May 31, 2006

This cliché is dead. Long live this cliché!

Things that are proclaimed dead yet hailed to be long living:

DevoThe bookThe internetDECThe DesignerEconomicsJavaEmailEminent DomainThe Human Rights CouncilLayoutClint the chimpanzeeGroksterEnvironmentalismTax reformTelevisionThe AssessorThe peace processThe wolfYahoo!PageRankThe kioskMicrosoft BobRobin HoodCamper Van BeethovenInternet radioRomanticismFirefox HelpWikipediaDVDPGPMicrosoftAllofMP3DocumentaryThe King


Thanks for including my blog in your list. That was pretty funny because I kept seeing this site as a referrer to my blog. Never thought to check trackbacks…duhhh. Anyway ya pushed some hits my way. Thanks.

Great site and I have enjoyed reading your posts. Now onto your other site “Rule Of Thirds”.