November 27, 2006

Idea: Commemorative T-shirts for Fictional Events

A friend of mine recently went to a convention for ventriloquists, and he brought me back a t-shirt from the event. It’s a nice enough shirt, but I feel weird about wearing it. I feel like I’m lying to everyone who sees me when I wear a shirt from an event I didn’t actually attend. Doesn’t wearing a shirt from an event make an implied statement that I was there?

Well, that got me thinking. What if I came up with t-shirts for events that never really happened? What if there were t-shirts for conventions, expos, gatherings, parades, and celebrations that don’t really exist? What implied statement does that make, exactly?

Well, now we can find out. I made a long list of imaginary events, and came up with t-shirt designs for nine of them. When I have time, maybe I’ll add some more. The ones I came up with are all available on t-shirts in the Ironic Sans store. So now you can wear a commemorative t-shirt from the following events that never really happened:





(Children’s Sizes Only)







Please fix the Balabananza design so you have an apostrophe instead of an opening single quotation mark. Your site’s got a typeface for its name! Please fix it. Pretty please?

Fixed it, Carl. Thanks for catching that! -David

i love the t-shirt designs

Are these just events you made up yourself? I was thinking at first you’d make shirts for fictional events from TV/Movies/Books. I’d want a shirt from the Bi-mon-sci-fi-con!

that is a great t shirt design, off the subject i saw some great punk t shirts on the urbane couture site.

To Carl Caputo: You might want to fix your post so it reads, “You site has a typeface…”
Also, maybe work on delivering constructive criticism without being such a dick about it.

Whoa, Chris. I thought my tone was joking but my request was serious. I wasn’t trying to be a dick, at all.

I hope David didn’t think I was trying to be a dick, anyway.

Thanks for the fix.

Also, I’m not fixing my post so it reads, “You site has” anything, but thanks for the help.

Agoraphobia isn’t funny.

These are some really great ideas. Our coach had some awesome custom t-shirts made up for our dive team at We look great!

Great stuff! Your T-shirt ideas remind me of my ‘Serial Killers Against Fascism’ T-shirt, available at an Amsterdam T-shirt store 10 yrs ago or so…


Please sign me up for the preunion.

I had a tee from Universal Studios advertising the Amity Island swim team… My swim team at the time got a kick out of it.

What about the end of the Iraq war? I remember they had a big thing on the radio about the anniversary of that one mission accomplished speech… oh, wait, I think the radio thing was a couple of years ago.