed song ould ever come in handy but it did and after doing this i’ll never forget it.

38 states.. not very bad for a 14 year old dutch girl =p

Why does everyone always forget Utah? It’s like the coolest state ever!!!
PS I had like 26 and gave up on the quiz, i never learned that 50 nifty state song and didn’t have any strategy. I’m not ashamed to say it, but I do know what I’m going to work on… getting all 50 states in like 2 minutes!!! :o)

all 50 with 8:17 left. and i never learned that state song, im just that good : )

I am having a test so i have to go on this to study.I missed Delaware,Hawaii,Illinois,Indiana, Kentucky,Louisiana,Main,Michigan, Minnesota,Nebraska,Nevada,Ohio,Oklahoma,Oregon.

50/50, 7:59 to spare.
do them in alphabetical order and its a lot easier. you know there have to be 4 As, 0 bs, 3 Cs, 1 D, etc… Then its easy!

got 50 in about 3:30. used to teach social studies though. wonder how long it would take to get all the capitals…

I got 50states in 36 seconds.


40 not bad for a dutch girl =p (no i don’t wear wooden shoes like some people think, i have a pair though =p)

OMG… this was so cool! i got 48! whoo hoo! i only missed ohio and…something that started with an “M” There are way too many “M” States!!! LOL! Thanks for creating this website… it helped me study 4 a big history test tomorrow where we hafta name all 50 states, their capitals, and their postal codes.

I just knew I could do this but I was horribly defeated - I missed SIX!!
Oklahoma (I am really upset about this one..)
Oh my god! I can’t believe it!

yes! i got 49! i only missed one pennsylvania. wow…i guess u.s history payed off

AHHHH!!! 49! How could I forget Iowa, THAT COST ME 20 BUCKS!

got all 50. did them alphabetically, for the most part.

Only managed to get 42. Feeling pretty good about that…..I wonder how many could name countries in Europe though.

got the first 48 with 6 min 40 secs left and then i got the last two but i couldn’t spell them so it only gave 48

48…I was expecting 49.
Here’s an interesting variant: assume everyone can name their home state and all if it’s adjacent states. What’s the smallest group of people that can name all 50 (and where are they from).

I got 46 doing the first complete game of 50 States in ten minutes. That’s good for a 9 year old, right?

It took six of us ten minutes to remember 49… how sad is that? We got stuck for the last 1min 30sec and didnt get Missouri…

well i got 49. i forgot new york. i guess it would be okay if i didn’t live there.

I got all in about three minutes! And I ain’t US citizen. Greetings from Finland!

I got thtem all with 7:10 left!!!

it wasn’t that hard.

I got all 50 in just over five minutes. Slightly stumped by Alaska and Hawaii.

Got all 50 again, this time in only 3 minutes!

I remembered all 50 in 2 minutes!!!

Hi there,

I’ve done this about 30 times and love it love it love it. I did it over and over and over at first to get my time down - I ran out about 5 times. heh. Nebraska and Wyoming were my weak spots. Now I come back every once in a while to make sure I still remember them all. I used to start w/ GA, then FL, then up the east coast and up and down all the to the west. Today for kicks I went GA, FL then all the way to the west, then middle US then east coast, then alaska and hawaii - after about a month and it was my 2nd fastest ever. I agree with the person who said it would be interestink to see the patterns of how people remember.

Anyhoo, um… after I started doing this I tried doing the same thing with capitals, presidents and vice presidents. But just doing them on my own isn’t fun. Have you considered - or would you - making the same types of tests on those subjects? Countries of Earth and capitals would be nifty as well.

Thanks for reading!


Urg! Only 47!!! I forgot Kansas, I was just listening to the band…Iowa, I know people from there…Indiana, right by me, went there last week for canoeing!!!

Oh well, at least I only forgot some really boring states. Well, not Indiana, but come on, Kansas and Iowa.

I only got 40. I had a hard time with the east coast since I live in California.

finished all 50 and had 4:40 seconds left on the clock HOORA

Got 49 in about 3 minutes - as fast as I could type them. And then, it took me about 4 minutes to remember Montana!

Hey everyone! I got all 50 states and I finished with 7 minutes and 43 seconds left on the clock…I had been practicing this game earlier today — guess it paid off!

[as a little side note, I got all of them in alphabetical order!]

i got so caught up in the ones i already knew but some were jus hard to spell. I needed these!!!! Hey I have a states and capitals quiz on Friday maybe i need to try again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I did it all!! Although, I am a teacher.. I am teaching 5th grade for the first time this year. I cannot find the fifty states song on the internet.. only on You Tube… does anyone know where I can get it?

Great site.. I will use this to test my kids!

I did it all!! Although, I am a teacher.. I am teaching 5th grade for the first time this year. I cannot find the fifty states song on the internet.. only on You Tube… does anyone know where I can get it?

Great site.. I will use this to test my kids!

When I came home today 5 of my 6 kids were all excited to tell me about your wesite. Apparently they had were each trying to beat eachothers best score!

I got all 50 in 3 minutes and 35 seconds in alphabetical order with never having memorized them before and no other memory techniques.

When I came home today 5 of my 6 kids were all excited to tell me about your wesite. Apparently they had were each trying to beat eachothers best score!

I got all 50 in 3 minutes and 35 seconds in alphabetical order with never having memorized them before and no other memory techniques.

I got 49! I forgot Wisconsin. Not bad! I’m happy.

I got 48. Forgot Minnesota and Montana.
I’m quite please though as I’m from the Uk and have never visited the states.

How embarrassing. 43!

Got 48 correct, Missed georgia and Kentucky…

50 with over a minute to spare! But almost forgot mississippi!

i’d like to include that i’m british. so 50 with more than a minute to spare is good.

wow so i got the first 49 in about 5 minutes then i just went blank.


wow so i got the first 49 in about 5 minutes then i just went blank.


Really annoying quiz! Got 48 on the first, missed out Colorado and New Jersey. Then I managed to get 47 second time… finnaly 50 the third time, and then again 50 within 5 minutes the last time… think i got it now. Also I’m from Norway, so I’m pretty satisfied about knowing all of Americas 50 states ;)

this website suck so bad i faild my geo test thanx alot!=[
v-town cali 13

Got 47! Missed Maine, Mississippi and New Hampshire…
Am from India, so am glad about the score :)

49. Could not come up with Vermont.

Connecticut, Delaware, Georgia, Hawaii, Indiana,
Kansas, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, Rhode Island,
Tennessee, Texas,
those r the ones i forgot

I got all 50 in three minutes! I just used the 50 Nifty United States song I learned in 5th grade. It’s annoying, but, hey, it works!

I got all 50 with 50 with like 4 minutes left plus I put a load of laundry in the wash!! I got them in order too, from that annoying song I learned in 3rd grade. Seems like forever ago!

Very fun…got stuck on 49…Montana!

OMG!!! I got 48 which is pretty good for me. Just missed Indiana and Mississippi. I thought Mississippi was just a river! Who names their state that? What a joke. Total rip off. And indiana…I don’t have an excuse, it’s just a stickler!

Yay! 45 states outta 50! Which is good, considering I never studied worth a cent in school.

Got 45 in the first 5 minutes, missed 3 at the end.

I missed fourteen. But, three I couldn’t figure out how to spell. >.

~That One Girl

i got them all right and im only 6 years old but im one of the smartest fids on earth

I am such an idiot I forgot about Alaska and Alabama.:(

i am trying to learn all 50 states for a test on how to pell them and were they go on the map so this is such a big help

I got 47. I missed only Arizona, Rhode Island and Iowa. Not bad for a European :)

Got all 50 baby!!!! I rock. it only took me 3 minutes and 5 seconds. BEAT THAT!!!

I missed Indiana and Minnesota. Dammit. :-P

I got 44 out of 50 in around 6 minutes but got stuck on the midwestern states: nebraska, washington (don’t know how i forgot htat), iowa, idaho, and missouri.

forgot about Missouri!!!

I got 30/50 but I am british :-P
Based mainly from movies, places i have been and any surrounding states.

Whats the children’s song - not something we learn in the UK!

I got 37 which I need to know these for a history test tomarrow.O yea in in 11th grade.

