July 3, 2006

The Eutats of Ytrebil.

What’s wrong with this picture?

The Eutats of Ytrebil

This bus drove by me on Friday. I think it must have gotten here accidentally from some Parallel Bizarro Earth 2 on the exact opposite side of the sun from us, where everything is just slightly different from our own planet. In this parallel world, uptown means downtown, Rockefeller Plaza has a roller skating rink, the Chrysler Building is taller than the Empire State Building, taxis are purple, and — as shown on the side of this bus — the Statue of Liberty holds her torch in her left hand instead of her right. How it reached our world I’ll never know.

But it got here just in time for Independence Day. Happy Fourth of July, everyone.


Arrgh! I’ve found that same issue other places. Like when I went to buy a stock image of a globe (yes, I needed to) and I came across this one…
Sometimes people work so fast that they forget to watch for the obvious.

Ewww. And don’t the side doors of the bus look like the twin towers?

I think there should be a NYC Dept. of Signage to screen ALL public advertising.

Yeah, I noticed the doors look like the Twin Towers aswell.

BTW, great site, I really like it, it’s like what I think daily, except for you remember to write your ideas down. :D

The doors remind me of the WTC