April 24, 2006

Idea: Another commercial I’d like to see

Remember the last commercial idea I had? Well I like this one even better. Okay, picture this:

The commercial begins with a shot of a bedside alarm clock. There’s a cell phone next to it. The alarm clock turns from 6:59 to 7:00 and the alarm goes off. A woman’s hand turns off the alarm, and the cell phone immediately rings. The hand grabs the phone. We hear her sleepy voice. “Yes.” Pause. “Yes.” Pause. “Yes.” Pause. Cut to…

The woman brushing her teeth, still holding the phone to her face while she brushes. As she brushes, she’s talking into the phone. “Yes.” Pause. “Yes.” Pause. Cut to…

Cell Phone GirlThe woman goes about her day. She’s making breakfast while she talks. “Yes.” Pause. “Yes.” Pause.

She’s shopping for groceries. Still talking. “Yes.” Pause. “Yes.” Pause.

She drops some letters in a mailbox. “Yes.” Pause. “Yes.” Pause.

She does various other daily routine activities, all while talking on the phone. “Yes.” Pause. “Yes.” Pause.

Her day comes to an end. She’s back at home. It’s evening. She sits down on her living room couch to watch TV. She still has the phone to her ear. “Yes.” Pause. “Yes.” Pause.

We can see a big window behind her over her shoulder. It looks out onto her front yard. “Yes.” Pause. “Yes.” Pause.

Outside her window, the Verizon Wireless Guy steps into view. We hear him ask into his phone, “Can you hear me now?”

The woman answers into her phone, “Yes.”

Verizon Wireless Guy takes a step. “Good. Can you hear me now?”

She turns and waves at him through her window. “Yes.”

Verizon Wireless Guy waves back, takes a step. “Good. Can you hear me now?”


Tagline: “Verizon Wireless. Keeping calls clear for both sides of the conversation.”

Or something like that. You can thank me at the Clio Awards, Verizon!


something very similar already exists:


caution: foul language.

The youtube vid is funny. Looks like someone already executed your basic idea.

For your commercial, I think the “can you hear me now?” is so ubiquitous that you don’t even need to hear him say it. He just needs to be outside the window and the whole world already knows what he’s saying.

It has already been done. I am on my blackberry so I cannot find the link just yet, but it is called something like the worst job ever…

Wow. That’s too funny. Very well done! My next idea is that a million dollars show up at my door. Maybe that one will come true, too.

Have you noticed that the Veryson guy doesn’t even say “can you hear me now?” anymore in the commercials? They just show him and he says “Good.”

I personal belief is this is because someone in advertising realized that the main gist of what he’s saying is the “can you hear me now?” part — a question real people only say when the reception is bad — rather than the “good” part. Without the “good” part, the slogan “can you hear me now” is a horrible one for a cellular phone company.

So, now he most often is only shown saying “good”.