April 5, 2006

The Chevy Bandwagon

TahoeChevrolet has decided to let people design their own commercials for the Chevy Tahoe. The site features a simple interface that lets you pick some sexy film clips featuring the SUV, select an audio track, overlay some text, and share it with your friends. As you can imagine, not everyone is taking it seriously.

This commercial is an example of what lots of people are doing — using the technology to make a statement about gas guzzling vehicles and the environment. But it seems Chevy doesn’t like these sorts of shenanigans and keeps taking them down. So if that link doesn’t work, here’s a whole list of other Chevy ads with environmental anti-SUV statements. Some are better than others.

Well, I’ve been inspired to join the Home-Brew Chevy Commercial Bandwagon. But I’ve decided to use the technology to make my own statement. It’s a bit different than all the others. You can check it out here while the link lasts.


You are ever so infamitory :) Been enjoying you site for a few weeks now… thanks for the good stuff.