May 2, 2006

I see storm troopers.

What ever it is I think I see, becomes an imperial storm trooper to me.

SUV Trooper

At least, that’s the first thing I thought when I saw this car yesterday. Maybe I’m reaching. Or maybe it’s just a slow blog day.


I can definately see a group of storm troopers car-pooling it to the deathstar in that car.

It’s even got a lazer gun on either side at the bottom!

I always think the Scion xA in white looks like a storm trooper.

I think you’re on your own with that one. Whenever I see the rears of those Nissan SUVs, I just see them trying to be in the same style as the 350Z.

Wanna see stormtrooper, check out a MacBook, wanna see Darth Vader with his special helmet and tie fighter? Check out the black macbook.

I have been saying for YEARS that the Jeep Cherokee (Grand Cherokee - most body-coloured accents) *is* a storm trooper. My husband thinks I am insane. Thank you for making me not insane.

My three-year-old sees stormtroopers, too: