September 7, 2006

Idea: The iZod

It’s the iZod: an Izod branded series of bendy-style stands for your iPod, in preppy poses, wearing Izod shirts. There could be a Golfer iZod, and a Tennis iZod, and a Country Club iZod, and an iZod for, well, whatever else preppy people do.

The iPod iZod


Or they could be dressed up as General Zod from Superman II. “YOU WILL BOW DOWN BEFORE MY STORAGE CAPABILITIES, JOR-EL!”


I doubt you could put a Lacoste croc on any other brand, but neato idea…

How about one where you could change the clothes for it?

Holy shit. I had this EXACT SAME IDEA yesterday.

I love it. Sports stars in uniform would work well, too. You could also have the Ipod docked as a passenger on animals (elephants, camels) or vehicles (dune buggy, hovercraft).

IZOD and Lacoste are no longer the same brand - the crocodile logo is owned by Lacoste and the word IZOD has not been associated with this logo since the 1980s -