September 23, 2006

Six Feet Dahlia

I haven’t seen the new movie Black Dahlia, but I’ve seen the poster all over town. It finally dawned on me why it looks so familiar.

Six Feet Dahlia Six Feet Dahlia


I noticed this last week at the video store when I walked past the TV box sets. I’m glad someone else noticed it too and I’m not crazy.

the film itself is utter crap by the way avoid at all costs

aha! someone else finds this copycat cover disturbing as well…

oh yeah because these are the ONLY 2 designers who put a girl’s face and lipstick/blood at the bottom of a poster, get off your high horses nitpicky nancies, jesus christ who cares?

This reminds me of that 1960’s Esquire cover with Nixon being made up… Dead nixon?

By George Lois maybe?