April 27, 2006

Freaks stay at Marriott?


Am I the only person who can’t look at this Marriott advertisement without thinking of Johnny Eck?

Johnny EckJohnny Eck, of course, was the talented performer billed in circus sideshows as “The Only Living Half Boy.” An actor, magician, painter, and photographer, Eck is famously featured in the Tod Browning movie Freaks.

More information about Johnny Eck can be found at the excellent Johnny Eck Museum, an on-line tribute complete with biography, photos, answers to the usual questions, and more.


The woman with half a body [Long url converted to link -David]

That’s the first thing i thought when i saw it :)

Also reminds me of this guy out of Silent Hill 4.

( the one on the left obviously. )

Wow, thanks for the link and picture of Johnny Eck. I saw him in a sideshow when I was a kid but never knew who he was until now. I just went and read all about him—fascinating!

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