49. Forgot about Nevada. Feel dumb. Had the rest at around 3:30.

I got all 50. The thing is I am from Canada! My mom is Texan though so i am good with American Geography and stuff. It is harder than it looks because you get tense while doing it but i had a good 2 minutes and 30 seconds left over.

50 in less than 6 minutes! Woo Hoo!

I got 47.

“You forgot:Iowa, Kentucky, New Mexico,”

Terrific game. I’m passing it along to my wife the schoolteacher!

Come on does anyone actually live in Kentucky and Michigan?

D’oh, had to cheat to get Kansas, guess I bloked it from all the times I got bored stiff driving home from Colorado when I lived there. Got my only speeding ticket ever there. I even got Nebraska by thinking that it was north of that state I used to have to drive through. D’oh. Otherwise got the rest by visual memory.


49! forgot Idaho

I got all 50! I definitely would not have got them if I hadn’t been recently studying the Americas. I usually can not recall the northeast states.

Finished with 6:33 seconds left

i only got 21 but im from england so i dont care

i almost had them all bt it took me 4 ever 2 do it in 10min so i had 16 more nt bad 4 a beginer huh

I got all the states, and i’m from Great Britain. I dont know anyone who can name all EIGHTY SIX COUNTIES of my own country though. I’m working on it ;)

I’ve taken it 2x… about 3 or 4 months in between the first and second time.
Got 48 both times and forgot Wyoming and New Hampshire BOTH TIMES. At least those are really boring/obscure states you never hear about!

finally did it with 1 min 56 left on my second try (bout 3 hours and 6 drinks after the first try), stupid delaware and connecticut, can’t spell one of them and always forget the other. I got most of them in under 5 mins, i did it by remebering all the sports team in nfl and nba with mlb helping for the last few, altough i kept putting Nashville instead of Tenessee though :-D

I am so proud i got all of them well i did cheat for vermont new hampshire and maryland but i did it ya for MEEE

I’m from Canada and I got all 50 in 2:43! The last one I remembered was Nebraska. I has thought of it earlier, then forgot it to type it in after I did Nevada. I remembered Omaha at the end and checked for Nebrasksa and saw I didn’t have it. So I quickly typed it in. I was sure I was missing another one, I guess not.

Got 48 before the timer ran out. Forgot Virginia and Idaho.
I’m Canadian though….

46 in the time.Not bad for an Irish man living in Ireland.Great country ya`ll have over there!

o yeh, all 50 with over 7 minutes 2 spare, plus im only 14 and dont even live in america! (england)

I was able to name all 50 in 2:45! Yea Me!

no s*** i got them all

31 but I’ve only visited the US for 2 weeks. How many Australian states and territories can you name? There are only 7 :)


got all 50 with 4:29 left!!!!!

who really lives in Iowa? got 48 (turns out i forgot to type South Dakota!)

wow, im pretty skilled at this: ALL 50 WITH 7:39 LEFT!! i used a song like many of you, but its not the ‘50 nifty’ song; it doesnt have extra words, just the 50 states and ONLY the 50 states.

i live in england and do this bet quite a lot. i’ve done it in 3.42 before, but it took me nearly 5 minutes on this, damn keyboard.
i do it alphabetically, i memorize how many states begin with what letters, and with N’s and M’s second letters, e.g. 4 New’s, 2 North’s and Nevada & Nebraska and M’s, 4 Mi’s, 3 Ma’s and Montana.

YAY! i had 7:39 left before, but now im down to 7:45 left!!! and by the way, people seem to be confuzed. THE TIMER COUNTS DOWN, NOT UP TO 10!!!!!!!!

dang i got 49 in 3 mins and i for got kentucky and i live here

I started with California (where I live) and then worked around it. I named all the really publicized states (New York, Washington, Texas, etc.) and then went from there… when I get stuck, I just think of my shows and movies and think of what they are set in (According to Jim = Illinois, Dexter = Florida, etc.)

Got all 50 with over 4 minutes left. I didn’t think I’d be able to do it.

okayyokkay….fifty nifty…now that song sucks..too long..try the 50 states that rhyme…thats the way to go.

for all you who got 50, congratulations… but really…nobody gives a crap about you anyway and we don’t need to know how long it took. feel good about ur self but lets not boast

For all the canadians and….well not americans….thats great if you can remember a couple states but when you say stuff like “i got 46 and i live in Canada!” thats not a great excuse and ur kinda stupid cause why do you give a crap anway. we also envy you because us americans look like stupid idiots not knowing our own country.

