June 30, 2006

Uma Thurman’s Severed Head

SuperEx SuperEx

When I saw the poster on the left for Uma Thurman’s upcoming movie My Super Ex-Girlfriend, I immediately thought, “Oh my God. Poor Uma. Someone did an awful job grafting her head on a totally different body.” Then I saw the poster on the right, and I did a double take. Someone grafted the exact same head onto this poster, too. If they weren’t going to do a good job, couldn’t they at least make it less obvious that it’s the exact same head? And I think her (body double’s?) breasts are bigger in one shot than in the other.

SuperEx SuperEx

If you want to see just how exactly matched the heads are, click here to watch a little animation.

Hmm. “Uma Thurman’s Severed Head” would make a great band name.


what year is this poster from?

Dude, it’s not the same head, though the shots might have been taken at almost the exact same time. The strands of hair over the right shoulder (well, her left and our right) fall differently, and it’s clearer still in the animation.

I have no logical response for the boob thing, though. Maybe a junior GD just got Photoshop-happy?

Could be someone else’s hair, too. They might have just plastered Uma’s eyes, nose, mouth and cheeks over the stand-ins. Probably easier to Photoshop that way. You wouldn’t have to deal with matching between the hair and the shoulders. (Or the hair and background.)

The hair falls differently because the bodies are different and the hair had to be photoshopped on the shoulder differently. I’m inclined to believe they are the same head/face.

Do you have any idea if the same Photoshop technique was applied to Nicole Richie’s face in the latest billboard for E’s Real Life series? It really looks like it was pasted to her body…

IT’S NOT THE SAME PICTURE, get your eyes checked!

Here’s my take on it: the photo with the car is an actual full-body shot. I think this because the color of the arms closely matches the color of the face.

I think the face/hair image on the left is from the same photo shoot as the image on the right, BUT the color of the face was changed to try to match the color of the arms. And the body is some standin who gets paid far less per appearance than Uma herself.

I watched the trailer for this movie. What I find curious is that the movie is about a woman with superpowers, but she has twigs for arms. What self-respecting superwoman would have twigs for arms? In the trailer, the superwoman hurls a shark hundreds of feet through the air, and yet, she sports twigs. Hmmmm….there’s something fishy about the movie industry….

I never go by hair or color adjustments. That stuff can be adjusted and cloned in as needed. Not to mention, depending on how it’s printed and what the final media is, changes in contrast and/or brightness can wipe out details and make things look different. (Look at the clarity of the pigeon on the website at her feet vs. in this poster.)

In the two shots above, it sure looks like two different bodies with the same head and hairstyle in both, but the blue-background version has different hair feathered towards the edges, likely added in.

Further complicating things though, if you go to the official site, you’ll see upon entering that the main shot of her there has yet another subtle change in facial expression and position as she is now staring head on, not turned slightly to one side.

In that same shot, look at Uma’s legs. They’re flopped from the waist down in that blue poster as compared to the website. Based on that alone, anyone suprised they would mess with her other body parts?

Hit ‘enter the site’ and you have yet another variation of the same pose.

As Angela alluded, this likely was one of but 50 variations they shot at the same time. All she had to do was move her head ever so slightly for one, barely arch her eyebrows for another, ‘show me sexy!’ for yet another, and so on.

It’s very believable that they could have swapped out one head for another slightly different one if they were shot at the same time, and blended the edges in where her jaw ends.

Lori - Her muscles need not be big if they’re super muscles.

They are exactly the same heads, as well as most of the hair. Try stereoviewing it (cross your eyes until the two faces overlap so your eyes perceive it as one image). The face is absolutely flat, while the rest of the pictures are garbled because they’re 2 different images. If they were different shots, even taken a second after each other, there would be a slight difference that would jump out as a 3D feature when your brain combines the images. It’s also obvious that part of the hair was chopped out of one of the images.

It’s all Uma. The car shot is the real thing. But on the other one, they liked her pose only and not her face. But her face was perfect on the car photo. So they took her face and PhotoShopped it on the a different body.

“Uma Thurman’s Severed Head” would make a great band name. Though it would be similar to “Natalie Portman’s Shaved Head”, a band I discovered recently and now love to pieces.
Go check ‘em out.