September 7, 2006

Idea: Pac-Man napkin holder with Ghost salt and pepper shakers

I’ve had this design floating around my head for the past few days:

Napkin Pac-Man


That’s just awesome, but what about the bonus cherries? Would they be the sugar bowl?

That’s great! It would probably be fairly easy to turn into reality as well.

Wow! Why are you not a bazillionaire?

Or are you?

OMG THAT IS SO FREAKING AWESOME!!! I wish I was as creative as you!!! I like kathaclysm’s idea, you should make a bonus cherry sugar bowl!


This is interesting. Something I would definately buy.

The entire thing could be made out of wood, though you may want to use ceramics for the salt and pepper shakers.

Truly inspired.

seriously, I thought I had some great ideas. I came across this site 20 minutes ago and am totally blown away, you are a genious.

that look fucking stuid