January 31, 2007

60 Seconds in the Life of Seagulls

Part 21 in an ongoing series of (approximately) 60 second films.

For some reason, I just found these two birds fascinating.


I think you’ll find there are three birds.

Sorry :)

Right… it was the “birds” you were watching…

there were seagulls?

You sure they’re seagulls? I’m thinking boobies for some reason.

Did you know that the seagull is the state bird of utah… of course.. utah.. weird.

In my next life… I will be a seagull.

I’d give that one on the right a good feathering

Makes me wanna go dozing on the beach.

Those birds are underage.

I’d like to see all of the 60 second series played at the same time on a wall of monitors…one monitor for each piece, pieces randomly being selected every 60 sec on each monitor.

Didn’t know that about Utah, but maybe there are loads of them at the Salt Lake.

i think your 60 seconds are wonerfull too!
i start a collection of “reallity bites” in video and photographs… just searching the simple beauty in the simple things…

take a look on my blog..

regards from Buenos Aires, Argentina

who ever filmed this is gay

pervert! lol

I have a place on lake Michigan and people are always asking me where do the Gulls sleep? and why don’t you see baby or small Gulls on the beach. I was told by someone that they are raised in rookeries? If any one can tell me where I can obtain this info. I would appreciate it.