November 14, 2006

Louise Brooks’ 100th Birthday

Louise BrooksToday is the 100th birthday of silent film star Louise Brooks. She was a Ziegfeld Girl, a movie star, a recluse, a salesgirl at Saks Fifth Avenue, an author, and a rediscovered legend. In that order, more or less. She has been written about in hundreds of books, websites, and magazines since her heyday in the roaring twenties. If you’ve never heard of her, I recommend taking a look at the Louise Brooks Society website, which will lead you on a long path of books, articles, and movies you’ll rush out and read or watch. Check out their blog, too, for the most up-to-date information.

There are Louise Brooks events happening all over this week, so check out your area to see what’s happening near you. The San Francisco Public Library seems to have a great exhibit going on. And wherever you are you might be able to find a screening of her most well-known film, Pandora’s Box, which is showing in a newly restored edition. It’s also being released this month in a special Criterion Edition DVD.

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