February 26, 2006

60 Seconds in the Life of Laundry

This is the first entry in an ongoing series.

I occasionally film 60 second movies. They have no conventional plot, and often no characters. They are usually studies in motion that I find interesting. Sometimes there is something moving in an otherwise static frame, and other times it’s the reverse: something is static in an otherwise moving frame. When I have movies that I especially like, I’ll be publishing them here as part of an ongoing series. In truth, they aren’t all exactly 60 seconds, but they come close.

I’m kicking off the series with a movie I call “60 Seconds in the Life of Laundry.”


Did I hear someone say “Wait sixty seconds” during the clip? Maybe you, David? Nice idea for a series of short clips.

i love how one of them has the “out of order” sign
made me think of our lives; unexpected and fragile.

Just got done watching all your 60 second movies. Beautifull just beautifull. I was put on to your website from BWE.tv and I’m sooo glad I was this is one of my new favorite websites. Keep up the good work!

I certainly agree with Amy. I just got done watching all your 60 second movies and it is amazingly beautiful that’s the only thing I can say! I am your regular visitor now of your website.


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