December 28, 2006

Pointless Vandalism

I saw this the other day in a restroom in Bethesda, Maryland.

Pointless Vandalism



That is awesome.
At least they were honest.

How long are you staying in Maryland and may I buy you a drink?

Is this at Barnes & Noble?

Sure is, Natalia. How did you know? And Andrew, thanks for the invite, but I’m afraid I’m back in New York. Maybe next time! -David

This will sound crazy but the door handle and tiles just looked awfully familiar. B&N is one of the few places in downtown Bethesda with an easily accessible public restroom so I’ve been there lots of times.

How do we know you didn’t put that there yourself? ;p

Actually, out of all the vandalism you see in bathrooms, this comes the closest to being artistic. I sort of enjoy it in a hipsterish way.

it’s not shameful it’s good
painting shouldn’t be seen as vandalism
it’s a form of art
besides who the fuck decides who that bathroom belongs to?
everything used to make it came from the earth, which all people have the right to use