May 30, 2006

Is that a Pepsi logo on that Coca-Cola product?

Coke BlakThis weekend I saw a poster advertising the new Coca-Cola Blak, some sort of Coke-and-Coffee hybrid.

I went through what must be the usual response to seeing this new product, an assortment of comments involving the word “gross” and mentions of Pepsi AM and Pepsi Cappuccino.

But then I looked more closely and was shocked at what I saw. Is that a Pepsi logo on the bottle of Coca-Cola Blak?

Coke Blak

Am I seeing things? It is a slightly distorted Pepsi logo, right? I mean, I’m sure it’s supposed to be some sort of riff on the Coca-Cola swooshy ribbon thing, but it sure looks like a stylized Pepsi logo to me. Will this go down in history as another great Cola Packaging Snafu?


It sure does look like a pepsi logo. Have you tried this beverage, yet? I haven’t seen it here in Washington, but as soon as I do, I’m going to try it.

I’m more interested in the decision to put that line over the “a”. I know it’s just the aformentioned “ribbon thing”, but I keep reading it as “Coca-Cola Blake.”

Is it not the other way around? I have not thought about this before, but you could argue that Pepsi stole the Coca cola ribbon. Both brands actually have swooshy lines.

Coke actually has a trademasrk on their swooshy line coming out of the bottom of the “C” in Coke. When Pepsi introduced their red and blue floaty ball Coke sued them for using their swooshy line.

It’s a stylized coffee bean not a Pepsi logo.

I have had it, and liked it.

I tried it—some people will like it. Think starbucks frappucino with a dose of coke in it and you have coke blak.

It doesn’t look like a pepsi logo at all. Also, the formula is diferent for Coke Blak here in the US than it is in Europe - it’s better in Europe and has more of a rich coffee falvor. But American’s need their sugary sweet coke flavor overpowering everything.

I used to put coke in my cofee years ago… I don’t know why this is so new… Its a rip off to get it inthe store, just make it yourself.

I admit it is a bit of a rip-off (in price) to purchase, $6 for four bottles, the package is rather nice, a glass bottle with a full wrap, and it seems like Ythan has it right, looks more like a stylized coffee bean (in regard to the logo). Is the tilde above the “a” purely decoration or is it functional? Might confuse…

Nah, it looks like the Arabic for “Allah.” Ya know, like that Burger King ice cream label in the UK.

It has both sugar (or, rather, high fructose corn syrup) and artificial sweeteners. I don’t understand the appeal for that: either use sugar or avoid it entirely.

What’s also interesting is that “Bläk” means “Yuck!” in Swedish.

I’ve had it, and I won’t go back now.

It tastes like cold bad coffee with about 20 sugars in it. BAD IDEA. And really bad logos.

It tastes like cold bad coffee with about 20 sugars in it. BAD IDEA. And really bad logos.

the pepsi looks like it will survive this time in South Africa. After running away cause Coca cola did not want competition, by making prices very low the first time around.Good luck pepsi.

Here is something more about pepsi logo.

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I haven’t seen it here in Bryan? is it here?

Really? are pepsi fans stooping that low to try to get their product out there more??? Who in the world has this much time to think of something like this? and how many of you out there know that there was almost NOT a pepsi company?? Look THAT one up. Coca-Cola should have bought pepsi and then they could have closed them down!!!! >:) >:)