March 16, 2006

Watch “V” on-line for free!

vcover.jpgSo yesterday AOL launched its new free TV On-Demand service called In2TV where you can watch old TV shows from the WB archives on-line. I figured it would be pretty lame. I was imagining episodes of “Friends” or something. But I went and checked it out. Guess what’s there! V! You can watch V for free! 10 episodes!

The show’s description: “A race of aliens called Visitors comes to Earth and announces their peaceful intentions. But what do they really want with us?”

Those of you who remember the show probably have fond memories of Donovan leading the resistance against the alien leader Diana. Those of you who don’t remember the show will wonder what all the fuss was about. For the rest of us, though… pure nostalgia.



I wish had known this before I spend $40 for thebox set DVD of V, V the final battler and V the series.

Doesn’t work on a Mac — requires Windows XP.

Ah Yes! The series that kept my friends the Saurines from making their presence here known to the population at large. Its xenophobic creators should be so proud! NOT!

ONly available for US residents…thanks for nothing, damn AOL!!!

-annoyed UK resident