August 29, 2006

Agassi vs. Pavel vs. Agassi vs. Pavel…

Last night at the US Open…


Click for larger version. Details here and here.

Update: Lots of people have asked me how I did this, so I’ve agreed to put together a little tutorial for Photojojo in the next few weeks. I’ll announce it on this site when it’s done, so keep an eye out.


I love this. So cool.

Penalty! Pavel had an extra man on the court.

I love this too. Any tutorial? Tripod and Photoshop, but what next?

That’s so cool! Nice work!

saw this on

how’d you do it?

heh fantastic! Been playing around a bit with composit photographs as well - is great fun. The David Copperfield of Photoshop!

That rocks, thanks man

why didn’t you use a point that had more full court movement. Its all at the baseline.

It may be all baseline, but Pavel’s gone from forehand to backhand, whilst I’m guessing that Agassi nailed him with a backhand cross-court winner.

Nice work!

This is one of the cooler things I’ve seen online in a long a time. Very cool. As a avid tennis player I can’t wait for your tutorial.

Found this via Kottke …

Thanks. (read sarcasm)

I just spent over an hour browsing your site and absorbing your design. I don’t even remember why I came here in the first place.

Now it’s in my links and I’m going to have to come back here regularly and see what other observations you have.


That iz homosexual.

I set this as the background of my computer and it’s gotten comments from everyone who has walked by.

One question - who won the point?


As noted before, it looks like that Agassi hits a cross-court backhand to the far side and it beats Pavel…

This kind of photography could be used as a training tool. Great work and well done on thinking outside of the box…

This is a great insight into the movements of top ranking tennis players, great training tool for young players.