July 11, 2006

Idea: A new slogan for New Jersey

Have you heard about all the problems New Jersey has been having coming up with a motto to attract tourists?

New Jersey mottoFirst, the state paid $260,000 to a consulting firm to come up with a slogan. They came up with, “New Jersey. We’ll win you over.” It was quickly rejected. Then the state held a contest to come up with a new slogan. The big winner was “New Jersey. Come see for yourself” submitted by Jeffrey Antman of Passaic, New Jersey. Well, a couple months ago they scrapped that one too after realizing that other states have used it in the past.

The consulting firm was on the right track in recognizing that many potential tourists have a negative view of New Jersey, and a good slogan could help people get over that hump. But “We’ll win you over” doesn’t convey that there’s anything good about the state. It almost reinforces the idea that it’s overrun by mobsters who will get you to like the state one way or another.

So I’ve come up with a slogan for New Jersey that I think captures the spirit of the state, and may entice people to visit who wouldn’t consider it otherwise. Imagine a whole campaign showing the lush vegetation, beaches, concerts, quaint little towns, and, well, whatever else they have there across the Hudson. And the slogan reads:

“New Jersey. It’s not what you expect from New Jersey.”

You like that one, New Jersey? Okay, so maybe off the bat you think it’s not positive enough. Now imagine it said in a really upbeat tone by someone like George Clooney. You like it now, huh? Well, you can have it for the low price of only $25,000. And I guarantee that no other state has used it.


New Jersey: Deal with It

New Jersey. Bada Bing.

“Up Yours! Love, New Jersey”

Dirty Jerz: we’ll catch you ridin’ dirty.

New Jersey: Look, can’t we just forget about Hoboken?

new jersey: at least you don’t have to pump gas.

or on that theme:

New Jersey: We’ll pump your gas.

welcome to new jersey: if you’re not from here, you’re probably lost

Two targeted campaigns:

For New Yorkers:
Were the light at the end of your tunnel - come toward the light.

For the rest of the nation:
Leave your expectations at the border.

“New Jersey….naaaahhh…..ok maybe…”

New Jersey: There really is a lot of nice stuff between Camden and Newark, off the turnpike, yous guys should come see.

(We’ll just forget to mention that you have to pay to get out of our state….)

i submitted, “New Jersey: Gay, Smelly And Run By The Mob.” never heard back.

New Jersey:
The “Blow Me” State

I can’t take credit for it, but my brain is going to regurgitate an old stand up bit.

“Kiss her where it stinks… take her to New Jersey”

New Jersey. Is the bigges tand the beat

New Jersey. See whats waiting for you here.

New Jersey: Come watch me dance while my friend robs you.

New Jersey, Its not as bad as you think.

a friend made this up:

we don’t pump gas, we pump our fists!

New jersey: we don’t pump our gas, we pump our fists!