When you do this and miss a few don’t waste our time by listing off all the ones you missed…just feel good about what you did and shut ur trap.

Children who do this (me included) we all see ur brilliance but lets keep our smart mouths closed. saying things like “i got all 50 and im only 10!” just makes you sound like a real self praising know it all brat.

For those of you who do this over and over again until you finally get all 50…bug off. if you cant do it you cant do it…thats all there is. for those of you who don’t get that many and accept that…i admire you…at least you can let go right?

For those of you who are gonna get all huffy and touchy about my personal input…get a life. im just some stupid kid ya know? if you care about what im saying…well thats gonna be a first…don’t let it bug you if you did something i was griping about…that will only make you insecure and self conscious. ull look like a loser

P.S. trying to name all 50 states was actually very fun…if you havn’t you should try it…then you can write a comment…just not a stupid one.

I missed illinois and nevada. i knew that i was missing an “i” and an “n” state, but whoops! sad that i forgot nevada, seeing as how i live in california! oops.

I had 37 states right. Not so bad for a
Dutchman who has never been in the USA,
I think. I didn’t prepare for this test.
I just got a tip from my son living in
Taiwan to try.

I got all 50 but it took me 8:28, which is sort of embarrassing since I’m a U.S. citizen. Funnily enough, I played another game where you have to name the 49 European countries in 5 minutes, and I got 46 of those faster than I got 46 of the states of the country I freakin’ LIVE in!!! Weird.

I played this a few times and can name all 50 in 3 minutes now. I named all 50 on my first attempt, but only just. I’m British, but very keen on geography.

OMG!! I was just thinking last week how I should know my geography better because I’m freakin’ 28 so I started with trying to remember the 50 U.S. states!! This was a good test and although it took me ten minutes to get 45, it is a helluva lot better that I would have gotten last week! Guess I’m going to have to figure out what that nifty fifty thing is so I can finally become popular and impress all of my friends.

I did 45. Considering I’m not an American, I thought that was a very good effort! : ) Woot for me!


I managed to remember all the states in 2 minutes. I could do it faster but my fingers are not that fast :( I’m not an american either, but I wanted to learn the states and their capitals just for fun and to know where something is when people speak about different states.

Got them all with 5 minutes, 1 second to spare. To Livv, it only took about 10 seconds to realize what an a**hole you are, even if you’re only a kid.

I got all 50 states in alphabetical order in a little over 1 minute. I learned a song about it in 3rd grade. 25 years later I still remember it

49 — never got Minnesota …

I got 36/50. Which is understandable, ha. I’m Australian. I didn’t even know half those places existed. I’ve never been to the USA so maybe i should check out a few of these states; If, I ever go there.

i got them all in 7 minutes and im only 11.6th grade

Indiana, Iowa, Maryland, Missouri, Montana, Nevada, Oklahoma. Those are the ones i missed 7 at least i know i will get an at least b on my grade this is good pratice though it really helped me

I missed Kansas. I did them in no particular order, so I had no idea which one I had forgotten.

I got all 50 in 8:34 lol!!!!!

i did all 50 states in 8:34!! LOL!!!

I agree with john from way back in 2007….damn you indiana….you even have a song…I will now probably die with ‘Gary, Indiana’ stuck in my head…and what’s even sadder— my copy of Indiana Jones is within reach on my desk…YOU WIN THIS TIME INDIANA. YOU WIN THIS TIME

i forgot… Connecticut, Georgia, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana,
Kansas, Louisiana, Maryland, Mississippi, Missouri,
Nevada, New Hampshire, Ohio, Rhode Island, Tennessee,
Utah, Vermont, Wisconsin,

i am bad

Woohoo 50… Exactly on 5 minutes yay :D

It’s a tricky thing… Though i must say those little states such as connecticut, delaware and maryland are hard to recall but they come eventually …

Also those states starting with the letter M and N are hard to remember aswell, seeing there is so many of them haha…


48…Left out Wisconsin and Iowa.

