April 4, 2006

60 Seconds in the Life of Landing Gear

Part 7 in an ongoing series of (approximately) 60 second films.

If you only see one 60-second movie this year, see this one. Seriously. I think it’s my favorite. It actually gets my heart racing every time I watch it.


Cool. What kind of plane was it to have its landing gear on the side like that?


Where were you landing?

I was flying in to Sky Harbor Airport in Phoenix, on a little twin-prop plane. I’m not sure what kind exactly.

It could be a De Havilland Canada Dash 8.

How did you do it? Where the the cam?

This could be a Fokker 50 (Dutch manufactured) that has its main landing gears mounted just behind each engine.

wow!!!!! give me a sec to catch my breath.

Great … a unique perspective!

beautiful idea and execution (the whole series, not just this particular one) ..

good luck with more of your mentally-chewy 60 second ideas (that take much more work than merely 60 seconds…

I recognized that as the Phoenix airport. I played football in the pac-10 and flew in there many times. Nice shot.

It is a De Havilland Dash 8. The Fokker 50 has a round tube in front of the main strut.

You can see more video of the aircraft at www.flightlevel350.com

The Dash 8 is the nicest of the propeller commuter aircraft. If maintained properly, it is smooth and quiet and just as roomy as a larger
Boeing or Airbus jet.

Could be ATR 42 or 72. Top wing prop planes.

Oooh, I got the city right, not sure about the aircraft though it does look like a Fokker f50…

This is actually a Dash 8 or DHC-8, both the Fokker 50 and Dash 8 have similar landing gear positioning. though the Fokker 50 has larger tires and less arodynamic flares.

Somewhat OT, but here goes: Wouldn’t Ironic Sans be a great name for a sans-serif font, rather than a serif one?

I’ve watched all your 60 sec videos and I’ve learned that I’ve a concentration span of 20 sec - but this I watched twice. Great video!! Love it!

I found you on the swedish metro magazine on the web:

I loved it, I was waiting and waiting, thinking is it gonna put its landing gear up, is it gonna land, whats gonna happen.