August 7, 2006

Idea: The Ant Desk

The Ant Desk

What do you get for the eccentric executive who has everything? How about the Ant Desk? It’s part desk, and part Ant Farm. How creepy is it to work at your desk while hundreds of ants scurry all around you? Is it distracting? Fascinating? Did some of them get out? Do you think you feel them crawling on your legs? It’s the ultimate desk for nature lovers, bug lovers, and, well, other people who want a weird desk.

The Ant DeskHow does it work? It begins with a thick layer of glass or clear plastic. This protects you from the ants, and protects the ants from you. Below the glass is an open space with a thick layer of dirt, allowing the ants to crawl in, out, and around their tunnels, caves, and hills. This all rests on top of a sturdy base layer, which doubles as the bottom of the desktop. Small holes around the sides of the desk provide air, while being too small for the ants to escape.

Hundreds of ants will live happily for months, with just a little food and water periodically inserted through the feeding portals. For cleaning, the base layer can be built to slide out on casters like a large drawer, or the glass top may be hinged to open. I haven’t worked that out yet.

And when you get home, you can cuddle up with your loved one in front of the TV and rest your wine glasses on your Ant Coffee Table. The perfect oddity for any living room.


The hitch with this idea is that the ants still build their colony vertically. the appeal of an ant farm is that you can see in, because it is a tall, thin vertical slice. i’m no entymologist, but i wonder if ants will even build a colony that’s only an inch deep.

way too creepy for me, btw. but still brilliant.

Yeah, I thought about that. Most of the ants won’t be visible. But lots of them should still be crawling around on top, especially if there is a citrus leaf or two scattered around for food. Think of an ant hill. Those are crawling with ants above ground. And really, it’s the ants I can’t see that would creep me out the most. -David

Hey, I’d buy one!

How ‘bout a roach table? They’ll scurry round, under your keyboard. Looking at you.

Or an aquarium installed in an elevator: it takes up the entire car so when the elevator arrives and you make to get on it - you’re face to face with a mako shark.

A live mako shark.

Since ants build their collonies vertically, why not make the sides of the desk the area for the ant farm.

Very nice idea. You could make the whole desk the whole ant farm. Imagine that… Thousands of ants not just on the desktop but built into the whole desk. That, my friends, would be freaky.

A seething mass of life inside the whole desk would surely freak you out when you have all your lights off except the computer screen, surfing the net.

That looks awesome. Roughly how many ants are in there?

I think I would find it too distracting - I would keep seeing them out of the corner of my eyes and think they were on the desk. I hope for your sake no-one breaks the table!

haha omg dudu that kicks ass! i would totaly buy one!

You know what would kick ass? if the whole thing lit up! the individiual tunnals all aglow with artificial light!

why not take it one step further and have the walls of a room turned into a giant ant farm? not THAT would be cool…like you’re inside an ant hill

Lawl, this is the way it always starts in those crazy moster sci-fi films. “Oh they are just ant’s they can’t do anything, lets take thousands of them and put them in a strange environment….. now where did I put that uranium? OH MY GOD!!!!”

Cool idea though, and I wonder how the ants would do with so little vertical space..

Oh my gosh This is awsome. but you know what would be SOOO COOL? is if you were to put water and fish in it or something so they can swim around, that would be neat. (Of course there would be a removeable top layer so you could clean it or take dead fish out, and a little panel to feed them

Hellz yea I want one of those. When do they go on sell? How much are they? Are you selling these? I hope u have a patten for that product.

Wow! That is BRILLIANT! I’d definitely get one. It’d be even better if the legs were part of the ant farm and everything too, so they could build the vertical part of the nest into those and you could see inside all the tunnels and everything! That would be awesome!

I would buy it if the sides and the front of the desk were the ant farm. I think if the top of the desk was the ant farm I’d be too distracted. but then again if the front and sides were the ant farm it would be distracting to the people that would be in my office or something. Oh well, it’s a really neat idea. I think i would still buy one…but how would you feed the ants??

I would definitely buy three.

Really neat,if you applied the same idea with fish with water that would be phenomenal. (i’ve always liked the mystical touch of water) Well, it looks really well done and a very unique idea. Keep up the good job!

ARGH i detest ants! i hate them…icky…scary *shivers*
Interesting idea though…

I’d feel bad if any of them died. Why not get with a computer/technology genius, and make the entire top of the desk a computer screen that only generates one image: moving ants. That way the desk will appear to house live ants from a distance, until you look up close. Personal settings can turn them off, make them slower, faster, and all the while no creatures will get hurt.

How do you feed them?

I think it’s great. I love ants. I once thought of making a bannister that was a fish tank… I’m sure that’s been done though. I thought it would be funny cuz the fish would probably follow your hand all the way up or down the stairs…

no way you could jack off with a million ants watching. what! what did he just say!


Like what someone said above you should make a fish tank desk!! that would be awesome! have a small tube protruding from the desk so you can insert food. And also have a removable lid so u can clean it if necessary!


Like what someone said above you should make a fish tank desk!! that would be awesome! have a small tube protruding from the desk so you can insert food. And also have a removable lid so u can clean it if necessary!

Heh. Next step is a ant farm case mod.


OMG! - everybody thats going into cardiac arrest over this needs to relax - thats wicked gross, its friggen ants

the fish thing would b cool tho, but ants - relax people

ants and internet porn while at work? BRILLIANT!

y yall ripping on ants i bet if you really saw a ant for its real personaltily ants are cool

btw the fish idea kicks butt!