I’m as 15 year old Australian and I’ve never been to the US and I named the first 45 in 3 and a half minutes the first 49 in 5 minutes and then I couldn’t remember the last one which turned out to be Nebraska…

I commented above and now I did it again and named all 50 in 3:30 minutes! Woo! Go me! I didn’t forget Nebraska this time!

I passed or in other words i got a 100. i was so amazed i got all of them correct and i nevered knew them at all. I finished in 5:50 minutes.

I passed or in other words i got a 100. i was so amazed i got all of them correct and i nevered knew them at all. I finished in 5:50 minutes.

Yay all 50 with 6:30 to go….

and I’ve never even been to the USA.

47 only! I forgot Connecticut, Kentucky, and Wisconsin (and I love cheese!!)

All 50 with 6:44 left on the clock! I go alphabetically to help me remember them. But I have tested myself on these again and again so I ought to be able to do it!!

That was pretty hard!! I got it with 1monute and 59 seconds left. y heart was beating so fast while I was trying to do it!!!!!

That was pretty hard!! I got it with 1 minute and 59 seconds left. My heart was beating so fast while I was trying to do it!!!!!That was fun.


Damn, got the most of them kind of fast, but missed three states in the end….

Missed three - Mississippi, Minnesota and couldn’t spell Massachusetts!

45 in 7 minutes - could never figure out that I had missed:
Connecticut, Indiana, Kentucky, Nebraska, New Hampshire,

I got all 50 in 2 minutes and im a canadian

Odd, I wrote pennsylvania repeatedly and it didn’t take it.
I got 49 then, and I’m not even American.

Got stuck on 45, forgot utah, vermont, delaware, new hampshire and new mexico, not too bad for a british student i dont think :p

Got most of them very quickly and then all but one came to me as the time ticked by - damn you Mississippi!
(You’d think the fun little song to remember how to spell it would have popped into my head at some point…)

got all correct accept 1 >>
nice web game
do post me some of this kind of game to my mail account

I got 46, pretty good for a Canadian, huh? I missed Conneticut, Monatana, Indiana and Tennessee

i got all 5o states!!
it took me 6 minutes and 58 seconds.
that was funn.
i guess ive gone pro.

Hi all! I’m from Sweden, and I got all states as fast as I could type - 2:20. Kinda good, huh? Now I have to learn all the capitals as well. But hey, I already know all countries and capitals in Europe. Africa, South America, Asia are next! Cheers!

1 minute.Hopefully that is good. Trying to improve it.

all 50 in 1 minute

49! Nebraska. I was so close. My last 2 minutes was just sitting there being frustrated. Great game!

i got 100% go me i did it the 1 one not the2

RI?!?!? it is so darn small i forgot all about it. 49/50. uggh!!!!

I know you won’t believe this but I got all 50 with 7:20 remaining. I type pretty fast and just recited the lyrics to a song that I remember learning in the fouth grade… yes I am teaching it to my kids!

I named them in less then 3. Like another person who commented, I learned the “Fifty Nifty United States” We used to sing them in school, and see who could do it the fastest. I can say them in under one minute in alphabetical order.

I got them all done with 1 minute left. The only one i forgot was New Mexico. I was done with all of them except for New Mexico with like 5 minutes left and I could not figure out what I was missing. Luckily I figured it out in time!

Aaaargh! I got 49 in 4 and a half minutes, but for some reason I forgot Florida of all states.

I got all 50 and I’m american.

Well I got all 50 and I’m NOT american.

im canadian and i got 50!!!
and ive never memorixed them or anything
it must be bescause i watch miss america :P

i got 50 with 7:30 to spare, and i aint even american. Australia FTW

Im English and twelve years old and I got 43 sates, Woops, Oh well.

I got them all except Montana!! Grr…..

34 states

39 states

44 states

48 states - final signing off

finally did it - 42 secs to spare

I got all 50, pretty good for a Brit I think. I start with Washington state and get all the western states, then go N. Dakota to Texas, Louisiana to Minniesota, Maine down to Mississippi then up through Tennessee to Ohio and round the lakes and finish with Michigan. Simple :D

All 50 states are easy to remember. I even made up a song for it! I’m so happy:]

Got 48.

