March 31, 2006

Idea: “Less is.”

The phrase “Less is more” has become ubiquitous enough that, in keeping with the spirit of the expression, I think it should be shortened to simply, “Less is.”


Well crafted, my friend.

Also, “More is.”

ok maybe i’m an idiot, but “More is..” what?

I don´t remember now who was the one who subverted it into “less is bore”…
Maybe it´ll be fun to make some more like that…

less is snore

Btw, i love your advertisements!
I always hit them!

I hate to one-up ya, but I’m going with “Less…” Now THAT’s more! [maniacal laughter]

Michael Graves, I believe, said that “less is a bore.”

More is more.

Does “less is less” count?


L….. :)