April 12, 2006


One of these is a medicine:


The other is the logo from a bottle of Zephyrhills water that I bought recently. That’s right. It’s a brand of bottled water. But I can’t look at it without thinking it looks like a medicine logo. This label needs a redesign.

Was “Zephyr Hills” too difficult to keep as two words? It looks like someone ran the formula Zyrtec + Syphillis and came up with Zephyrhills. I’ve come to call it Zephyrillin.


I think perhaps the problem with changing the name is that the water itself originates from a town called Zephyrhills in Florida. I doubt that the town considered marketing in the 1800s.

Hmm. Well, while they may not have been forward-thinking enough to anticipate pharma marketing when they named their town, they still might have considered good grammar.
Modern Floridians made that water label, however, and when your town’s name resembles a venereal disease, I think you look for a way to play it down.

I thought the one on left looked like butter packaging.

I always thought that the Claritin box needed a “Designed for Windows XP” logo on it. It looks like some hack just grabbed the background image from their computer.

Meanwhile, that Zephyr Hills label looks like it stole the banner from a jar of Mayonaise.

Zephyrhills is actually the name of the town in FL that the spring is in. I’m a Floridian, and actually have this bottled water in my home. It’s not a marketing ploy, it’s the name of the spring. Hehe.

Like the previous poster said, Zephyrhills is a town in Florida. Also, if I recall correctly, the bottle design is older than Claritin, lol. I used to live in Tampa, which is quite close to Zephyrhills, and it’s been my favorite bottled water for a while now. :)

Sounds like you may be WAY to familiar with STDs for my comfort. Never in all my life has this Floridian connoted a VD with the city or water of Zephyrhills!


zephyrhills for life!

Wait… Did Claritin-D use the standard Windows-XP background in their logo?

Looks like the Natures Sunshine logo.