Could not recall Nebraska or New Hampshire.

I got 42 of them
I’m from the UK so that’s pretty good I think!

I missed :
Rhode Island
South Dakota

Got 31 =/, but then again im from brazil….

Too bad, one state was still missing: Missouri. Didn´t remember it with about 3 minutes to go… Had some problems with the spelling of Connecticut (thought it would be “Conneticut”) and Massachusett(e)s. Better than last time (46), but for someone from Germany, still good enough, I hope… ;-)
What about trying your luck on finding the countries of the world at www.kengeo.com ?

man…i missed 13 states

I got 45 (and yes, I’m born and raised in the U.S.). I hope only the people who do well are posting, because you guys seem pretty perfect. :)

I got all 50 with about 5 mins to spare. Louisiana took forever…


I can say all of them in 24 seconds, and write them all in 57 seconds.
I’m 15, from New Zealand as well.
I learnt all of them in a rough alphabetical order
quite easy once you have learnt them.

got 50 with 7:26 left to spare. this game sure makes you wish you’d paid attention in grade school.

since when is Missouri
a state

on my first try, i didn’t get maryland, massachusetts, new hampshire, or new jersey. but on my second try, i got all of them with 2 minutes and 56 seconds left.

i got all 50, in perfect alphabetical order… stupid song has never left my brain since 5th grade. i had 8 minutes left too. i just sang through it and typed. haha i got one hundred percent on that test in fifth grade too.

I got 50 out of 50 with like five minutes to spare! That’s amazing for me, the turtle typer. I had help with that song…


i got all 50 in less than 2 minutes

I got 42 in a few minutes, cheated and looked at a blank map of the states to get 3 more (Kentucky, Maryland, and Nevada) and I ended up missing Arizona (embarassing - I used to live there! ugh) as well as Alabama, Connecticut, Indiana, and Wisconsin.

All 50 in 57 seconds. I practised a bit, though. I don’t even live in the US.

Got all of them and I’m not even an American!

i had a 50 sates and capitals test today.I dindt finish because i dont no any of them help…

I got all 50 states with just about 5 minutes and 30 seconds to spare. I learned a song about it in fifth grade so all of them were in alphebetical order. Of course im only a fifth grader so i remember ir perfectl.

I got all 50, which I was quite impressed with considering I live in the UK and have never been to the states in my life ;0)

I got 50 out of 50, with 7:32 seconds left. Pretty good, eh? Naw, I know a song that says all the states in alphabetical order.

yay! all fifty with 3 min. to go :P but then again… i’m 12 years old and never learned the “50 states” song…

from Spain, all of them in alphabeticall order. Michigan took some extra thinking both times I tried, but got it with more than six minutes to go.
quite good.
would be great if you could make it so that we had to place them in the map as well.

Michigan, Tennessee, Vermont

I live in Canada so I don’t feel THAT bad that I only got 47 but am pretty choked that I missed two states that are so close to Canadian borders. Fun game. Thanks.

44 out of 50!!
but it was good considering I am of El Salvador! =D
Love this gamee!


(dont hurt me im aussie)

i got all of them right without cheating and im only 12

I was sure I’d get 50!

I got 50 with 6.28 to spare =)

And im Aussie!


I got 37 off of the top of my head…
not too bad, seeing as i’m from western canada. Never had schooling with U.S. states, and i’ve only been to 5 myself.

NE states messed me up the most…the middle ones were pretty fuzzy, too.

For a Canadian living in Canada to get all 50 states with time remaining on the clock is a fair achievement.

i got them all (with only 4 seconda to go….phew!) i got stuck on how to spell florida….i switched the i and d (oops!) that frustraited me the most…i forgot new jersey too, but it came to me before i could figure out how to spell florida…i never did learn the “50 nifty states” song (or whatever it is) but i just learned all of the capitals this week (even though my sisters all learned them in like 4th grade)my teacher didn’t even bothering teaching my class the states and capitals….it was intertaining though… and frustraiting (i can’t spell anything worth crap!!!) hahaha XD

Man,49 out of 50, sorry Utah

I got 37 and I’m from Canada. Forgot states like Idaho Virginia, West Virginia, Maryland, and so on.

