February 19, 2006

Idea: Ironic Sans

Thinking about different fonts one day, I decided that “Ironic Sans” would be a good name for a serif font. Maybe one day I’ll get around to designing it. In the mean time, I think it makes a good name for my blog.

“Ironic Sans,” the blog, is a place for me to write about art, culture, technology, law, politics, current events, critical thinking, and other topics that appeal to me. I will have a number of regular features on this site, and various articles long and short as they come to me. I hope you enjoy.


Great name for a typeface (and blog)! :)

Despite the fact that the name would actually mean that the fontface is sans-serif, I do really enjoy your blog.

@ blude: hence “ironic.”

David, glad I found your blog. The design and your inspiration for the name is top rate. Excellent job.

Fascinating Blog in terms content and cross pollination of ideas..

I have started a font design in 2004 with the name Irony Sans. I was just googling it and found your website. I, too, found the name amusing. Let our serif and sans-serif typefaces be friends then :) The name came after I designed a logo for a fictitious park I named Irony Park. It was a park surrounded by industries and pollution in NYC.

I REALLY hope you do an ironic sans. That would be the best font ever.

excellent work. I appreciate that you are tackling big concepts that cover a wide breadth of human inventiveness and creativity. You are forgiven for using moveable type :)

I’ve hidden this post in your archive so that it doesn’t garner the unnecessary attention of your entire breadth of followers. Quite simply, I’ve enjoyed your blog for over a year now. As a film student over in California, I especially appreciate your one minute videos. For whatever reason (maybe you’d be more apt to pinpoint it) I got the impulse to share with you a piece of mine that, based on your one minute observations, I think you’d respect. I’ve strapped a flip camera to a bungee cord which I’ve spun and recorded over a day of mine in Santa Cruz, California.


The name of your blog reminded me of what I’ve long thought was missing from the font market: subliminal fonts and mood fonts