April 23, 2006

100,000 hits

Today, Ironic Sans had its 100,000th visit, to be commemorated in this post, reflecting a long-standing tradition of posting about your 100,000th hit.

I consider the site as having gone live on March 11, 2006, even though the archive has a few earlier posts, which I needed to have so I could figure out the site’s design. But March 11 was the first day I considered the site finished and posted something that I thought might attract people to my site. The next day, March 12, I started using SiteMeter to keep track of my visits. And according to SiteMeter, I had my 100,000th visit at 4:29:17 PM today.

So that’s 100,000 visits in 43 days. Not bad!

The top three pages in the first 100,000 hits:

1) Pre-pixelated clothes for Reality TV Shows

2) The Google Maps Guide to Ghostbusters

3) 60 Seconds in the Life of Landing Gear

Thanks for helping me hit this milestone, everyone!