Hey i got all of them roughly in alphabetical order and im 15 from australia. i know some of their capitals and i can tell u the capitital of approximately 205 nations

I got 49. i just missed 1 but it was fun

I got all 50 in 3 minutes 2 seconds. that was fun.

i got all 50 states less then 1 minute! i rock i should get a medal for it! i would get gold! im a record breaker like michael phelps! 8 times in the 8th day of the month! not but i had less then 1 minute done! im the next michael phelps!!! beat that everyone oh wait u can can’t so to bad LOSERS!!!!HAHAHAHAHA

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Michael Phelps!

I’m from England and I got 49/50, Pennslyvania fucked me

I’m from Illinois, although I’ve been living in Florida for undergraduate studies and now I’m in the Carribbean for my doctorates. I got 49/50. Damn Rhode Island ::shakes fist:: lol That was fun. I actually learned a song when I was in grade school to remember all the states and capitals. I sang it when I got stuck, but CLEARLY I missed Rhode Island somewhere in there. Just skipped over it I think, haha. That was a nice way to pass some time.

I got 49 out of 50! (Sorry Montana)

These is a real help

I wish they had a ‘hints’ button that brings up a map.

Aww..I forgot New Hampshire!
I was so close..

46 and 3 minutes left for the remaining 4! Didn’t find them!

Not bad for a Frenchman, anyway…

47/50! I forgot Rhode Island and Vermont! Plus I could not get the spelling on Connecticut!

Got all 50!!! 7 min 12 sec to go

Well, I think I did OK, considering I’m not a US native and don’t live over there nor know the map by heart… nor know any alphabetically sorted songs or anything… I missed 11 states (Alabama, Arkansas, Indiana, Minnesota, Nebraska, New Hampshire, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, South Dakota,
Wisconsin.) I guess some of them are less known (at least for me), heh.

Oh, I just discovered your blog yesterday, but now I’m officially a fan. It’s one of the best blogs I’ve ever read, and I’ve read a lot. :D

And now, I’ll never get any work done, because I just *have* to read through your entire archive.

(from Panama)

I forgot New Jersey!!!!!! I spent 5 minutes trying to type variations of Washington, DC……how dumb am I??


Ach! Forgot Utah…

I’ve got an excuse - I’m British - but two years ago we studied the Mormons.

i got them all rightt!! i know the states song, so that helps i guess. i almost missed virginia i had like 3 min left but then i saw west virginia and i was like, wow im stupid.

I got 42 states but I’m only an 11-year-old girl living in Saskatchewan, Canada. Let’s see you try to name all 13 provinces and territories…but spell them correctly.

Got all 50 :) I´m half icelandic half german… can I get the song??? thank you

omg im only in 5th grade and i got them all thats right all of them right. it really shows how much you can learn in school. (Im only 11)

YAY!!! i got all 50 but it took me 8 mins to do so, pretty gd though as ive never lived in america n dnt do geography woooooo!!!!!1

Found the lyrics for Fifty Nifty at sing365.com, but how does it help,
you still have to memorize them all
by heart. Would be nice to have some
kind of song that hade words mixed with
the state names in some way you easily
could remember.

Fifty Nifty United States from thirteen original colonies;
Fifty Nifty stars on the flag that billows so beautifully in the breeze.
Each individual state contributes a quality that is great.
Each individual state deserves a bow, We salute them now.

Fifty Nifty United States from thirteen original colonies,
Shout ‘em, scout ‘em, Tell all about ‘em,
One by one,til we’ve given a day to every state in the USA in the USA in the USA, Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Connecticut
Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana
Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine,
Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan,
Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana,
Nebraska, Nevada,
New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York,
North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio,
Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina,
South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas,
Utah, Vermont, Virginia, Washington, West Virginia, Wisconsin, Wyoming

North, South, East, West in a calm, objective opinion (Name of favorite State)
Is the Best of the Fifty Nifty United States from thirteen original colonies
Shout ‘em,scout’em, tell all about ‘em
One by One, till we’ve given a day to every state in the good old U….S…A (hold all notes very short)

Got all 50 with 7 minutes to spare

My goodness i can name them but my spelling sucks oh well=] haha