I think this is cool, but since they build vertically, something along the lines of a wall hanging, would work better. Maybe a bookcase with a door,and the door is an antfarm?. File cabinets that have antfarm sides? Desk with antfarm sides, or better yet and antfarm front. So when clients or collegues come in, that’s what they see. The top could connect it all, but if you really want to see them running around the top, make that where you feed them, and don’t put any dirt in the top. Make the top area very shallow.

DUDE i say screw the ants, screw the fish, lets talk about your first floor being strong two-way mirror looking into your basment, and your basment is furnished like a jungle and you cold take homeless people and throw them in there so the live off the land. or just birds and snakes for the less sadistic.

its a totlly awsome idea, but i once had a horrifc experince with antz going down my throat after them starting a colony under my sofa and me going to the bathrom fur a sec and comin back to find like a hundred swimming in my drink, after i already took a sip, so…., im not to sure if id get one, well it depends on the price, HOw much will it cost?

man that would be, like, soo cool

I would constantly be freaking out.

how do they get air..thousands of dead ants.and what happens if you drop the table delivering it? there better be insurance.

just remember that ants can and will chew through wood. maybe line it with metal….

I am a Pest Control Technician and ants do not necesarily build vertically. They branch out kinda like the roots of a tree, out, down, and allover the place. I have often found ants living under a rock without tunneling more than a centimeter down. I LOVE this desk..!!!!

I’ve had this idea, too, but decided it would be unfeasible for my coffee table. However, there’s lots of good ideas to add here.

I would totally put ball bearings in there, which I could move around using a magnetic stylus which would allow me to go bowling for bullants.

Could you possibly include flourescent particles with their food or water supply? It would be cool to turn the light out and still see glowing bugs getting around. Either that, or black-light.

I doubt the dirt would stay in a uniform thickness. The ants would attempt to build a hill, which means a random chunk of the glass would just show packed sand, and the rest would be more sparsely dispersed.

We have fire ants that built only about 1/2 foot down because it was very hard clay under that. But the nest was about 6 feet around. So they might go horizontal if the have to.

Why bother with ants? Have you guys ever seen termites before? They look very much like ants and it wouldn’t require much engineering. Just get a fricking pine desk and let termites get to it.

ithink its SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO crap i would buy 69

great idea, but why not use the walls of your cubicle as an antfarm, you whould feel part of the colony

thats so fucking awsome i would totaly buy one for every room, but my girlfriend would make me slep out side in the doghouse with the ants. and that would be uncomfortable…. she’d break the glass because she’s one crazy broad… but at least I’ll be with my Ants!!!!!!

Then again…. she will use my head…….. freakin’ sado….. whatever.

Very neat idea, could you also make the desk with different coloured sands? That wat the desk could match the lamp (or whatever)!

Wow…good idea..I want one!

Mabe the desk could be like those self-sustaining micro-ecosystems. the ones that have some sand, salt water, brine shrimps and algae. the alglae would grow from the sunlight and would feed on the shrimps waste while the shrimp would eat the algae.

good idea.

Great Idea. I would buy one, but things like it already excist. You can already buy glass tables that work as aquariums. But still, try to get it patented.

AWESOME!! I have a regular ant farm, and I LOVE staring at it for hours, watching the little guys scurrying around and digging tunnels. OHH!! I JUST GOT AN IDEA!!! NOT ONLY COULD THE REST OF THE DESK BE PART OF THE ANT FARM, BUT THE DRAWERS COULD BE PART OF IT, TOO!

Worms would be pretty cool too.


my question is what do you do with the ants when you need to move the desk or throw the desk out or something?

ant good, people bad

Spiffiness. It would be great to watch when your bored. The same idea with a fish-tank would be cool as well.

How bout someone designs/builds a 2ft by 3ft 3’ thick box,like the wall-haning ant farm idea, which just stands against the wall at the back of the PC monitor?

:D That’d have me entertained for hours. You could have a lil hatch/tube at the top so you can drop food in..

Hey you could also stick dead (or alive..) bugs in there. There are zoos here in England with leaf-cutter ants displayed in thin glass tanks. They’re awsome. Peas.

What if instead of using ants, the desk was full of orphans? That would totally rock.

You can get drinking cups with hollow walls with liquid inside. It makes the drinking experience that much more surreal. But putting ants in the walls of a drinking cup would be pretty freaky.

this is a cool idea. haha people have really taken the idea and ran with it. i want an ant farm desk….

Dear God… NO!

that ant bad.

i’m funny. get it? “ant?” “ain’t?”

It’s creepy at least for me, but definitely great idea for some people.

What do you do when the ants die. One hell of a cleaning job to do.


I just had the time of my life reading all of these comments.
Sick desk, by the way.

How about an ant farm clock, then you can see the time and the ants at the same tme!

Neat idea!

What you could do also is make it so their is no Air space, and make a Kind of clock where you can put water, and food inside of so the ants can get in their for food, a kind of foraging area, where you can still see the ants, in their tunnels, and put lid on the foraging area.

How ‘bout some kind of tableau? Or a bar.. in the Ant Bar..

Two words: Cubicle Walls.

im a lover of intch ants. i collect them and look after them in the large container, but this idea is even better.
now you can do your work and watch what there doing at the same time.
i would like to get one of these ant desks (COOL IDEA)

I love this idea. I would totally use a desk like this.

I see a serious stumbling block to actually making them though. All ant farms have this problem, but you don’t care as much with a little green one sitting on a counter.

A colony will die without a queen. Trafficking queen ants is illegal in most places. In USA nobody sells them.

You could conceivably capture them from the wild, (Taking care not to cross state borders.) but you’ve really got to dig up a whole colony to do it.

here’s an Agar Based ant farm. That takes care of feeding them. The addition of a black light or some LEDs and the thing would glow all sorts of freaky.